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Any Sam Gawith Fans?

GrimGrim Member
edited May 2012 in Types of Snuff
I know a lot of us enjoy WoS and Toque and talk about those quite a great deal.

Im loving my Toques, however, I feel I got some bad ones from WoS. ( Flavor wise, not product wise )

So im checking out Samuel Gawith and they have quie a good deal of varieties to try.

No one really seems to every mention their products.

I enjoy the tap boxes from Poschl but I can only stand menthol so long and i also like sniffing off the back of the hand.

I wanted to get some, so hows the snuff???

Its just easier to tap out ( for me at least ) on the back of the hand and hit it up discreetly at work.

Just wondering the quality and freshness of this brand are there any fans???


  • I am a major Samuel Gawith Fan. I've tried probably about a dozen so far, and haven't found one I don't like yet. One of the things I like about the Sam Gawith line is the sheer variety they have to offer. If you like dark, coarse, moist snuffs, try Kendal Brown, London Brown, or Maccombie. If you like Menthol, try the SG Menthol, Afterglow, Goldenglow, or one of the Dr. Verey's. If you like plain, unscented snuffs, try one of the Crests (Blue Crest is excellent IMO). The fruit snuffs, while not really my favorite, are quite accurate and tasty. I particularly like the Apple. Finally, if you like toasts, you really must try the Irish D Original and Irish D Light.

    So, yes, I'm a fan. I've ordered from both Nicotine Rush and Snuff Store, and received very fresh snuff from both.

    P.S. The SP Scotch is quite nice as well.
  • GrimGrim Member
    Well my list for my B-day Looks like this. ( Which is why I was asking about Sam Gawith. )

    SG Kendal Brown Special
    SG No 1 Highmill
    SG Scotch
    Poschl President
    Toque St. Clements
    McChrystals O&G
    McChrystals Clove
    WoS Best SP and Tombuck

    I still have several Toque Tins both 10g and 25g and some WoS I probably wont use again.
  • Oh, and one more recommendation: The Black Coffee is probably the best, and most accurate, coffee snuff I have ever had. Really good stuff with the morning cup of coffee.
  • apap Member
    I think you will find a lot of SG fans here Grim (myself included) they make some excellent snuffs.
    SP Scotch , Scotch Black, Kendal Brown , SP n 1 High Mill, Red Crest, Banana, Black Coffee (the best coffee snuff i ever had) .
    I know many guys here can give you more suggestions .
    You should try then you won`t regret!
  • apap Member
    Yeah tybalt we have the same opinion about Black Coffee (and probably we were typing at the same time :) )
  • tybalttybalt Member
    edited June 2009 PM
    @ap: The Black Coffee is really good stuff. I've never had Cafe Royale, but if it is any better, I don't know that I could stand it.

    I received a tin of the new Wilson's Coffee Cream in the mail today. Has anyone tried this one yet? Any opinions?
  • apap Member
    Yeah i never had Cafe Royale either , iam waiting for that Smiths online shop.
  • XanderXander Member
    edited June 2009 PM
    If you think no one mentions their products you aren't looking very hard. I think they are one of the most respected companies in the industry. They get their fair share of chatter.
    I don't like the tap out tins, at all. We had a long discussion or two about this very issue not long ago. In one respect they are an improvment as they keep snuff fresher and they don't rust, but if you don't like snuff on the back of your hand you're SOOL. Either than or you have to commit a snuff box to it to take a pinch. Also they're not recyclable (around here anyway).
    Another problem is that while they were overhauling their packaging they also changed their US distributorship. There was a lapse when they were not available here (or you just got old rusted tins). Now they are back, but only with 4 flavors. This from a company that makes upwards of 60 varieties. To add to that poor range of choices, they ones they chose for us seem to be styles which are competitors for Pöschl rather than Wilson's or Gawith Hoggarth.
    Subsequently, those of us in the US that like them are forced to order from the UK. (Greens of Leeds seems to have the widest selection, but check other sources too)

    Yellow Crest is my favorite so far (though I've only had 8 flavors). Afterglow is peppermint, not menthol. Its pretty good too.

    Your order looks good, though personally I'd leave out the menthols. The three SGs you have picked, I have not tried but as I enjoy those styles,and I know them by reputation, I'm sure they are good.

    If you have tins you will never finish, there is always the trade thread.
  • edited June 2009 PM
    Well most of us who live in the US have little experince with it, I have a few from overseas orders but all they want to send to the US for sale with retailers is the fruit stuff wich I could really care less about. The ones I have though are very good and are on par with all the better Wilson snuffs or even better. They have such a good variety that I wish they would ship more this way. They are allot like Poschl as far as what they ignorant American snuffers only like fruit apparantly.
  • I don't really mind the tap out tins. As Xander points out, they keep the snuff fresh and are a great improvement over the previous tins (which were prone to rust). I did like the rather large plastic tins with the screw on tops that they used to use when they were first introduced to the U.S. market (those haven't been used for probably ten years or so).

    I do wish the U.S. distributor carried more varieties, but hopefully that will change with time. In the meantime, orders from Snuff Store aren't that bad given the favorable exchange rate between the dollar and the pound sterling (although the 7-10 days shipping can be frustrating).
  • lemanleman Member
    I love Sammy G snuff. I have upwards of 40 varieties from them. Some of my favorites include; Golden Glow, Peppermint Gold, Cob Gold, Princes Dark, Cob Dark, Richt Kind, all the Dr Verey's, Auld Sannick, McCombie, London Brown, Lavender Gold, Otterhound, Wild Duck, Apple, Honey, Banana. The list can go on and on. I too was disappointed when they switched to the tap out containers, but fresher snuff without rust isn't all bad either.

    As for stores that carry a large SG selection, if you are in the UK My Smoking Shop has a lot, and Snuff Store's selection is almost as large, if not larger.

    You really can't go wrong with Sam Gawith.
  • GrimGrim Member
    Yeah, I hate ordering from over seas, when I ordered snus from sweden it took 5 days max ( I live in GA ) but orders from england take a week at least and sometimes 2.

    Ive ordered from snuffstore and had a great experience, however they rarely update their reviews on their. If you look their Sam Gawiths have said that they havent had the chance to try them though its said that fro quite some time now.

    I love menthol man. I cant get enough of the POschls but they are very cloggy.

    As far as the snuffing from back of the hand, I only really do this with moist snuffs, If they are dry, like most of the toques I pinch and sniff, and if some of the SG I get are fine or Dry then Ill just tap some into one of my smash boxes and pinch from there.

    Its just that I want to broaden my horizons on snuff and try diff companies and such but on snuff store the selection is pretty big, and some have no reviews on and even then I prefer to see about 4-5 reviews to get a general view so I can make an informed decision, although everyones preferences are different and some people descibe certain flavors of snuff that I still dont get from the ones I have. lol

    But i just only have my b-day to get a nice selection to try out because cash is very tight.
  • GrimGrim Member
    Oh, and Im lazy when it comes to searching and I know some posts start out about one thing and then turn into a diff topic all together.

    So i just wanted an update from those of you lucky enough to have tried a lot of diff snuffs.
  • I agree with that but I worry if we don't buy what they offer domestically, then they will look at sales and say, "Well, sales of our snuffs in the US are poor, so no reason to expand our selection there."
    So even though the four they offer us are kind of lame, when I get one, I get it from a US shop. So far that's only been Raspberry, which I wasn't impressed with. Far better than Pöschl's but weaker than Toque's or McChrystal's. I haven't tried anyone else's Raspberry yet.
  • Agreed. I like the apricot, which is very good if you like apricots. For that reason, I will make sure to order from Nicotine Rush for the flavors offered in the U.S. The SG Apricot is much better than the Gawith offering.
  • XanderXander Member
    edited June 2009 PM
    Gawith Apricot (not SG Apricot) is wicked, nasty, choking, post nasal dripping, hacking, coughing, won't let you breathe medicine. Everything is better than that! [Except Magnet Peach of course]
  • GrimGrim Member
    I just cant realy enjoy the fruit snuffs.

    I mean ST Clements is fantastic but its really the only fruity snuff I can use daily.

    Apricot is delicious and so it is in snuff.

    But I cant constantly use it and actually only use it once a day if that.

    I am gonna try other fruit snuffs just to have them for different moods but primarily I like a good tobacco base with a subtle background scent and I am willing to try perfumed snuffs just to see how they hold up.

    I mainly enjoy the menthols because the scent lingers for a while and the non mentholated snuffs hit good and wake you up or pick you up but the scent , for me , is gone in less than 2-3 mins, which is ok, but I wish it would just hang on a lil longer.
  • I guess you could call me a Samuel Gawith fan, having just bought 250g tubs of Blue Crest and Yellow Crest. I still have tubs of KB Special, Irish D and Bouquet on hand as well, and then there are various tins and dispensers in the drawer. Yes, call me a fan!
  • I am still in SG testing mode.
    Some I like some I don't, but for some reason I don't choose them too often.
    You never know as we sniff our way through our collections what will end up being the "new" thing.
    At least for a time.
  • SpamSpam Member
    I'm a fan of Samuel Gawit! I've got more SG snuffs than any else and I can't wait to try lots of other varieties, they have such a wide range I'm struggling about what to get next.
  • edited June 2009 PM
    Gawith Apricot is one of my favourites, soft on the nose, small dose of menthol and the aroma is from heaven!! Magnet Peach, mixed into Taxi Blue is a superb snuff I take LARGE pinches of both these babies, never want to be without them. That is the wonderful world of snuff.....there is something for every nose. And we all agree to disagree.

    As for SG Black Coffee I agree, it must be the best commercially produced coffee snuff available at present. I'm in the lucky position to have ample stock of the best coffee snuff ever made...CS4. Unfortunately it is the same as with Spanish Jewel; if you don't know the maker of the snuff, you can't get it.

    I really love Samuel Gawith snuffs, never had any bad experience with their products.

    @ Xander ... Magnet Peach is out of stock for months already. Soon as I get some fresh supplies, I will send you another tin to try. Something must have been wrong with the sample which you've got.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    LOL, Xander really loves the Magnet Peach, he told me so.
  • No, please!!!! Not that, anything but that! What cruelty! :'+(
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Haha, it's either waterboarding or Magnet Peach... take your pick!
  • Samuel Gawith offer more genuine variety than any other company, and has a pedigree almost as old as Wilsons of Sharrow. They offer some excellent and increasingly rare all-natural snuffs ranging in mill from the heavy London Brown or Black Rappee to superfine Irish - none of which are, perhaps, really suitable for the neophyte. Irish D(ry) Light, by the way, used to be sold at an inflated price by the original Fribourg & Treyer as their HDT before they went out of business in 1981. This is, in my opinion, superior to that now marketed by Wilsons under the same name.

    Original Kendal Brown still uses the same grind and recipe as Harrison’s 1792 creation, and is not to be confused with snuffs marketed by other companies under the non-proprietary name of Kendal Brown. This is the genuine product. The ‘unscented’ SPs are as good as they get.

    Some interestingly flavoured (and by no means unpleasant) gros snuffs are available such as Princes Dark, Cob Dark or Mastiff. Meanwhile, menthols, fruit flavoured and some heavily scented medium brown demigros snuffs - such as Otterhound -are also available for those who want them.
  • Thanks for chiming in, PhilipS. I recently got Smith's Princes Dark. I thought it was wonderful, though a bit harder to get into the nose than the F&T Princes and Princes Special. This one did not like to be pinched, so a little spoon helped. It was certainly more gros than F&T. (can I say "more gros") How does that compare to Samuel Gawith's?
  • Im taking some SG Scotch Sp right now, any idea why its called Scotch? Is it toasted maybe?
  • I once got a sample of Magnet Peach sent to me from a fellow member in a small baggy. I hated it. Thought it was the worst ever, and actually dumped it after a few tries. Yet I was intrigued still, and read many glowing reviews. I finally got an unopened actual "tin", and it was a totally different experience. This time is was very good. I now rate this as a very nice snuff, and the best SA snuff overall, with Singleton's Menthol next.

    Oh, and my next order I am getting all 4 of the SG snuffs.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    There are quite a few more than 4 SG's. I think they have the highest number of blends.
  • Yes, I was referring to the 4 available from the US distros.
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