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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Is it just MY olfactory senses?..

ZanaspusZanaspus Member
edited February 2010 in General
Or does anyone else react wildly differently to the same snuff at different times?

Let me give an example. Yesterday, I took a nice pinch of Tom Buck and was completely floored by the experience. I started waxing poetic in my mind about how this was the holy grail of snuffs and reminded me of happy childhood memories and all that was good in the world.

I did the same thing this morning and got about 30 seconds of slight citrus then nothing. It was overwhelmingly disappointing after yesterday's experience.

So, is my nose the only fickle one of the bunch, or have others had similar experiences?


  • You're not the only one, time of day, inside or outside, weather, temperature, etc ... can influence the effect of snuff. Try some after taking a sauna for maximum effect.
  • AbraxasAbraxas Member
    edited February 2010 PM
    Snuff-belgium is right - there are a massive amount of variables that effect the experience. I've been snuffing for years and still get that.
  • definatly not the only one. I've noticed some snuffs or worse or better on this factor. The nose is a funny organ. Plus I think something about snuff is that they aren't uniform either. The base tobacco in almost every single snuff is a blend (would have to be to keep the base scent consistient), So it's even possible that at times the scent of one of the tobaccos in the base may be more or less prominent in that particular pinch. So combine that fact with the craziness of nasal senstivity.
    Also I've certainly noticed not just with snuff but in general that scent fatigue is certainly real. For example when you go to the ocean (atlantic) at first all you smell is dead fish but after awhile you don't even notice. Same thing with good smells. If I spend enough time in a flower garden after a time the scent doesn't seem to strong. Of course some scents or scent aspects never seem to fatigue. I've noticed with s.p.s if I don't switch it up enough after awhile they only smell citrusy (citrusiness doesn't fatigue easily.) I personaly find this one of the many facets that makes snuff just totaly freaken awesome. So I hate to break it too you you're nose is more normal then you may have thought. Darn it is fun to pontificate on snuffs.
  • Its sure is. I think you are spot on in that post.
  • tom buck is an absolutely fantastic snuff, gorgeous flavour.
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