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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

OT- Whatcha Watching?

Guanxi88Guanxi88 Member
edited September 2009 in The Pub (Off Topic)
Me? Glad you asked.

47 Ronin, part 1.

Released in japanese theatres one week before the attack on Pearl Harbor, a real piece of history; an historical drama intended for morale/propaganda purposes. The camera-work and cinematography are breath-taking.

A great story, to boot. Saddest part of japanese history was the perversion of their noble culture and traditions by militarist propagandists. This is why one can enjoy the film as a work of art, and yet see the violence done to the culture to make it. A wistful, sad sort of pleasure.


  • Old Tom & Jerry reruns w/ my 3 & 5 year olds. This stuff still makes me chuckle.
  • tom502tom502 Member
    edited September 2009 PM
    I haven't seen or have 47 Ronin, but I do like, and have, alot of Japanese Samurai films. Yojimbo, Sanjuro, the Samurai Trilogy, etc., I also really like Zatoichi.

    What I watched, last night, was Tiger Joe, an Italian production from Margheriti, about these gun runners in wartorn Cambodia. It was decent.
  • Sky at Night on BBC4 with the great Sir Patrick Moore.
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Right now...Family Guy. Before that I was watching a Law & Order marathon, followed by a The Office marathon. Nice lazy day off of work.
  • "Knocked Up" been a while since I've seen this one, but I love it.
  • We haven't cable right now, but my wife got the entire "Charmed" I've been watching that for the past couple nights!
  • Today? Stayed at home with the apes, and so it was Spongebob all day long. Love that show.
  • Bang Goes the Theory from BBC. I always suck at science, but this show makes the subject super interesting and damn easy to understand. Schools all over the world should teach science like that~
  • @ituske: try "Nova Science Now" on PBS. Its a more teaching friendly show than the original "Nova". I think its on tonight around here, actually!
  • "24" season 5. I've never watched it on TV, but a friend has been loaning me each of the seasons on disc. It's way better to watch a few episodes uninterrupted by commercials and not have to wait a week to see what happens.
  • just finished watching metropolis. Great silent movie.
  • @Xander: Yes, I watch Nova Science Now on PBS too, I also prefer the longer Nova, it's more in depth and engaging to watch. Oh, God bless PBS, the beckon of hope for American TV.

    Now I am watching The Week We Went to War ep 2 from BBC 1.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    I agree, snuffegnugen. Whatever TV shows I watch are on DVD. I can't stand commercials.

    Anyone remember "Voyage of the Mimi" back in the day?
  • I've been watching The Violent Professionals, an Italian crime/action film from the 70's. I love this genre.
  • Right this second I'm watching a rerun of Bonanza.
  • JackJack Member
    edited September 2009 PM
    I was just about to say a huge pris of Skruf Stark and then i noticed it's not the topic i thought it was. I quit watching TV 4 years ago due to all the stupid ads annoying me and the even dumber shows and news they throw on the tube here.
    So I'm with snuffegnugen and cstokes on this one. All hail uninterrupted 12 hour marathons of your favorite show :). I don't have much time to watch things other then when I'm taking a day off of everything to do nothing else.
  • The HBO production of Fatherland, not as interesting as I expected it to be, and certianly inferior than the original novel.
  • I watched Codename: Wild Geese last night, an 80's war/action flick with Lee Van Cleef, Ernest Borgnigne, and Klaus Kinski, directed by Margheriti, the guy who did the original Inglorious Bastards... no, I think I'm wrong there, it's Castellari that did Bastards, but Margheriti has a great filmography as well.
  • Got it on TV in the back ground as i read snuffhouse, strange fella with a little stick, classical music and fireworks

    BBC Proms 2009
  • tom502, anything with Lee Van Cleef is worth watching.
  • I love Lee Van Cleef, he's my fave western star. Day of Anger, the Big Gundown...
  • Old "Benny Hill" with the kids-(have to skip a few parts to keep it kid friendly)
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Ohio St. vs. USC
  • And I thought I was alone in my admiration of Lee Van Cleef. See what you learn on this site. For all of you true fans, Netflix has the DVD's from the short lived TV series "the Master" starring Lee Van Cleef as a master ninja.

    Just got through watching an excellent film called "Sin Nombre" It's about some Honduran immigrants that try to make the journey north to the USA. Really shows a different side of the struggle than what you see here in Phoenix amongst all the Sheriff Joe Arpaio loving, anti-immigration nazis.
  • I've just watched the film '1066' about the three battles that year. Superb film now out on DVD. I think it was made by the UK TV Channel 4.
  • @ snuffster: Is that a historical drama or documentary? One genre of films I collect is historical dramas. There are lots of UK made ones that are hard to get around here.
  • Xander, Its historical drama. It was made for UK TV by one of our channels. I highly recommend it: try Googling. If you have problems, its available in my local store - happy to get one for you if needs be, but I would think its available somewhere on the net.
  • XanderXander Member
    edited September 2009 PM
    Ok, thanks, I will look it up. I can't really watch DVDs made in the UK as you have a different color formating system, and also most DVDS are region encoded to prevent them being sold in different markets. Sometimes I can watch on my computer, but not my TV. For most British productions, there pretty much has to be a North American edition for it to be viable. So you getting one for me probably would be futile.
    Being as its a Channel 4 production and not BBC makes it less likely, but we do get some of their productions.
    Thanks for the offer though.
  • Trailer Park Boys - season 7. Laughing my ass off :o)))))))))
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