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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Gawith & Hoggarth - Yay or Nay?



  • When this thread was written, I think tap boxes were about all that was available in GH snuffs. The staleness of most product in tap boxes and the general aversion to said boxes by members of this forum probably contributed to the negative feeling toward GH. CM, Dry Orange and Kendal Brown were some of my favorites even then. Since then I have started using more German schmalzlers and American scotches, not because of any deficiencies in British snuff, but just drifting tastes.
  • At one time I said nay. Now after getting a few tubs I say yay.
  • I've only had the tubs. I have Western Glory, Jockey Club, Tia Maria, and Irish D. All are really good, and I would like to try more.
  • Might revisit GH now I've got over horrible tap box experiences. They make excellent twist tobacco too.
  • @ AllanH: you mean you've stopped having the nightmares? Wow, congratulations! You're really on the road to recovery now.
  • @xander Yes, after endless therapy sessions and partial lobotomy, I'm cured! Particularly interested in GawithHoggart toast now.
  • i am swearing by GH Irish D! In 25g tub of course.
  • Ive had the first try of gh with jasmine in a box which was pretty good to true on the flavor but of course dried out in a week. I just got some Kendal brown and a sweet black pigtail and both are very nice. Tubs are the way to go with any snuff in my humble opinion. But if not available i just transfer and label and it's all gravy.
  • Thread necro >:)

    I have just found and read this thread in it's entirity after also feeling that GH wasn't getting much attention here, and doing a bit of digging around the forum. I currently have 5 snuffs from GH in 25g tubs and have found them to be well worth a spot in my collection. So far I have Strawberry, Sea Breezes, Kendal Brown and Ambassador plus Segar and Snuff's commissioned Covent Sandalwood, but cannot comment if and how this differs from GH's own version of the same. I also have an unopened 250g drum of Plain KB tucked away, plus I'm awaiting delivery of their Cherry and Dry Orange, also in the 25g tubs. You can't say I'm not giving them a fair chance ;)

    There is nothing that particularly knocks your socks off about the one's I've tried, nice but maybe not top 5 material. It's like their packaging, it's safe ... conservative ... and I feel I can go to a GH after sampling more ambitious flavours from other mills, and know I'll be OK. Very much like JH Wilsons in that respect. It's a very well behaved grind too, and goes where it should without undue complication. The flavours don't seem as authentic as Toques, or as luxurious as SWS, or as robust and earthy as SG. There is a semi-synthetic edge to them, but not in a detrimental way. Not overly chemically to my nose anyway. It's kind of like opening a carton of orange juice from a factory, rather than drinking it from freshly squeezed oranges right in front of you. Nice - but somehow standardised. Hard to explain really ...

    Bottom line is, I'm a fan, and I think there'll always be room for a GH or three in my cupboard
  • i agree completely with @50ft_trad. ive tried KB, Cherry and Sea Breezes, and while i didnt like the scent of KB too much at the time, Cherry and Sea Breezes are my comfortable, safe go-to snuffs in autumn/winter/spring and spring/summer respectively. i will always keep these from GH around i believe.
  • Western Glory is absolutely amazing, but M4X reminds me of some railroad station. Those dirty. Someday I will go into GH deeper.
  • It a nay for me, Every snuff I tried I been disappointed. I guess it be different if I could get them locally. I do enjoy some of their pipe tobacco offerings.
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  • agentshagsagentshags Member
    edited November 2013 PM
    I've only tried the Irish D and didn't find it too awful, but maybe that's just because its not as scented as some others? Is there another GH thats not too crazy (and preferably not mentholated) with a similar grind? Something a little on the toasty side? (I have been trying to branch out and experiment more, but I find finer grinds agree with my nose better)
  • vastly under talked about snuff. Probably cause of the damn tap boxes.
  • I like the base flour mix, soft, fine and silky to the touch. Easy to insufinate. The aromas are to my liking as they tend to be subtle - which makes it easy for me to have different experiences with the flavors pending temperature, mood and what I am eating or drinking vs. yup - in your face flavor. Yes I have lots of the latter, but certainly enjoy subtlety.
  • I ordered a few recently since my snuff website was having a special. I am not impressed with the Cherry or Strawberry. I did however enjoy their peppermint, carnation, and Jockey club (even though someone else thought it was horrible). I felt like they could have been better though. I just figured they were having a special because they were getting old and were trying to get rid of them and that was why the strawberry and cherry had little to no flavor. I don't know if I will buy them again unless I can assure that they are fresh. The tap boxes don't do them any favors as far as preserving them.
  • The lesson there is don't buy tap boxes. If that's what you did then you haven't really tried GH yet, as you don't know if what you had was a true reflection of how the snuff should be
  • The Dry Orange is unique. I quite fancy it.
  • In my latest order from MrSnuff, placed this morning, I ordered 10g of GH Irish D. I will post when I get it with my opinion but I will say from what I have heard on YouTube from reputable reviewers they sound like they are decent.
  • @petersuki I do get that rancid/cheesey smell from GH KB, glad someone else notices it, I was worried it was starting to turn or something.
  • I still think they have the best jasmine. And jasmine is one of the best scents.
  • Nay, from me. I've tried tubs of D light, KB and sea breezes, once i learned my lesson with tap boxes. They were ok but other manufacturers produce much better snuffs, imo.
  • That Gawith Hoggarth Kendal Brown is a challenging snuff. I like it, those little tubs suck for pinching though I transfer them to SG tins. It smells really like a rancid cheesy stinky foot thing at first, then it turns into something smooth and almost coconut like, just like south african snuffs do. Not something I'd give a newbie as an introduction to the style and not something I'd use every day but definitely an interesting one. Seems like Gawith Hoggarth likes to make oddballs. Only other one I've had is Sea Breezes which was good but too weird for me to want to use it very often.
  • SnuffySnuffSnuffySnuff Member
    edited December 2013 PM
    I've tried them all, in the tubs and there are only 3 I like.

    Kendal Brown - but SG do this much better
    Tia Maria - the only one I would buy in bulk if they sold bulk
    Irish D - actually I'd buy this in bulk too because its very nice and I much prefer it to SGs which I don't like

    The rest of GH are very meh imo. I won't buy them again, even those 3 I like.

    Rubbish snuff manufacturer imo.

    Edit forgot, the SP is nice too but again, there's much better from other companies.

    Edit 2 the strawberry is nice enough too until you've had Toques, which is far superior.
  • @snuffysnuff Bulk GH is (or was) available at Airey's of Kendal:
  • @snuffysnuff Bulk GH is (or was) available at Airey's of Kendal:
    Yes, Aireys still do bulk. I was in their shop recently.

  • Thanks Xander, that's great. The Tia Maria and Irish D really are very nice. I really may well get those in bulk. Cheers.
  • Put a big ol' wad of GHKB in my upper lip. Surprisingly excellent. If this is the way snuff was in the 1780s no wonder people started putting it in their mouths. It's delicious. Salty, smoky, sweet, better than most dipped American scotches.

    Incidentally, I don't know where else to post this, I went down to the Indian corner-mart to buy more beer and brought some snuff with me. I showed a few tins of snuff to the old guy that owns it and asked him if he knew about sniffing snuff. He said few people did it anymore. Then I gestured brushing my teeth and he said lots of people did that.
  • SnuffySnuff, so GH are a "rubbish snuff manufacturer" but you're buying their products in bulk...

    Generally, out of any manufacturer's range (and not just GH) there's a large percentage, maybe over half, that are just not to my taste (e.g. too flowery, too perfumed, too much menthol or peppermint, menthol+fruit, SPs).

    I completely agree with you, by the way, concerning GH's best snuffs -

    Irish D is outstanding, lovely creamy yellow material, as you say way better than SG Irish D Light; I reckon it's also superior to the F&T, WoS and SWS equivalents (though these all have their merits).

    Tia Maria is also excellent, rich and complex, the best coffee snuff I have tried, though it's not a pure coffee flavour (no "coffee" snuff actually smells like roast coffee anyway).

    I also liked Sea Breezes, quite unusual, salty with hints of pine and seaweed.

    I shall certainly keep buying these three excellent snuffs (in the 25g tubs), and look forward to trying out a few more. So I wish GH all the best, and hope they keep making their full range long into the future.
  • SnuffySnuffSnuffySnuff Member
    edited December 2013 PM

    I'll qualify why I class GH as a rubbish manufacturer. They make 31 snuffs. Most I don't like. A few are OK. And just 2 I would buy in bulk.

    Now take what I call excellent manufacturers:

    Toque: 3\4 of his 40+ snuffs qualify for bulk are excellent. The rest are ok to nice. Only 1 I don't like (violet)

    SG: Out of 70+ snuffs, there are about 25 I consider excellent, worthy of bulk. Of the rest, most are nice and there's a few, but only a few I do not like. Irish D light is one I don't like for some reason.

    Wilson's: I pretty much like everything they do but out of 70+ snuffs, around 25 are excellent, bulk worthy. The rest are good though with a few a don't much care for but only one or two I actively don't like.

    It's about the ratio of excellent snuffs each manufacturer produces. 3\4 of Toques are excellent, 1\4 of Wilson's are excellent, 1\4 of SG are excellent, and only 2 out of the whole GH range are excellent. That's 2 snuffs out if 31 in their range. That's why I say they are rubbish.

    GH make 31 snuffs and I only consider 2 excellent. Not good is it?
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