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What did you smoke?

AllanHAllanH Member
edited January 2010 in The Pub (Off Topic)
When I was a regular smoker, Samson Halfzwaar Shag was my choice for a long time. Factory-made cigarettes were a treat; Pall Mall plain and Peter I, Russian cigs, were my favourites along with John Player blue. Don't actually miss them.


  • Malboro Light, parliament lights, kamel red lighs and RYO like Three Sails from D&R.
  • Old Holborn first and the Blue Drum rolling tobacco. Didn't like factory made cigarettes.
  • I always rolled my own. For a long time I bought American Spirit Royal Blue tobacco. For the last couple years of my smoking I switched to Peter Stokkebye Norwegian Shag, which was truly an excellent smoke.
  • top regular
  • Seems we are all roll-your-own-ex-smokers here this far. Somehow that's not so surprising.
  • amber leaf and b&h rolling tobacco samples befor it was avaliable to buy ,
  • Marlboro light. It seems to me that Americans are less likely to smoke ryo's than people from other countries.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Parliament Lights and Camel Lights at the end. Marlboro Lights here and there.
  • Lucky Strike, Camel Filters, Camel Non-filters, Drum RYO, Bugler RYO, Buck (a brand about 15 years ago, that sold for a dollar--go figure), Pyramid (another brand I remember getting for roughly 70-80 cents a pack, and they were decent too.) Raleigh full flavor,with the worthless coupons that came in the packs.

    I remember hearing my Dad tell of his Dad getting a pack of Luckies and there being change in the cellophane of the pack. Maybe some old timers remember this?
  • Old Holborn first, about 1 year. Then 25 years with golden virginia tobacco, and maybe 5 years with drum tobacco
  • Got my start smoking Newports as a kid, smoked Marlboros for about 10 years, mail-ordered Gauloises, Swiss Marlboros, MS Filtros and Davidoff Magnums from Yesmoke while I could get away with it (the BATF put the kibosh on that), then RYO'd American Spirit (green tin) in Twister tubes for about 3 years. SCHIP put a dent in that, and when my daughter was born this past May I cut way down again. Lo and behold, I read about the resurgence of snuff in a Wired Magazine article, decided to take the plunge. Now my wife and I keep a pack of nonfiltered American Spirits around the house, we smoke maybe 1 a day and that's fine by me...
  • Camel and Pall Mall, straights at first, then filtered.
    RYO for the last 10 years prior to quitting altogether.
  • edited January 2010 PM
    I started smoking with Westminister 85's and then switched to Lucky Strikes (plain). After about 5 years I switched to Texan plain, Gunston plain, Chesterfield plain and filter. I also smoked Camel plain on and off. For the last 3 years of my smoking career, I smoked Marlboro Red packet and then Lights. This made me cough to such an extend that I eventually stopped smoking all together.

    The nicest cigarette I ever smoked was Yanks plain. The tobacco was yellow, like honey, and it was a sweet cigarette. Strong but so nice.

    I smoked pipes and cigars as well. Used to mix my own pipe tobacco. Can't remember the names any more.
  • Camel Natural Flavor in the end, Lucky Strike before that. My self rolled looked so crappy that I stopped making them myself.
  • treatneggytreatneggy Member
    edited January 2010 PM
    Started with Newports in 7th/8th grade, tried a pipe while I was in college and stayed with the Newports as a 1-2 pack/week smoker until a year or so after I enlisted.

    Quite for about 2 years.

    Started up again during Gulf War 1 with Lucky Strike, Camel Filters, Camel Non-filters, Pall-Mall non-filters and graduated to a 1-2 pack-a-day smoker during the last year my enlistment.

    Swiched to grocery-store Drum RYO after I got out and eventually weaned myself off cigs after 1-2 years.

    Picked up cigars after a couple years of being off cigs, but after our first child, I dropped to only a couple a month and now that we have a second child it seems to be one or two every couple months.
  • I started with Friends tobacco RYO because it was 10 cents a pouch. Tailor mades were a quarter. Then rolled Prince Albert. Eventually changed to cigars and later added pipes and snuff.
  • If I was buying ready made fags it was either Marlboro Red or Richmond Menthol, then I switched to RYO and smoked Amber Leaf or Golden Virginia with the odd pack of Old Holborn chucked in for good measure. I liked to smoke with Swan menthol filters and Rizla liqourice papers. It was like smoking a humbug lol. Now I just smoke my pipe with SG's 1792 flake being my go to.

  • @Nachman:

    I would occasionally roll Prince Albert as well. Ten times better than factory-made cigarettes and about 1/5 the price.
  • edited January 2010 PM
    Amber leaf,Drum blue,or as a treat American spirit yellow,all ryo.Ready mades Dunhill or Luckies.Pipe,mainly Viginia tobacco,Rattrays,or Orlik Bulls eye.
  • CarolCarol Member
    edited January 2010 PM
    I smoked Drum all the time until the Republic Tobacco Drum became the norm. After I couldn't get that, I just bought whatever full flavored RYO was on sale, and blank tubes.

    Every now and then I'd grab a tin of Three Castles for a treat.
  • I must say I was never a "regular" smoker as I always preferred dip. But I smoked at parties and bars when I was drinking and socializing. Back in high school I began with the occasional Marlboro light, but quickly moved on to Kool's. It wasn't that I particularly liked them, but when everyone is bumming cigarettes at a party, smoking Kool's is a good way to ensure you don't run out.
  • Any roll your own. My favorite was three castles when I could find it. Mainly american spirits where my rolling tobacoo of choice.
  • Cutters' Choice RYO tobacco. Cheapest in South London, unavailable outside the UK. I always said that if they stopped making it I'd stop smoking. Well, I've cut down to virtually no smoking now due to snus and snuff, but still have some CC around the house for 'herbal embellishment'.
  • ^ Cutter's Choice is available in Ireland as well. Or was, now smokes are hidden under the counter except tobacco shops.
  • when i lived in ireland ( north ) usually john player special black jps
    here in america winston for a few years now american spirit blue
    still smoke btw
  • I started on Benson and Hedges then moved on to Camel or Lucky Strike unfiltered. I had a bit of a ''wacky'' phase when I smoked Death cigarettes for a while as I thought the skull on the packet looked kind of cool and matched the Zippo I was using at the time. For a treat I'd buy the occasional box of Sobranie Black Russian or Rameses Egyptian. I moved back to Camel again but went for lights that time around. I then moved on to RYO, Old Holborn with licorice papers and stuck with that for a very long time. I started using Kendal flavoured RYO towards the end of my smoking career favouring black cherry and always with licorice papers. I miss that a great deal, more than snuff in many ways, as the scent was glorious. Still, I love my snus!
  • It was Camel Lights for me the whole time for the better part of 15 years I'd say. I tried so many even when traveling and I don't think that I enjoyed anything enough to overtake Camel Lights. Talk about walkin' a mile for a Camel...I certainly would've. I had one again on Christmas night with my brother but it was a Camel Filter and the taste was fantastic, but the body feel was horrid. I don't think my body can take them anymore. I'm happy about that too.
  • edited January 2010 PM
    Wana know why my heart is failing???

    Starting out between 13-18 years old smoking Pall Mall and kool unfiltered. That alone should have killed me. Then between 18 to 21 years I smoked several brands, Taryton, Parliment, Kent and even tried to cut back with Carlton. Then I went to Kool kings for about 20 years untill I was about 40 then switched to Camel menthol for about 8 years. Cigs got too expensive so I RYO with the machine and tubes for a few years. I used Kite menthol [still have a million packs of Bugler rolling papers left that came with the Kite]. Then for a few years I smoked some offbeat brand that PM made called Alpine Menthol that was freaking great, high nic, cheap, and tasted great [God I loved em]. Then I quit.........untill I started smoking Swisher Sweets Slims. I like sweet so I smoked them for several years untill I just HAD to quit because I couldn't afford the high health insurance costs. Spent several years nic free and finally surcumed to snus. The insurance co only asked if I smoked so I figure snus is ok. Now I have a real snus habit with snuff as a kicker several times in the evenings as a treat. The snus is easy to quit compared to cigs. I simply can't smoke a single Kool King or Camel menthol or I will be back at them again. However, I can smoke one cig of any other brand and end up tossing it before its finished. I do that about once a month. Whereas I used to smoke about 2 packs daily.

    gee I never had to figure out all that before. I can't imagine how much $ I've spent on tobacco so far.

    Oh!! There was a 2 1/2 year period about 8 years ago that I smoked mostly cubans. I went there 12 times for "business". I always brought back 8 boxes each time I came home. Which is why I have so many for sale. I don't smoke em anymore.

    The only thing I smoke now is ham...........and the ocassional herb.

    I NEED TO MOVE 12 ROLLS OF GENERAL PORTIONS. WILL SELL FOR $35 FOR 10 TINS INCLUDING SHIPPING, USA ONLY.  No problem shipping to Canada but I'll have to include an additional shipping cost.

  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    I remember Alpines. They were good cigarettes. If they were still made, I would have continued to smoke menthols.
  • Premium Parrots
    “The snus is easy to quit compared to cigs”

    I honestly believe this is 100% proof that smokers have a nicotine addiction and a chemical addiction. It’s the combination of both that makes it almost impossible getting off them sometimes.
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