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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

What is your favorite snuff at the moment

kidnapperkidnapper Member
edited April 2010 in General
Mine I would say is Toque Blueberry Menthol.



  • Right now, it's a toss-up between the Toque Peach and the Toque Coke. This could change by next week though.
  • Mine is probably what I don't have any of at the moment: some type of menthol.
  • right now, I think its Dholakia Manjul. Unfortunately, all I have of it is the sample I got from Mr Snuff. I really need to buy lots more of it.
  • WoS Strasbourg. Up until a year ago I couldn't stand it, as I couldn't stand a lot of perfumey snuffs. In fact, for years I only liked toasts (I also didn't realize American dry snuffs were for snuffing as well as dipping so went to great lengths to get toasts from England when I had a bounty of cheap and wonderful snuff here at home). For some reason my tastes changed and I adore this along with all F&Ts, Rose of Sharrow, etc.
  • 5 Photo, Super Himalaya. Always hits the spot for me...
  • Gold Mull for sure.
  • Tom Buck all the way, I just love the strength of the bergamot in this one
  • Today it is McCrystals Hopps
  • OTDOTD Member
    edited April 2010 PM
    WoS Gold Label vs Toque Spanish Gem vs IDHT #20

    There Can Be Only One.... bah! (-;
  • Well the good thing about this discussion is that it's for the moment, but then as your tastes change, as well they will, you can post more comments based on your feelings of any snuff that you fancy, for the moment.

  • Or...see the what's in your nose thread.
  • Toque quit
  • McC Mild Lemon
  • SM Blue. Not an all day snuff for me but a great treat.
  • Poeschl Lowen Prise
  • Poschl 'D' Dopplearoma
  • McChrystal's O&G.
  • Today it is Dholakia White, Black, and Ganga mixed equally three ways.

    At last I have found a way to get the White into my nose without dieing.
  • It's whatever snuff is in my nose or about to go in my nose. Right now, its WoS IHT #22.
  • Well it has changed again to Toque Original, mostly because I need to start saving my Blueberry Menthol.

  • At the moment it is Wilsons Prime Minister. I just can't keep away from it.
  • Definitely WoS IHT #22.
  • I like the Toque Rose a lot today. Really gets the spring kicked off.

  • Rooster since the " make you finger wet before you Pinch " trick!
  • hookedhooked Member
    edited April 2010 PM
    I wish I could decide, too new at it I guess. Hitting at least 10 brands a day! how about... F&T High Dry Toast
  • Dental Mild.
  • Now.. Poschl Gawith Apricot
  • bobbob Member
    ganga. MAkes me feel exotic. I guess almost anything with rose actualy. Since I'am digging the macouba just as much.
  • Whatever I can get into my nose. LOL...seriously though...I would have to say Dholakia White has become almost an obsession
  • Rooster.
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