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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

What tin did you empty today?

XanderXander Member
edited August 2009 in General
Since some of us have massive collections of snuff, it can take awhile to reach the bottom of any particular tin. I find that if I focus on a few, I can actually empty them!

So today, for me I finished a 10g tin of Wilsons of Sharrow Tangerine.
Good, but maybe not one to get again for some time.


  • I am a couple pinches away from killing my tin of Wilson's Toast #20, but I decided not to empty it completely until I get some more. I don't like being without any of my favorite snuffs.
  • apap Member
    edited August 2009 PM
    Cool topic Xander.
    Finished a small WOS Strasbourg today.
  • It wasn't today..last Friday actually, but it was McChrystal's Violet.
    Getting a little low on Garrett's Sweet, too, now that you mention it.
  • I polished off a tin of Toque Toffee. Luckily, I have a 50g bag in the freezer!
  • Im halfway through a 500g cannister of a Toque blend I made up - by Xmas it will be gone.
  • I emptied my last tin of S'Nuff this morning. I'm a bit sad.
  • Thats a good snuff that
  • I've emptied an extra large tin of O&G today but then again I empty one every fortnight or so.

  • I never empty anything....
  • Emptied my tin of a cocktail of WoS IHDT #22, Toque W/H and Toque Bourbon.
  • Finished my smash box of McChrystal's Clove that I got in a trade :(

    But I have a unopened full large tin! :-)

    This is one I must never be without!
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Oooohhh that's a good one for sure. I can't wait until it gets cold outside.
  • Cold? Don't you live down here around my way or do i have you confused with someone else?
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator

    I was talking about that one day out of the year where it dips below 70!

    Atleast 80's are back on the horizon with September coming up, only 3 more months of 90's!
  • I walk dogs all day so I'm also looking forward to "cooler" weather. I got soaked this morning by a sudden shower and I didn't even mind. When it (rarely) gets below 60, I turn the heat on in my car and house and wear a coat!
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Ahhh! You are a Floridian!

    When it hits in the 60's I still wear shorts. A few years back I was in Ohio for vacation. One July morning I got up and went out side for a cigarette. It was 48 out, in July! People down here would lose their damn minds if that happened.
  • The sad thing is, I'm from Maryland originally. Between working on cruise ships, living in St. Thomas and Miami, it's been about 20 years since I've been anywhere cold. I know some people miss the cold and change of seasons, etc, BUT NOT ME!!!
  • I've just empted one of my red boxes of Mac's Mild Lemon,while sat out in the garden sunning myself.
  • I've never emptied a tin. I always switched off with different cans, and then I can't take but maybe an apple seed's amount.
  • I've never emptied one either, but I have dumped the remains of a couple smash-boxes so as to refill them with other, more preferred snuffs. I now have about 25 on hand, and I've made a resolution not to order ANY more snuff until I finish a few... or until November, whichever comes first.
  • Z_2K....I've heard that one before!
  • I'm feverishly trying to finish a few for the same reason Z_2K. It's not like it's a pain in the arse though. Ha!
  • apap Member
    Just finished a Black Coffee tin , time to buy some more!
  • Judging by the biscuit tin full of empty snuff boxes, tubes, cans and dispensers in the kitchen cupboard, I've emptied quite a few in recent years. The latest was a dispenser of SG Zip a couple of days ago.
  • I'm dangerously close to finishing my Sparrow Cool.
  • Somehow, I've emptied my 25g tin of Taxi Red. This is one I did not want to be without. When I first got this, I was so intimidated and thought I'd never be able to finish all 25g of it. Then I came to love it. The secret is shoving huge pinches in and not actually snuffing it. I still have a bit of Blue and Rock and of course Ntsu, but they are going the same way now.
  • Just finished a 7g tin of Ozona President that I got in January. I still have another one in reserve.
  • A small tin of Wilsons Chocolate Orange.
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • 10g tin of Toque Menthol and 10g tin of Toque Bourbon
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