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1st time SNUS suggestions?

nightcapnightcap Member
edited May 2012 in Other Forms of Tobacco
Hey people!
Been a bit since I've posted but, It's pruning time in the vineyard now.
I've been reading a bit about SNUS and I am curious.
Having never tried SNUS, and only once with Dip, I ask for suggestions.

I very much enjoy SP's for snuff, and VA/PARS for pipe tobacco.
A buddy of mine Used to Dip " Green Apple Skoal".
I tried it once and almost gave up tobacco all together!
Please nothing like that.




  • bobbob Member
    bergamot and citrus are one of the most common snus flavours actualy especialy in the los.
  • MattMatt Member
    Well I think anyone trying it for the first time should try General - I think its one of the most popular brands. I like it a lot myself, both in the loose and portion types. I think you will get a lot of people recommending Ettan as well. There really is a lot of variety in the taste among different brands though most all with have a salty and lemony taste. I think Ettan, General, and Loda Racket would give a good taste variety to a new user.
  • Does anyone recommend a reputable SNUS web site for over seas order?
  • MattMatt Member
    The Northerner is good. i think is the website. Also
  • bobbob Member
    northerner is my favorite and they sell snuff too so I'll use it for when I want an extra tin or two.
  • I'm relativey new to snus. My first was a free can provided by It was General white portion. Since then I have used Northerner also. I got the starter box with 10 different kinds and a Mocca Pomegranate one for my wife. The hardest thing to do is force myself not to use the stuff constantly. I'd really prefer to snuff, but I find snus is extremely addictive, and Its so easy to do! I suppose the good side is I hardly smoke at all anymore.
  • Xander, where did you get the starter pack and do you know if they ship to the UK?
  • General and Grov are both easy going & very palatable for a first timer.
  • Hi Nightcap. Not sure if was mentioned yet. You can't go wrong with them or northerner/swedish-snus. I've only ordered once from and have no complaints there either. Check out my other favorite forum at, you'll find tons of great info as well as great people. ;) Beware though, after visiting that site and reading all the opinions of different snus, you may end up ordering one of each! lol.
  • @snuffster: has 3 different starter packs. They have quite a lot of variety too, and also carry a large range of snuff (they also carry F&T ad ridiculously low prices, must be a misprint havne't ordered any to test). Yes they ship to the UK.

    @ Troutstroker :OT, been meaning to tell you I tried the new Torpedo IPA from your neighbors at Sierra Nevada. Pretty tasty!
  • ok now that I look at I see it is a mirror site of Norherner. I clicked your link there and it recognized my Northerner account.
  • Yep, Northerner & Swedish-Snus are nearly identical except for the additional food, etc that Northerner has. I ordered from swedish-snus, and actually got a package labeled Northerner.

    As for a 1st pick, General white is a perfect pick, especially for an SP lover. It's pretty much the snus equivalent of an SP snuff. Skruf is great too, and for a low priced one, Knox and Granit are also pretty great.
  • I love Grov black. Just not for a new snusser. Ettan, Grov, General are my go to first timer suggestions.
  • XanderXander Member
    edited March 2009 PM
    @ Bigblue1: really? It says the tins are 40 grams. Everyone else has 25g. And the price is about half. Overall its like 4 times cheaper since you get twice as much and pay half as much.
    I can finish off my F&T collection in one easy go!
    Oh, shh! Better not let this news get out, or everyone will buy it up on me. Then Northerner will raise their prices once they realize!

    Ignore what I just wrote everybody. Nothing to see here.
  • Oh, too keep on topic. The starter kit includes the big names (General, Ettan, and Göteborg) as well as a bunch of minis. I like all of those big three, but I'm leaning slighty more to Ettan. I should be partial to Göteborg, as we are sister cities with them.
  • ok, then the quantity must be a misprint. Take a look at some of the traditional snuff merchants that we all go to. They label (when they bother to) F&T as 25g. My only F&T tin here has no measurment on it but does say "medium size" on the side.
  • Since you bring that up, I seem to recall a past post on this forum, it might have been from bakdor when he first opened his shop. He actually emptied one of each and weighed them. I think they varied from 18-32g per tube. I have Princes Special here which is a pretty course beast. I would think that the HDT would pack a lot more into the same tube. Having said that, I guess the average is 25, which is probably what the distrubtor has them as, and such the web stores print that. So it begs the question, why does Northerner have them marked at 40g? I know some people get the large tubes. I don't know who sells them though off the top of my head.
  • Xander, Sierra Nevada makes some seriously good beer. The Pale Ale is one of my favorite everyday beers.
  • I totally agree with you on Pale Ale. Its been a long time favorite. Torpedo just came out and my liquor store man told me he just got it in and can barely keep it on the shelves. He asked me if it had been written up some where. I told him no, my wife had grabbed it simply becuase it was new. Just wondered if you had tried it yet. I imagine you go around their brewery from time to time.

    You up late or up early? yeesh!
  • As for snus, a you should try the General. I don´t care about the others. I don´t want to try the high nick ones, no need to strengthen my addiction. General is all I need really. :)
  • MattMatt Member
    edited March 2009 PM
    All the Nick and Johnny varieties are good too.

    edit: In fact I use mostly Nick and Johnny Strong. You'd think that the extra nicotine would cause me to use more over a certain period, but in fact I use much less. The portions last longer and are more satisfying. Before I got this roll of N&J Strong I was snussing a lot using regular portions - between 4-6 portions. Now only use 1 or 2 per day.
  • Thanx to everyone who posted.
    I am very interested in trying SNUS.
    My wife on the other hand had other thoughts.
    If I can sum it up , or translate from wife to normal, " you are lucky that I don't make a big deal about you snorting snuff up you're nose"
    then something about, shoving a stupid tea bag up your gums..................
    I don't know, I tuned out after a bit.
    Oddly, she would rather I smoke cigars and pipe as opposed to smokeless tobacco.
    i don' get it.
    this may have to be a secret venture.
  • apap Member
    Hahahahah dont worry Nightcap my mother said almost the same to me when she saw me spitting the portion of my mouth !!!
  • After my wife learned there was no spit involved in snus, and saw my tobacco expenditures drop by 60% she got much quieter. She's still a little bothered by los, but she's coming around.
  • women..... why do we even try....
  • My wife wasn't too enthusiastic about my snus either, but once she saw that I had cut my tobacco bill in half by switching to snus and she got a new coat from the savings, she shut right up. Snus is now my mainstay. She uses snuff from time to time herself, so she's OK with that too.
  • My wife doesn't whine about the snuff, but doesn't like it herself. As for the snus, she likes it ALMOST as much as I do.
  • I'm in the same category as sychodelix. My wife rarely smoked, and says she could never really enjoy it. She'd smoke a cigarette (more likely half of one and barely inhale) from time to time. Nagged me on and off about me smoking. Snuff made her angry at first, mainly becuase I was sneaking with it. Eventually she warmed up to it, but has only tried it a handful of times and says it didn't do anything for her. I think mainly becuase she has a near perpetual nose blockage due to allergies.

    Then I showed her an article about snus told her I was curious, talked about it a bit with her and eventually bit the bullet and ordered some. When it arrived I offered it to her. She took it almost without hesitation, which really surprised me. Now she does a few every day (always mini portions-usually flavored), been about a week and a half now. She even asks for it.
    Weird, eh?
  • Well, based on recommendations from this thread I ordered myself portions of Ettan, Grovsnus and General along with Roda Lacket loose. I've never really liked any oral tobacco I've tried, Oliver Twists are OK but I have bought two packs in the past, used a quarter of each and let them dry out. I have tried twist a couple of times and didn't get on with that at all. Despite this the thought of snus turned me into a madman, I have been impatiently waiting for the postie for the last few days, sticking my head around the corner to see if it had come yet every ten minutes. Yesterday was particularly painful, I saw a parcel on the floor, let out a little yelp of excitement and was gutted to see that it wasn't even for me.

    Anyway, today my package arrived, I have in my first portion of General and I'm not disappointed! The nicotine delivery is just incredible, not too much, not too little and oh so mellow, like being 20 minutes into a pipe. Flavour is great too, nice and mild and I can't stop licking the back of my teeth.
  • SnuffboxSnuffbox Member
    edited April 2009 PM
    A little late but F&T does have 2 ounce tins (roughly 50g) as well so it's hard to know when say 40g if they are being conservative and selling you the 2 ounce size or creative and selling you the one ounce size until you buy and check for yourself. I have a 2 ounce tin of F&T Princes on my desk so I know they exist!
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