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what is the worst snuff you have tried?

f.j.craigf.j.craig Member
edited March 2010 in Types of Snuff
mine is magnet menthalated. i bought this hoping for a standard menthol snuff, what i received was a snuff with a very moist, lumpy consistancy, which had such a sharp menthol flavour it physically hurt to snuff it and brought tears to my eyes. overall a very poor investment


  • Ozona Cherry and Dholakia Fruit Cake are my least favorite snuffs. Ozona Cherry just reminded me of ground Hall's cough drops...
  • The worst snuff I ever bought was FUBAR Shot of Rum. Overpowering artificial rum flavor; dry, sand-like consistency. Pure crap. I will never buy any FUBAR snuff again.
  • bobbob Member
    toque peanut butter is my number three least favorite snuff I've tried. I really couldn't finish the tin or barely start it. Though I still recommend it because I think it's good. Just doesn't agree with me. Second grossest O.G. actualy. Both just had something that I can't put my finger on that just doesn't come out right in my nose. My biggest can't stand can't figure out how anyone can stand it is Packards Club. I'd rather nick then use packards club. That's not far off from saying I'd rather be kicked in the balls then fill in the blank.
  • This one's easy: English Rose by Gawith Hoggarth.
  • I’m a snuff noob only about five weeks in and only tried 20-22 different scents but the one that turned me off was Dholakia Orange Chocolate.
  • Jockey Club by Gawith Hoggarth. Like squirting the cheapest possible perfume up your nostrils. Nasty, nasty, nasty.
  • NorwesterNorwester Member
    edited March 2010 PM
    French Carrotte.
  • LHBLHB Member
    edited March 2010 PM
    The only snuff I've ever tried in which I could find no redeeming qualities was McChrystal's Clove. It reminded me of very strong ground up cloves, combined with powdered metal, I'm sure I could think of many others to mention if I ever tried any food-scented snuffs, which I avoid like actual "work." F&T Morlaix is pretty bad from a philosophical point of view as it attempts to put a sensuous, erotic spin on your relationship with your grandmother. Same with French Carotte as noted above.
  • SpamSpam Member
    WoS French Carrotte and F&T Kendal Brown. Far too overpowering.
  • Anything by G&H IMO, I've tried at least 10 of their snuffs and disliked every one.

  • Toque Bourbon, very clumpy and a rather unpleasant smell which lingered far to long
  • WOS' Royal George, to me it tasted like baby powder.
  • RoderickRoderick Member
    edited March 2010 PM

    That sounds so wrong. Please send it back so I can test it and we will happily replace it, plus a little extra for your inconvenience. In case you are not aware, we have a 100 year satisfaction guarantee on all our snuffs.

  • Taxi Menthol. No words can describe how terrible it is.
  • @ Roderick 100 year satisfaction, huh. In that case I might as well let you know I have a problem with a few of your snuffs:
    Cheese and Bacon
    Toast and Marmalade
    Spanish Gem

    My problem with all of these is basically with the tins they are in. While they were full when I got them, they are almost completely empty now. I am not sure if they are leaking or if the snuff is just magically evaporating. :)
  • SpamSpam Member
    @Pieter, I like taxi menthol! I shall have a pinch now, me thinks.
  • Bradmajor i thoroughly disagree with your view on jockey club, i enjoy the flowery fragrances.
  • snuffegnugen

  • McChrystals Clove, Dholakia Wine and Cheese, Toque Pomegranate, all the mentholated Poschl snuffs (except Packards Club and President) and Samuel Gawith Jockey Club. The Dholakia Wine and Cheese is the worst of the lot for me though.
  • what does everyone have against jockey club? its got a lovely flowery fragrance
  • edited March 2010 PM
    Jockey club is soapy and over-sweet. I second magnet menthol as worst snuff however; a touch too hard and its like being slapped with a minty brick.
  • @f.j.craig: I don't particularly enjoy Samuel Gawith's or Wilsons' Jockey Club either, but they're both magnificent snuffs compared to that Gawith Hoggarth abomination.
  • i don't think i have ever come across a snuff that i have found totally unpleasent however i would third that magnet menthol snuff is the worst snuff i have tried.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    I've had Jockitch Club. A bit too perfumey. Reminds me of... well I dunno because I've never been to hell.
  • In no particular order:
    Magnet Peach, Rockit Cherry Pop, Gawith Apricot, QWS Sandalwood, QWS Jasmine, FUBAR RnR, Dean Swift Jasmine, Dean Swift Camelopard, Toque Cheese & Bacon, Ozona Raspberry, Ozona Cherry.

    I think French Carotte, Jockey Club and Royal George are pretty nice when used in moderation.
    I love Toque Pomegranate, and McChrystal's Clove.
    Don't know what's the matter with you guys...
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    I wouldn't say it's the worst snuff. That belongs to Gletscher Prise.

    Toque Pom and McC Clove are wonderrrrrful snuffs.
  • Hmmm, there's something about "to each his own" that I try to keep in mind. I'm with CS: I couldn't get the Gletscher out of my nose fast enough! And yet it's a very popular snuff. It's funny that this thread has popped up. I've been thinking of asking if there's a truly bad snuff out there; not just one that one particular snuffer doesn't like, but one that's bad. Poor tobacco, artificial scents, you get the idea. I haven't bumped into one yet myself, just curious.
  • Gletscher Prise gets my vote for worst. The only German snuff I have ever bought.
  • Wilsons Jockey Club is the best example of the style, and I periodically enjoy the Gawith Hoggarth offering in moderation. There is something about the Samuel Gawith one though that reminds me of cheap, nasty granny perfume. The Wilsons and GH versions seem more 'masculine' to my nose. I wouldn't say any of the three were daily snuffs for me!
  • My worst is Zuka Black! Terrible, good job it was a fee-bee thrown in with an order.
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