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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Gawith & Hoggarth - Yay or Nay?



  • @lunecat well of course these are just my opinions. I can't express anyone else's! :D I've tried all the GH from both tap boxes and tubs. Yes of course they are better in tubs, but still too chemically and yucky for my tastes :)
  • Hmmm ... can't say I follow your reasoning @SnuffySnuff. I only have a few GH, but really like some of them. Ambassador, KB, Cherry, Dry Orange (as examples) I could probably carry every day as part of a rotation. Many of Toques offerings I like an occasional pinch from but there's only ONE out of the full range that I'd be happy to carry everyday - Berwick Brown. A lot of the others make for great punctuation for breaking up a day, but I'd want a different Toque accompanyment on day two so as not to tire of them. Should I consider Toque a rubbish manufacturer? Absolutely not! I will continue to wade my way though most of his snuffs in the 10g tins which is the best size for me to get them in, and I have bought BB in bulk. I have also bought his Coarse Plain and Rustica for mixing. :-bd

    I have GH Kendal Brown in bulk now, and will continue to get Cherry and Ambassador in 25g lots. I do like Sea Breezes, Sandalwood and Strawberry for occasional pinches too, and will certainly buy at least two of them again. Even if I never found another GH snuff I was happy with, I'd be very happy with the six I mentioned. I'd also like to add that I have so far only found one SWS snuff I like, and I like none of the Abraxas snuffs so far - but I wouldn't call them rubbish manufacturers. I don't buy the Indian snuffs because I find them messy and oily or super fine, and I certainly won't touch the American scotches - but I wouldn't call them rubbish either :)

    Branding a manufacturer as rubbish based on your tastes, rather than the "quality" of the product seems very unfair to me. Whether or not you like GH or not, they do make a good product - it just doesn't suit everybody's taste - but then again, no snuff does ;)
  • erictheredericthered Member
    edited December 2013 PM
    GH SP is in my top three favorite snuffs. It has an unusual flavor and is so easy to take. Dry Orange is also a terrific and singular snuff. In private conversation I have found myself calling a certain manufacturer (not GH) crap, though I agree it's really a question of taste. I guess I was saying they have crap taste, lol.
  • Yes I concede, describing a snuff manufacturer as rubbish because you don't care for most of their range is a poor adjective to use. That's a fair point. It all comes down to personal taste in the end - there's no right or wrong, great or rubbish, only opinions, tastes and preferences.
  • @ericthered that certain manufacturer's name doesn't happen to start with a P and end with an oschl does it, if so I'm going to have to agree with you
  • @n9inchnails No it wasn't that company, and I'm not sure I'd even stand by my opinion today, having learned more about their snuffs.
  • Just tried gh cherry very fine and nice natural cherry taste that lasts. Maybe a bit too high for me as a beginner so i try to keep myself from taking too much.
  • @Snufferdemedicis GH Cherry is a wonderful snuff! Glad you like it. What do you mean by too high? The nicotine is too high, or the scent is too strong?
  • Too high in nicotine for me as a beginner the scent is awesome cos you can feel a light tobacco scent through cherry
  • GH Kendal Brown and Irish D are great snuffs for me. I like them and enjoy them as an optional change from some of the other crazy $hit I snuff ( FUBAR, WE, Toque, etc etc )
  • GH CM is a fantastic snuff. It's either CM or WOS SM Blue that I have spent the most money on. Seems VERY like O&G to me grind and feeling wise. You'd almost think O&G was CM, with a little added something else. I prefer the CM to O&G.

  • Hawaiian_RyanHawaiian_Ryan Member, Moderator
    Just got my order today and I had GH Kendal Brown as ones I bought.I really think it's one of the BEST Kendal Brown snuffs once I tried it but it's my opinion.
  • I've tried several, and the only one that I crave is GH Kendal Brown.  To me it is the essence of Kendal Brown snuff.  The SG range is good, but they all have some scent going on.  GH is pure, unscented goodness.
  • HR_pufnsnuffHR_pufnsnuff Member
    edited August 2016 PM
    I tried a few tap boxes of G&H and was pretty disappointed with them (though English Rose was pleasant) - even their Kendal Brown wasn't up to much, having to me the scent of wet dog (a fine scent if you have a happy wet dog attached to it, but not pleasing on its own). 
    Then, out of desperation, as SG Black Coffee and Cafe Noir were out of stock when I went to place my order at Snuffstore one day I ordered a 25g tub of Tia Maria, and when it arrived I found that, whilst it wasn't the same as either of the other two, having its own distinct take on what coffee may smell like, it wasn't bad at all, and I've ordered it a few times since purely on its own merits.

    That spurred me to try their take on Almond, and this one I love! All the snuffs I've tried of this scent seem to approach it from a  different angle - SG, with their artificial scents and Toque with their natural ingredients are different to each other, and I like them both, but the G&H take on almond seems to be 'let's make it smell like the almonds have been made into Marzipan!'  There's a tiny bit of baby powder going on too, just a hint, but I love it.

    Having found I enjoyed these two I thought perhaps the KB had been affected by being in a  tapbox (as we know snufffs so often are), so my last order featured a 25g tub of it (which actually turned up in an SG style tin). A totally different beast to what was in the tapbox, this was lovely, akin to Viking Brown (or is that vice versa, perhaps), not as strongly scented as any of the SG versions, but a very nice all day snuff. 
    And it's all gone.

    Now Gawith & Hoggarth have gone up somewhat in my estimation I might have to explore further.
  • @HR_pufnsnuff, also from what I know the small tap boxes from Gawith and Hoggarth and Sam Gawith leave much to be desired. I bet if you rebought the ones you got in a tap box and bought 25g it would be much better.
  • I Have  never tried any of them as yet, although I am sure that they have some very good snuffs, I may not like them all but who does with any brand , Living in the states means I use more scotches than any other but I do make a order once in awhile & I will have to try 2 or 3 next order , G'Day Gents.
    If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It!
  • @tigerJackshere most GH snuff I can't stand! But one really stands out to me is the Kendal Brown plain. Simular to Americans with the beloved English body. The older it gets the better it gets IMO. My stash has to be approx. 15 yrs. Old.
  • @chefdaniel

    I agree. GH KB is absolutely fantastic. The SG original I had was great, but it wasn't what I was looking for when I ordered a KB.
  • bobbob Member
    probably already been said. But buy it in the tubs not the tap boxes. Totally different experience. When fresh and not dried out they're a great snuff company.
  • Old thread I know...but....I concur with everyone about the tap boxes. They suck. But in the 25 g tubs, the snuff stays fresh. I recently tried their SP, and was surprised how good was. Perfectly scented, fluffy good tobacco, I wish I had discovered it sooner. That got me to ordering a bunch this afternoon! I'm trying Ambassador, Kendal Brown, and 2 more whose names I've forgotten. I wanted to try Sea Breezes, but it was sold out. I had their Jockey Club many years ago, and it was very good. Different from SG and WoS versions. I can't wait to get my  order!
  • Good for you! I have several of the tubs open and keep dipping into them. The tubs will gradually fade out at the retailers, and get replaced by the vac tins, which will be even better!
  • Hooyah GH vac tins! First I've heard of that, but it is very good news. Can't wait for CM in vac tins.
  • @SandwhichIsles They are out there

  • I just bought my first GH snuffs. CM and Kendal Brown.

    One CM came in the plastic tub. The rest in tins as pictured in 50ft_trad's post.

    I really like what I have tried so far. I generally don't use mentholated snuffs much but I find myself reaching for CM a lot.

    I didn't detect anything odd or off about the scents. I really dislike some of their pipe tobacco, but the snuff is excellent in my opinion. Snuff is pretty subjective.
  • edited January 2017 PM
    I get the lakeland undertone from their pipe tobacco in most of their snuffs, that's why I liked them. For me CM fades to a lakeland floral scent, that's why it's my favorite medicated.. Going to Mr.S right now.
  • Now that you mention it, my CM faded out and I noticed a strong chocolate flavor.
  • Well Mr S was out of stock on CM. But at least I know it will be vac tins when they get it back.
  • I think I got the last three they had.
  • Been enjoying the SP. My wife is a big fan of their Special M. Cafe Regal isn't bad. Looking forward to trying some more with my next order.
  • @ar47 Have you (or your good lady wife) tried SG's Black Arabica? I'm wondering how it compares to the Cafe Regal
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