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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Kanna nuff said

Masana_samaMasana_sama Member
edited January 2013 in The Pub (Off Topic)
To start off I'd like to say out of all the non tobacco snuffs you will ever try kanna has the most amazing and noticeable effects a snuff can give you (and still be legal);).
Kanna is an herb from South africa that has been used for quite a long time by the indigenous peoples. I had started researching it months ago before I had even discovered how great snuff is. Apon finding the website nicotinerush and ordering a couple energy snuffs I asked the guy who runs the show Tom, if he had any clues about kanna snuff. After a bit he came back with hmm not a clue sounds like something I'd like to learn more about. roughly a hour or so later he again emails me saying " just talked to the supplyer in SA it'll be here in a few months. So with the fun new laws that make it almost impossible to ship tobacco in America he made a new site just for kanna and the like

the effects of kanna are rediculous it is a snuff but can also be eaten drank in tea all sorts of stuff. When takeing just a little ( an ok size pinch) it seems to kinda act as an anti depresant and just take an edge off of things and make you happy and talkative. The more you use the more it intensifies and changes a bit more and things get vivid and again talkative and happy, and more after that causes an amazing burst of energy that lasts a while and a half. Recently I tried a bit more then that and all I can say is whoooo hoooo!! Another thing about it is it seems to take a little less the more you use it. Now there is I think a whole 2 drawbacks you shouldn't use it with anti-depresant type meds and the taste isn't amazing but really it's not that bad well worth the buzz and dosnt matter if you snuff it.
If you search the web for kanna you will most likely find kanna snuff for any were from about 15-25 a g. Tom being the amazing guy he is managed to get hands down the best prices on the web from the us to england I got a 10g( 10 goes a very long way) for roughly 15 bucks.
All in all kanna is amazing and deffinetly something to try at least once. And if you want legit prices and to do your shopping with in my opinion an awesome dude is were it's at!


  • BartBart Member
    If I put this Kanna in my beer every day, could I go back to living a normal life,
    you know, even keeled, contributing to society again?
  • ...would it make me change my user name?
  • It just may it mellows me right out lol
  • Well, I don't want to dampen one's business pursuits, but these things just don't look appealing to me. I looked each thing up and.... just doesn't sound good to me. And only once did it mention something being used as a snuff. But maybe it does rock someones boat. Interesting at least, everyone seems to be looking for the best legal experience.
  • Gives you energy AND mellows you out? Sounds shady to me. Is there anything it doesn't do?
  • smoke some cannabis + take some tobacco snuff
    mellows me out man
  • apap Member
    edited July 2010 PM
    i think i will try .
  • My problem with snuffing while high/drunk is that 90% of the pinch ends up everywhere but in my nose. :|
  • I would also like to try it, seeing that it's from Africa. It's grown in South Africa, about 700km from where I live. Maybe, maybe not. I'm still thinking about it!
  • bobbob Member
    Definatly sounds interesting to me. Though the cacti sound really interesting.
  • I found something really interesting on this site, though. The red text says: ALL PRODUCTS SOLD BY KANNASNUFF.COM ARE FOR ETHNOBOTANICAL RESEARCH ONLY.
    Now, they are either stating that cannibalism is a bad thing, or, for some reason, claim that they are not selling these products to be consumed by humans. But why would they do that? Isn't that the point of it? Correct me if I am wrong.
  • Probably legality, like you can only sell water pipes if they are sold for tobacco use only.
  • Yes, but that's because water pipes are supposed to be used with tobacco. This product is obviously supposed to be consumed. Yet, they claim that they are not selling it for consumption. If consuming this product is legal, why would they write something like this on their site? Is this Just asking.
  • So, a 'bong' is for tobacco???? And all these years I thought.................

    tom502 is correct.

    Legal to purchase, and legal to posses.
  • edited July 2010 PM - check it out
  • I should try this.
  • they say it's not for human consumption because some 15-year-old is going to steal his mom's credit card, get some kanna, and eat as much as he can and die or something crazy like that.
  • iggyiggy Member
    I don't know anything about this product, but it sounds a lot like Kava .....and Kava is a wonderful root to consume.
    There are Kava bars all over Hawaii. I buy mine from there. I can't remember if Toms selling that too?
  • bobbob Member
    excately. I know some of the things on the site are legaL to ingest. Though if some stupid person eats too much of almost anything it may coincide with their stupidity in a tragic way. Like the people that fall out of buildings after eating mushrooms. No one reports when they just fall out of buildings on their own. :)
  • I know that overdosing certain things can be dangerous, it's just odd to find something like that on their site. I mean, even water can be deadly if you drink too much, but shopkeepers won't tell you that they will only sell mineral water to you if you water plants with it or study the content. The reason why they wrote this in my opinion is because it's the perfect defense. If someone complains about the product after overdosing it, they can just say "Hey, what are you doing? We clearly stated that we are only selling those for research purposes."
  • wildwilliamwildwilliam Member
    edited July 2010 PM
    As a recovered alcoholic who's worked with drunks for 25 yrs, I am always amazed and amused when folks get exercised over things like this or pot or kava or even tobacco or whatever. Talk to any emergency room Doc and see what he thinks is the most destructive drug (legal and the most widely used). Or families or friends or employers or drunks themselves.

    Until they re-introduce prohibition, I'm not willing to listen to any pontification on the part of the authorities about this or any other "drug" the people might care to ingest.

    Tom is just "cya" because we have such a puritanical and litigious society, is my guess.
  • As dangerous as alcohol may be, this is a snuffer forum. So even though alcohol is more dangerous, you will more likely see us discussing the dangers of snuff, tobacco, or anything related to it.
  • No problem with that. I wasn't getting on a soap box about alcohol per se but just trying to illuminate the question on the legality or not of mild stimulants and the general attitude to them in the society as a whole.
  • @wildwilliam, as another recovered alcoholic, I have to agree with you. It seems as some of us are more prone to addiction than others. I know that I am. Another thing which I've pick up about Kanna is that there are clear warnings for people who use blood pressure medication and/or anti-depressants to stay away from it.

    I'm not preaching against alcohol or Kanna. All I'm saying is that some of us should be careful. Check out
  • Pieter, thanks for the link. Is certainly sounds like an intriguing product. Very interesting to read about its use by the medical community.

    I wonder how long before Big Pharma manages to get it banned.
  • I'm probably going to drop a few notes on some of that stuff myself. That and since it comes from Tom, I am sold there already. I definitely agree with wildwilliam on the poison thing, I do enjoy a few glasses of Cutty Sark, and the occasional stout myself, but I have seen more than enough family members slowly poision themselves to death than to do it regularly. They go out of their way to keep you from smoking the wonder weed, but push alcohol like it is a necessary compnent to a happy life. Grrr. LOL a Bakdoor "A "bong is for tobacco? all these years I thought..." Apparently I was confused on that issue too. Really excited to try this Kanna...sounds like it will be an interesting experience if nothing else...not that I have the slightest intent of consuming it in any way. I am purely an ethnobotanical researcher.
  • Kanna verifiable reduce the craving for nicotine and withdrawal symptoms considerably.. its somehow tobacco related.
  • Well if someone gets this, please report your research conclusions.
  • bobbob Member
    Reminds me of an old joke I used to tell. When people would ask me if I ever experiemented with drugs. I would answer that "when I was younger I used to experiement with drugs, but that recently the cost of lab monkeys has gone through the roof".
  • iggyiggy Member
    edited July 2010 PM
    I have officially been using Toms Kanna (sceletium tortuosum) for 2 days now. I do not understand why people would use this as an attempt to get "high".
    I bought this in an attempt to hopefully replace some of my anxiety meds, and so far so good. IMO this is a fast acting SSRi which of course would make you feel happy and talkative....that's what SSRI are supposed to do.

    I have not experienced anything the OP claims. But I have gotten the medicinal qualities I was seeking.

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