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Nicotiana glauca for snuff

JarhogJarhog Member
edited November 2009 in General
I found this on an ethobotanical site and ordered some. It says that it contains anabasine that is related to nicotine. It also says it has been used by native tribes for snuff. Has anyone ever tried it for snuff and what is it like?


  • sounds dangerous from what I've read about it. About all I can find on it is that it is definatly a toxin and that it's a hallucinagenic. Though it's hard to find anywhere willing to give any info on does for smoking or tea and nothing about snuffing it. So I guess if we don't hear from you will assume it's good stuff. I guess I'am saying be very carefull and play it safe.
  • I have tried it. The stuff grows as a weed around here. Handle it as you would any other tobacco. The same warnings apply such as do not eat. The same symptoms occur with overdose such as hallucinations. N. Glauca has very little nicotine, anabasine being it's major alkaloid is similarly effectual on the nicotinic receptors in your brain.( i.e addiction ) As snuff I would consider N. Glauca as interchangeable as N. Tobaccum and N Rustica can be. Not to mention tomato leaves and other solanaceae. I speculate that N. Glauca's use, also called tree tobacco, is limited commercially due to the growth patterns of the strain. As I recall from what I have read, it has been grown for insecticide as N Rustica has, and it has been sold for Hooka tobacco in less wealthy regions. Experimentation is welcomed but I think you will find that N. tobaccum is the all around best choice for a snuffer. Yes...better than N.Rustica as an all day snuff. I would be personally interested in the details of your find. I currently have several hundred grams of N. Glauca in various stages of cure.
  • Is this a possible way around the PACT? Find a plant which contains nicotine but isn't tobacco?
  • In my opinion they will never have a equal as good substitute as good old tobacco. I sure hope I will stand to be corrected because this PACT act crap don't sound good at all. I sure have my fingers crossed on that issue!
    any which way it goes I have enough to last awhile and after that ill have to settle for american snuffs ¤ that really would suck though, I sure love all my other countries snuff ¤

    Mann whY don't they just leave us alone?
    What ever happen to our freedom and rights?
  • I can tell you Hookster,
  • There has to be a way around all this...I bet it could be smuggled in somehow.
  • start our own vice centered delivery service.
  • We need to start some snuff-easys.
  • JohanoJohano Member
    Its an 11 yrs old thread but the idea instrigues me a lot. I wonder what kind of snuff can be made of this glauca species regarding anabasine effects.
    Did anybody here notice this tobacco tree growing somewhere near them? Im interested in procuring some leaf material for experimentation
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited May 2020 PM
    I think someone used to grow it in my parents' neighbourhood. I recall my father showing me a handful of some weird leaves, which didn't look like tobacco at all. He told me he was treated by a neighbour, who grew it in his garden; a huge plant, too high for any N. tabacum strain. I shrugged and advised against smoking it. That was 4-6 years ago.

    In my turn, I'm interested in experimenting with N. sylvestris, which has a fair amount of nicotine (up to 1.4 %) in green (non-cured) leaves. Sylvestris is widely planted as ornamental summer/autumn plant in urban gardens and squares here. I procured some seeds years ago, but didn't sow them upon reading about the carcinogenous properties of nornicotine (N. sylvestris is high converter; most of nicotine is converted to nornicotine during air curing). Later on I found another study (Alcaloid Composition of Nicotiana Species by Verne A. Sisson and R. F. Severson), which discovered significantly lower conversion rate in freeze-dried leaves...
  • Report on anabasine (N. glauca) effects:
  • JohanoJohano Member
    @volunge I did read that report already, seems like it has more of depressant action.

    I dont think that silvestris N content can be considered high since tabacum can have up to 3% and rustica 9%. Wouldnt bother with this one
  • jpsksjpsks Member
    nicotina glauca grows wild in my garden about twice a year a few plants . was going to dry it and try smoking it but ended up throwing it away 
  • JohanoJohano Member
    @jpsks let me know when u got some, I would pay for this stuff in sticks, snuff or whatever
  • jpsksjpsks Member
    its starting to grown again @johano probably be a month or so before it starts to flower ill keep you up dated
  • @jpsks hi, any updates? :)
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited September 2020 PM
    Nicotiana sylvestris in my close vicinity:

    Nicotiana sylvestris at 57N, 16 Sep 2020 - Copy

    The size of some lower leaves is on a par with rustica. I go by this place every morning and my curiosity is getting unbearable. All I need is a couple of leaves for a test... :)

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