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Storing Your BulK Containers

edited April 2010 in General
There are many threads on this forum about the pros and cons of storing snuff in different types of containers, decanting etc. But I can't find one on storing the containers in which the snuff comes. Given that many forum members, including myself, have large bulk orders on the way, I went out in search of a storage solution that will protect the containers in which the snuff comes in, and hopefully add to their preservative value by adding a degree of environmental protection of their own.

Here is the best I've found, at the best price. Remember, you might have many hundreds of dollars worth of snuff sitting in those bulk containers, but if they get knocked over, wet, etc. you might be out of something irreplacable. I am not enthusiastic about transfering many pounds of snuff into mason jars, so given the reassurance of much longer term snuffers, and the quality of these storage boxes, I feel very secure leaving my snuff in the original bulk containers, putting them in turn in these large, airtight plastic containers, and decanting it into smaller decanters as the occasion arises. At any rate, I highly recommend these as a way of safely storing your bulk containers, and enhancing whatever environmental protection they already offer:


  • JuxtaposerJuxtaposer Member
    edited May 2010 PM
    Keeping your bulk containers in styrofoam coolers works well to control whatever temperature fluctuations the storage environment has and can help with humidity balancing as well.
  • I have been using these.

    I can even fit one pound WoS drums in them.
  • I'm planning on getting a 1/2 pound drum of Crumbs Of Comfort from Wilsons. Does it stay fresh in the plastic container it comes with without have to store in a fridge?
  • SnuffHeadSnuffHead Member
    edited May 2010 PM
    Store your snuff in a cool place. I just would not think of storing in a fridge, to me I think this is crazy. See this what ermtony says about this subject.
  • apap Member
    It will stay fresh in the plastic containers , i have some Best SP for more then one year and its fresh as day 1
  • edited May 2010 PM
    Thanks for the feed back Snuff Head and AP. I guess the "key" with the drums is try not to open them very much.
  • Maybe its me, but I'm terrified of flavor cross-over...
    for example, I segregate my menthols from the rest, I don't even keep em in the same area...I'd worry about having WoS onion flavor if I kept em in the fridge.
    I poured my drum of Tom Buck into a cheapy Tupperware container, mostly because the drum was broken on arrival (thanks USPS!) and I don't worry about it a bit.
    If I get really ambitious I'll put it into 6 or 7 baby food jars with screw top lids...but I don't know.
    And definitely resist the urge to open the big container to take a wiff and a wonderfull as it may be, you are right bipolar, keep it closed. your best bet would probably be a "tiered" system, open it to fill a smaller container from which you fill your snuffbox/tin/whatever.
  • @matsnuffs

    "the drum was broken on arrival (thanks USPS!)".

    Remember that your parcel originated in Europe, so it went through Royal Mail, then got jostled on a 15hr plane ride, and then may have been handled by customs before it ever made it into a US postal truck. Not that the USPS might not be solely responsible for the damage, but there are many other variables in the equation.
  • @snuffegnugen:
    I though of that too, and almost sent it back, but judging by the way my wife said it hit the ground in front of our door after the carrier didn't even bother to knock, and that most of the snuff was still in the container, I'm pretty sure it happened right in front of my house.
  • Ive been reusing plastic icecream tubs and various tupperware tubs to keep my snuff in.

    Judging by the lack of smell when closed, then the perfumed explosion upon opening, i guess they work fine.
  • I wonder may sound stupid lol but I have tons of different snuffs as many of our buddies here on this great forum. But I wondered if storing and maintaining snuff in one of these cigar wine fridge looking humidors would be ok? Have snuffs in some original plastic or decanted into glass jars and put into one of these would help keep snuffs in a safe environment at set digital temp and humidity. Of course tins of snuff would need be decanted into plastic jars or glass. But wonder if this would work? Worth the money if it did. Hell I’d buy 2 of these lol

    NewAir 400
    NewAir 250

    Both are climate controlled with OptiTemp.

  • Hard man decision just bought a bunch of 1oz and 15ml and 10ml sized Amber Glass jars with lid insert for freshness. Well while I am thinking just use the newair 250 or newair 500 of adjustable humidity and temp cigar humidor. I’ll just pop all snuffs into those jars and keep in mini fridge for now. At just medium cool temp. Unless I get more opinions or ‘atta boy’ from the pros here :-) on the two ideas I’m curious about. What’s better.
  • Snuff really doesnt need humidity or temperature control, from my experience anyway. An airtight container is sufficient.
  • AlKindiSnuffAlKindiSnuff Member
    edited November 2020 PM
    Thanks for input just get panicky and I am terribly neurotic. Snuffs out the A$& and more on the way waiting on more Amber sealed jars too. Gearing up lol
  • I just keep my snuffs in a cardboard box. SWS is one of the only snuffs i have heard people having some issues with over time but is one brand i have yet to try.

    Most are still in their tapboxes/tubs accept for ones packaged in paper bags which have been transferred to plastic containers such as old pill bottles (or those colorful ones from the psudo-disp :) and have noticed no issues whatsoever, but however i don't have pounds or very large quantities of particular snuffs.
  • I have a small fridge dedicated to storing my snuff.  I move bulk orders to amber jars as soon as they arrive.  The fridge is probably overkill, but I over-ordered around 2015/2016 when the laws were changing and I wasn't sure if I'd ever get to make another order.  I certainly have a lifetime supply if it my storage keeps.
  • @SHbickel
    Yeah looks like for now I’ll be doing same thing. One of those oh shit moments. Ok have snuff... ok more is coming a lot more... uh oh! Fridge!..... Amber bottles hurry lolol
  • I also put all my Amber glass jars that I decant snuff into, into Larger OXO Good Grips containers. They are airtight and work well as extra protection to keep air away while stored on temp setting, Low-Cool in my Snuff only Mini–Fridge. They have push button seal and are very nice double protection to store smaller Amber glass snuff decants into. Just push the button to engage the airtight seal; The button doubles as a handle for the lid.
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