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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Another Indian Snuff

AlexAlex Member
edited April 2007 in Types of Snuff
I received another sample of Indian snuff. It is unlabelled and the donor / producer seems not to be willing to tell me who they are. Nevertheless, I sampled it. :-)

The colour is a medium dark, slightly red one. The grind is fine to very fine. The smell has this kind of spa factor in it, which gives my room a nice aura. After sniffing it, I realise, that it doesn't hit my throat at all. Even though I am used to fine snuffs, this is a bit unusual and quite nice for me. The scent is interesting. It still contains the spa factor, but now goes a little in the direction of, well, dung. I guess it comes from the curing process and might vanish after some maturation? The nicotine content seems to be moderate. The snuff doesn't dry out my nose and has a high NKI (Nose Kindness Index - invented by Andy).

An easy to take, interesting snuff made by...I don't know so far.


  • AlexAlex Member
    and you snuffed it!?!?!?!
    Well, we quite had some mail contact in advance. It's not that I found something in my mailbox and thought about snuffing it. ;-)

    I posted here yesterday and it didn't upload......wierd.
    I heard that some people in another forum accidentally click 'Back to Discussions' instead of 'Add your comments'?
  • AlexAlex Member
    edited April 2007 PM
    You can understand my
    The snuff itself is unlabelled, not the package. My mistake, sorry. I wouldn't snuff some substance coming in an anonymous package, you're right!

    Air headed? :-)
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