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New Snuvs: White and Rusty, Try them all!


edited April 2009 in General
Are there any members who like this snuff?


  • not me, it smells like cow dung.
  • It smells worse than cow dung to me.
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  • I wanted to like it, but I could not get it to stay in my nose. (and it had a really strong amonia smell that I could not get past)
  • MattMatt Member
    I havent tried it yet. Would like to try it but dont want to pay overseas shipping.
  • Yay! Taxi snuff. I was on a Taxi binge for a while. I think I'll get some Taxi Rock again. That one is special.
  • A friend in South Africa was kind enough to provide me with some of this. I owe him (and everyone) my honest evaluation. I've finally mastered the art of sniffing Taxi. First you have to let it dry a bit. It will dry in the tin in the course of a few weeks or you can leave the lid off for a day or two. This will also air it some and vent some of the ammonia. Then you have to kind of bunch it up with your fingers, almost like packing dip or loose snus. If its sticking together a lot, just push it in, sniffing won't help you. If its dried a bit, a very powerful sniff will get it in. If your nose is even the least bit blocked, forget it, you have to push it in.
    Yeah, it does have something of a dung smell to it. My wife tells me that all my snuffs smell like poop anyway. There is something distincly African about that smell though.... Maybe it reminds me of the zoo with all the exotic animals. It can be off-putting but not unbearable once you get used to it. Remember they never smell quite the same in the nose as out.
    Benefits: won't hit throat, won't cause throat draininge, excellent nicotine (even the blue), exotic
    Drawbacks: foul smell, very difficult to get into nose, often falls out of nose
    I don't think it should be in our beginner's guide as a starter snuff. While the lack of throat issues is nice, its too difficult to get into the nose and that smell...
    I can't see offering it to someone who has never tried snuff, "Hey, try this! This is snuff. Its the greatest form of tobacco, ever!" They would think me insane.

    Honestly, my first impression was pretty bad, but its grown on me a little. Not enough to ever get it again, but I thought it was better than Magnet Peach- that was vile!
  • I'm not in love with Taxi either but I do like the Magnet Peach / Taxi Blue mix a lot. To overcome the problem with "snuffing" the stuff, I empty the tin into a big dinner plate and leave it there until it has dried out. Then I mix it with the Peach, which is a dry snuff and thus dry out the Taxi even some more. In this way the Txai becomes "snuffable" and I like the taste a lot
  • Anyone ever tried the Ntsu brand?
  • Hevn't tried Ntsu Is it much like Taxi? I troed Taxi Rock. Mine was pretty dried out, so it was much easier to sniff. The spearmint flavor keeps the safari in check too.
  • I haven't heard of Ntsu snuff. I have really started to like my Magnet Peach, and Spearmint though. It reminds me of a toned down version of Taxi.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    So which one smells like dung? The red?

    I'll have to give it a try.
  • XanderXander Member
    edited April 2009 PM
    The red and blue are almost identical in moisture, grind and *ahem* odor. The red just has more nicotine, but the blue is fairly strong on its own.
    Green, which I have not tried, is menthol. Rock, which is spearmint flavored is not bad, I think it uses the blue as the base.
    @ leman: the only source for Ntsu that I know of is Wesley's in the list of shops on the FAQ page. Andy over at Snuff Talk had some and did a review over there and showed a picture. He was not very flattering to it, but can it be much different than Taxi?
    I think even Pieter also shies away from it. Yes, Pieter? There was some talk about it here about 2 or 3 months ago and I seem to remember he was telling us to avoid it, LOL.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    edited April 2009 PM
    I'll have to try them all. Thanks, Xander.

    EDIT: are Magnet Spearmint and Taxi Spearmint the same snuff? I see that Snuff Store carries them all.
  • Taxi Spearmint is called Taxi Rock. Its in a grey can. Do you need to see a picture?
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Haha, no. I wasn't looking at the one I have. Duh.

    I just read that Rock is coarse and Magnet Spearmint is fine.

  • D-D-D
  • I only have the Magnet, and it is pretty fine. Probably about the same grind/moisture Sam Gawith Dr. Verey's Plus, if you've ever had that. Maybe Tim can tell us if it is the same as the Taxi, but I can't imagine a Taxi product that fine. Who knows Taxi Rock could find it's way onto my next Snuff Store order.
  • ive never tried it. ive always heard it smells/tastes like cow dung. ill pass.... haha
  • Well, if Taxi smells like cow dung, then I like the smell of cow dung!! It's not one of my favourites and I only sniff it when it's mixed with Magnet Peach. But, it's not a bad snuff after all. Only thing is, one should let it dry out completely, spread out on a big plate. The older and dryer it becomes, the better the taste, smell and nicotine hit. So, if you don't like it at first, just hide it somewhere and try it later.

  • I thought sprangalang ordered some Ntsu from Wesley's but I could be remembering wrong on who it was?
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    I emailed Mars to see if they were still interested in carrying Dingler snuffs.
  • Yes Trout, I did, you have a good memory!
    I did not like the NTSU too much. In fact the whole tin is still left. Dry now. I may try doing something with it.
    Taxi though, that's a good one in my book. Rich raw flavor, with a creeper nic buzz. Hard to sniff though. About time to break out another one. I've been using the empty plastic "tin" for carrying a few snus pouches with me.
  • @ spranagalang: the Taxi tins are pretty good, I agree

    I just visited a scrapyard taking all my scrap metal with a buddy of mine. Its right near the city dump and a prison. The air smelled. Taxi was the only thing on my mind. I don't know what it was maybe the muddy ground, maybe the dump, maybe the scrapyard. Something really smelled like Taxi there.

    On the upside, I did introduce my buddy to snuff. He took Toque Chocolate, twice. I offered him Toque Original too but he declined. They were the only snuffs I was carrying. He seemed very curious about it. He asked how did I ever discover snuff? "It's a long story, I told him"
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  • BIG D, try some peach and red mixed.....awesome!!!
  • I just did some Taxi Menthol I just got from MrSnuff along with his other S. African snuffs. I like it, but it's very different, and my question is, the "menthol", has an odd cleaner type essence, which to me isn't bad, but could this actually be the amonia I hear so much about, or is it just how it is?
  • tom502, I can't tell whether it's ammonia/amonia. What I can tell you is that Taxi Menthol is the only snuff I dumped after one pinch.
  • Sacrilege!
  • I have to admit that Taxi is the one snuff that I didn't like at all. Remember that childhood time-telling singsong about it being "half past the monkey's ass"? Well, I had totally forgotten about that little nonsense rhyme. That is, until I opened a tin of Taxi Red, and, out of nowhere, that rhyme just came flooding into my head.

    I think there's even a time and place for the most sickeningly sweet American scotches, but I just can't hack Taxi. No way, no how.
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