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Which is your preferred snuff of the morning?

kjoerupkjoerup Member
edited February 2010 in General
I doubt that I'm the only one who desires a high nicotine snuff first thing in the morning. For the past week or so I've found that there is no bigger nicotine blast than first taking a small pinch of Hedges L260 (I love having a strong menthol to start the day), then a bigger pinch of Swisher Checkerberry along with my morning Earl Grey tea. If that doesn't wake you up, nothing will. If there is a snuff with a higher nicotine level than Checkerberry I've yet to encounter it. (I suppose Maccoboy is equally strong, but I can't stand it.)

For the rest of the day I mainly use plain toasts and SPs.

What are your favorite morning snuffs?


  • nicola037nicola037 Member
    edited February 2010 PM
    NTSU probably is the strongest nicotine content snuff out there.

    I found this thread interesting because as a lifetime nonsmoker, recent new snuffer I started to WAAAY over do it. I never really got addicted or much tolerant to anything, not that I tried much beyond the occasional drink, some coffee and a handful of cigars in my life. Anyhow, it crept up on me, needing more and more to get less effect until I found myself stopping because it didn't do much of anything except make my nose drip. Unfortunately, stopping made me very, very irritable, and it just wouldn't stop! I had to do it early morningbecause I felt withdrawal symptoms but then I slowly taperd down and this week I have since backed off and been off it for 2 days without much negative consequence. I will be wiser in the future!

    In other words, I don't think a first morning snuff is good because it means you are getting dependent, and with it, increasing doses and decreasing effect.

    IMHO, I have found it is better to go a few days without here and there, only use consistently for at most one day a week, and then save it for special moments to get you going or with a nice beer or something like that.

    You get a much stronger effect, and you don't find yourself in awkward situations where all of a sudden you are irritable for what seems like no good reason. To do it too often makes you have to physically rely on snuff and that is not good to have to rely on it, plus the tolerance makes it less "special".

    IMHO of course.
  • @Nicola: Try tethering your preaching. It's nice to hear your experiences, but some of us don't mind being 'dependent' on snuff, and many of us are using it or have used it, to stave other more harmful nicotine habits. Some bridges, you don't know you're crossing until you've crossed 'em- and what that bridge looks like or how to travel back from it or even when to, is different for everyone. I'm sure the users here are aware of their nicotine use/dependency/lack thereof, and aren't in need of a Nicotine Addiction 101- and if we are, maybe it's best saved for a separate thread.

    Back on topic:

    In the mornings I find myself returning again and again to McChyrstal's O&G over anything else- I just received it in the mail recently and I don't know how I got on without it. It seems to gently open up my nasal passages, so that I can clear out my nose with amazing ease when I take my morning shower. ('Morning' is kind of relative, since I don't wake up until late in the evening as I work during the wee hours.) I'm looking forward to a strongly scented clove or eucalyptus to try in the mornings as a wake-up call, as well. I like a bit of menthol when I wake up, and also right before work, and try to save super floral stuff for after dinner, while I like fruits best for frolicking. :) I wanna know what other wake-me-up scents people prefer, too!
  • kjoerupkjoerup Member
    edited February 2010 PM
    I agree that dependency is best left avoided, but that is neither here nor there. I simply really enjoy that nicotine hit in the morning. I can then go most of the day without using any snuff. But then I was the same way when I smoked cigarettes. For the last year of my smoking I had 4 or 5 cigarettes per day, maximum; then, for the last few months, just one cig per day -- in the morning.

    I am curious: why did you decide to use snuff? It seems that most of us here got into snuff or snus in order to break our smoking habits. It is unusual to hear about someone who comes to snuff having never been a smoker.
  • Dependent, hell yes I'm dependent! Understood, accepted and dealt with.
    Enjoying snuff? Oh my yes!

    Fresh nose in the morning, still learning and appreciating what the various snuffs have to offer,
    my 1st pinch of the day is usually what ever I haven't used recently.

    After a couple of pinches of the morning "study", I'm finding Rooster or WoS IHT is my wake up call of preference. The day and my mood dictate from there
  • @Kiestraak:
    You may want to try Wilsons of Sharrow Aniseed & Eucalyptus. That is, if you like anise. (I love it, but I know a lot of people do not!)
  • The strongest clove is surely McChrystal's.
  • WoS Aniseed Extra is the best snuff to use, simply because it is so strong that it can burn your nose hair right off, and who wouldn't wake up after so much pain??
  • @Kjoerup: Thanks for the recommendation! And I do like anise, to the dismay of those close to me, who all hate it(haha). I just don't think I have hardly any snuff that includes it, except for maybe Toque's Absinthe, which I went through half a tin of in less than a week. Looks like I'll be starting another list of snuffs to pick up.

    Xander: So I've heard! I just placed an order for that a couple of days ago, too.
  • @Kiestraak:
    McChrystal's also makes a very nice Anisette snuff. The Dholakia aniseed/menthol is a blast as well.

    I absolutely love all things anise and absinthe, and I can go through a large tin of Toque Absinthe like there is no tomorrow. I may also be the only person in the universe who simultaneously enjoys drinking absinthe AND snuffing Toque Absinthe. Yes, I'm that bad.
  • For me it's either a toast or ganga I prefer first. Why because before I wake up if I don't realize to take it easy I'll snort instead of sniffing and that doesn't jive with me well. So a fine snuff forces me to be carefull. Plus something about either pure tobac scent or rose seems to put me in a good mood.
  • I agree with the McC Clove in the morning, usually with a hit of some scotch before--Standard, Honest, Three Thistles, etc.. I like to walk out to work in the cold winter air with the clove scent coming alive in my nose.

    I'm not too worried about addiction to snuff personally. Folks in my family haven't generally lived too long, as a rule. Heart trouble, cancer. I've cut down my risks considerably when I quit smoking, and this is something I enjoy in various ways, so I plan on doing it for some time. Better than 1 1/2- 2 packs of Luckies a day I figure.
  • nicola037nicola037 Member
    edited February 2010 PM
    Not preaching here at all! Will explain.

    I used to enjoy the occasional cigar or pipe bowl. I even smoked maybe a few dozen cigarettes in all my life. It was gross. I liked the nicotine, and still remember enjoying some really strong cigars with brandy, what nice nights I had! I stopped because the effect was too short lived, impractical, socially frowned upon and smoking, at least to me, not only was disgusting, but also made me feel gross, wheezy (whether I inhaled or not I may add). Also, I noticed that the effects of smoked tobacco were, with a few exceptions, too short to be worthwhile and that tolerance grew quickly. I rapidly became bored except the occasional quality cigar, and even there I haven't had one in maybe 3-4 years.

    Lately I have encountered a rather trying period. Life is good, it's a long story, but I'm a bit stuck in a rut and need a bit more energy to complete tasks that otherwise would bore me but are necessary. Long term outlook very good, but the next 2-3 years will be dull and busy... so I remembered how much I enjoyed snuff a few years ago and found it to be the most satisfying tobacco product, but most of what I tried were weak Ozonas and after local tobacconists stopped carrying it, by default I stopped. Certainly it was nothing like a few large hits of Dholakia white and then a 2-3 pinch per nostril NTSU chaser. If it's of any help, I tend to take strong snuffs infrequently but in HUGE amounts, I'm talking like half the back of your hand covered all at once etc for a nice lasting "charge".

    That is how you first get addicted because you want to feel like that all the time. Not realizing as I was doing more and more, one day I didn't do it for whatever reason, and I was profoundly irritable like I have never been; note that it is very out of character for me to be irascible like I was.

    What broke the cycle is that eventually, doing more and more did nothing at all... no, Nicotine gets to the point where no matter how much is done further effect is zero, and that is not where I wanted to be. So I tapered down to the point where I can go a few days without any change in how I feel, but after a few good huge pinches, I feel that "first pinch" feeling that lasts a long time.

    At least to my very beginner, tobacco naive eyes, it seems to me if a given "substance" stops making you feel good and starts to be needed just to feel normal, maybe it's a sign to back off a bit so you can start to enjoy it again. No offence or preaching each his/her own etc, but I feel that it's more fun if you actually get a nice strong effect every time you do it instead of doing it out of "habit" or to avoid being sick, that's all.
  • nicola037nicola037 Member
    edited February 2010 PM
    Part II.

    Sorry for long-windedness, but I thought a good intro might help others understand and not take offense from my point of view.

    After some thought, I think the main difference between nonsmokers who snuff and smokers who switch is this:

    1. Smokers switch because they want an alternative that they perceive to be as safer, or at least is easier, cheaper and feels less sickening, to get nicotine that they really don't want to do without, buzz or not.

    2. Nonsmokers who start to snuff do so for enjoyment of the "rush" without necessarily wanting or needing nicotine in their system all the time.

    I am the latter, so at least to me, I don't need the constant level so much as desire the "rush" when needed. Of course, this doesn't make it any less addicting if you're not careful!!!!

    I think this would help clarify a lot from where I'm coming from.... and from what I have read (been lurking since September) I think the majority of the forum is in category #1. Nothing wrong with that, it's just a different expectation.
  • I pretty much only use (when I do use) snuff, cigars, pipes, and alcohol in the evening. Heck, coffee and tea, as well.
  • kjoerupkjoerup Member
    edited February 2010 PM
    This is getting off topic, but as a former smoker, I snuff because I enjoy snuff. Simple as that. If I wanted to smoke again, I'd smoke. For me, there is zero correlation between my old smoking habit and my current snuff partaking. I enjoy snuff for its own sake, pure and simple. I don't use snuff because it is, as you allege, "safer, or at least is easier, cheaper and feels less sickening, to get nicotine that they really don't want to do without, buzz or not." I feel that it is outright disingenuous of you to state that the "majority" of people at this forum are here only because they are grudgingly using snuff as a safer and less expensive alternative to cigarettes. No. We are here because we enjoy snuff. Perhaps for some people, somewhere, snuff is a poor substitute for cigarettes, but I frankly have not seen such people at this forum. And why would they come here? A poor substitute is just that, and will likely be short-lived and devoid of any enthusiasm -- and that is not the nature of the posts you read at this forum.

    In your initial post on this thread you came off as surprised that you were starting to develop a dependency on the highly addictive drug you chose to use. Allow me to state the obvious: well, what did you expect? Now, how you choose to deal with that is your own business. Whether you take one tiny pinch per day or use up a 50g container every hour is your own affair, and I believe that everyone at this forum respects that it is indeed your own business.
  • You sound cranky! Maybe you're in snuff withdrawal?
  • I completely agree with kjoerup. And it's not right to post a comment bashing anybody on this forum because for one, it's a forum for the takers/enjoyers of snuff, not some group of highly drug addicted, gross set if people looking for the next best fix, and second of all, if we wanted to hear how bad people think nicotine and tobacco is there are plenty of other places to get a helping of that bull****. Excuse the language. I respect your right to your own opinion, but not to putting down of members including myself.
  • I always start the day with a pinch of McC O&G
  • I used to have an unusual smoking habit. For many years, I would go for a long run in the morning, and then afterwards (about three hours after waking up) really relished my first menthol cigarette of the day. I never liked to smoke until I'd gotten my excercise in. I have a blood disorder that causes my blood/iron levels to be much higher than normal, so even with smoking for 37 years, I had exceptional oxygen uptake. In any case, my first snuff of the day has to be menthol or mint; my favorite morning snuff is McC O&G (just ordered one of the large tubs), but sometimes I'll go for a pinch of Hedges, sometimes I enjoy a little President, and in the summer, sometimes Crumbs of Comfort really hits the spot. To me, the snuff is just so much more sensually enjoyable than a smoke.

    In the evening, I typically enjoy a few whiskeys and ales, and Toasts, Scotches and SP's do nicely then. BTW, if anyone is into highly "hopped" beers like most varieties from my favorite American brewery, Sierra Nevada, might I suggest the unique deKralingse A/P: the woody, resinous "pine" character of the snuff really complements the hops in the ale.
  • XanderXander Member
    edited February 2010 PM
    The only time smoking was sickening for me was when I was 12 or 13. After that it got better and better. I never intended to quit by using snuff. I never intended to quit at all. I just found it less appealing over time. And smoke or snuff, I get a "rush" every time. I don't always get a "buzz" but always a "rush". I don't think you can put half a can up your nose at once to get a better and better fix, it will all just go down your throat. Its an addictive drug, sure, but its not like chasing the dragon in heroin. Addiction is not neccesarily a bad thing.

    I think, not sure though, that I'm addicted to food and water too. Possibly even sleep. I know I get cranky and feel afwul if I don't get them for awhile. I'll have to look into this further.

    Oh, first snuff in the morining is usually an English menthol. Its pretty much the only time I use menthol regularly.
  • I side with nicola037 on nicotine management. His are obviously words of experience. I do notice his first post edited. If it was done to delete offense then please accept that as an apology. Nicotine 101 in my opinion IS a very useful subject and can help with the enjoyment of using snuff. Withdrawal symptoms should be known and duly noted. OTD got it right mentioning the fresh morning nose. The first snuff of the day can be one of the most enjoyable. This forum is enlightening and can raise awareness for those interested. Let us not kid ourselves regarding all sides of the story. Also see the old thread "first snuff of the day" for other comments on this topic.
  • NachmanNachman Member
    edited February 2010 PM
    Used to use WOS Gold Label first thing every morning, but now I do a nice Scotch like Navy or Garrett.
  • I find a nice plain, not highly flavored snuff is what I use most. Toque Quit this morning. Same yesterday. Tomorrow? Who knows? Maybe Plain Toast or HDT. I haven't started a day without a nicotine hit in over 25 years, why stop now? Heavily flavored snuffs interfere with the flavor of my morning coffee and snus routine. I used to smoke 3 cigs in that first 30 minutes, now a snus and a couple of pinches of snuff and I'm golden and ready to face the day.

    I didn't start snuff to get away from smoking. I didn't even really start snus to get away from smoking. I was using snus to get me through to my next cig. I found over a short period I preferred snuff and snus to smoking.
  • Usually O&G or a mix of SM Blue and Camphor & Mild for me first thing though sometimes it's Zip or CM.
  • It depends on which tin is by my bedside in the morning - currently it would either be Hedges L260 or WoS IHT #22.
  • One more for O&G in the morning. I just took my morning pinch now!

    I do sometimes use Hedges L260 as an alternate, but those two are my favorites in the morning.
  • My first snuff of the day is almost always an SP but it's not always in the morning. I get my "fix" from a sterk snus with my morning coffee (usually decaf) then the days are different after that. The snuff/snus combination changes with the tasks of the day.

    J&H Wilson's SP No.1 or SG HM SP1 does it for me...then again I often reach for the Grand Cairo. There's something about this trio that really makes me grin.
  • I always star with O&G, no other reason except routine I guess.

    @kjoerup - I came to snuff without ever having been a 'smoker'. I'd tried cigarettes every now and again but I found snuff so intriguing and interesting I decided to give it a go. Now I'm hooked, but that's not a problem, it's a habit I thoroughly enjoy!
  • Hedges L260 first thing, everyday, without fail. In fact, I use Hedges L260 for the first 4 hours of the day everyday. O&G follows late morning and an SP with lunch.
  • TAXI Red these days. It gives me what I need. I'm usually taking any coarse snuff near my bed, that I can mindlessly snort in large amounts. There is nothing better than morning nicotine.
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