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Sir Walter Scott snuffs back in stockSnuv: Herbal Range

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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Can anyone tell me about this snuff box?

hookedhooked Member
edited June 2010 in General
I purchased this the other day, still waiting to receive it. Has anyone seen anything like it? Is is made of rubber or wood? I was hoping someone could shed light on this object, I really couldn't even determine the size of it by looking at the pictures. Thanks,

Snuff Box on Ebay


  • looks wood bro
  • Nice catch! If you can find a matching tin of snuff to fit inside you'll be styling. I like to keep my SM tins covered like that.
  • Looks great, although I agree that it is likely guta percha, it could also be Bakelite.
    No way of telling for sure till you've got it in your hands.
  • Gimpy1261Gimpy1261 Member
    edited July 2010 PM
    I have one just like this one. I found at a flea market. I wonder what it is worth. $20 INVESTMENT.
  • Nice collectable box. They used gutta on the first Atlantic cable in the 1850's. I doubt they are worth much but really cool to have in the collection.
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