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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Review - Railroad Mills Checkerberry Snuff

Mike_BMike_B Member
edited July 2010 in General
As others have commented, this snuff smells an awful lot like Wint-o-green life savers. For some that may be a bad thing, but personally I love it. It is moister than most scotches and is a dark brown colour. The moistness makes it very easy to inhale without hitting the throat, and it has a natural sweetness to it. I find it also helps to clear the nasal passages somewhat, without being overwhelming like some of the stronger menthol snuffs.

As a dip it is more user-friendly than a lot of the scotch snuffs because its moisture makes it more similar to dips like skoal and copenhagen. It also gives the mouth the burning sensation that one gets from Copenhagen (that led to the urban legend that it has glass particles or something in it to cut the lip). I'm not sure if that's from the nicotine content, but I sense that the nicotine content is fairly high.

Because it is not sold in the large tins I suspect Checkerberry is not a high seller for Swisher, which seems odd to me because it is similar to Skoal Wintergreen but probably a lot cheaper and just as user-friendly.

There's a reference to checkerberry snuff in Alice Walker's "Everyday Use", a story about an African-American mother's conflicted relationship with her two daughters:

"I looked at her hard. She had filled her bottom lip with checkerberry snuff and
it gave her face a kind of dopey hangdog look. It was Grandma Dee and Big Dee
who taught her how to quilt herself. She stood there with her scarred hands
hidden in the folds of her skirt."(413)

Checkerberry is one of the few snuffs that I don't have an intake preference for--I like it equally well in the nose or lip.


  • It has a good mouth taste.
  • The bubblegum snuff, I love it!!
  • I just received some of this from Nicotine Rush and it does remind me of Teaberry gum. Very easy to take up the nose and has a pleasant nicotine hit. I like it!
  • I keep forgeting to get this snuff. It's the one american snuff I'am truely excited to try.
  • Once opened, the can must be kept in a zip lock bag or it can easily affect other snuffs in the same box.
  • Sorry to raise this post from the dead - but I am slating a few threads looking for some of of this snuff. Nice review - you have turned what was an mere interest into a total obsession to find now ....
  • Good luck, @The_HP. I think Checkerberry is still available in the deeper south--try Georgia or even Texas, if you live in the U.S. I got mine from the (sadly departed) Nicotine Rush site. It's certainly easier to find than Maccoboy, which seems to exist solely in the state of Georgia these days.
  • I live in NC - and today picked up 9 more Scotches to bring my total to 13 - but I cannot find Checkerberry, Cherry, Strawberry or Dixie. Have not see Maccoboy - though if it is in Georgia I might can get my hands on some .
  • Cherry is good, but I never used the Strawberry or Dixie much. I recall that there was a user named @AANYCARDS who had found some Maccoboy in Atlanta--maybe he can direct you to a store. I think there must be a wholesaler in that area who has a bit of a stockpile.
  • Went ahead and ordered Cherry, Strawberry and Dixie from Mr Snuff .... that elusive Checkerberry however remains on the watchlist ..
  • @MrSnuff has been treatening to get a new supplier for American Scotches for a while :-/ Wild Cherry is a nice one (Actuall has a nice cherry scent with a hint of chocolate; I'm not a fan of Strawberry or Dixie personally, but they seem popular for dipping use. Checkerberry is not really like a typical scotch at all, seemingly out there on it's own.
  • I did find an old old looking upopened can on ebay ... on the fence if I want to get it or not before it is gone ..
  • I think I've got a tub of Checkerberry with a few pinches out of it that I bought maybe 3 years ago; if you want it @The_HP pm me your address and I'll send it to you (if I can find it).
  • @Mouse‌ that would be awesome . Is there anything you are looking for in the Scotch lines that I may have locally?

  • Hmmm... First off - thanks again to @Mouse‌ for hooking me up with the Checkerberry can.

    How to describe? Hmmm.. I have seen "Pepto Bismal"-ish descriptions - and I think that is fair . Which may be telling because that made me want to try it more - to me Pepto taste like my favorite child hood candy - Canada Mints - a chalky , oddly minty candy I would get at the Rite Aide in 2 for $1 bags.

    I *think* it is probably faded from when fresh - the scent is more like a suggestion than anything pronounced - but I do like it. I think finding some fresh to seal up in vac bags might be a goal in the near future.
  • @The_HP‌ - Bi Lo grocery stores carry Checkerberry snuff here in Charleston.
  • I'm pretty sure they had at least a few of the other varieties you were looking for too. I'll look and see. If you have a Bi Lo near by, it might be worth checking out.
  • I'm pretty sure they had at least a few of the other varieties you were looking for too. I'll look and see. If you have a Bi Lo near by, it might be worth checking out.
    The closest one to my home ( by their website ) is 88.3 miles away , just over the SC line.
  • Could that elusive scent be a faded Wintergreen? It's been so long since I had any I'm having trouble with my olfactory memory.
  • It reminded me of A-535 sore muscle liniment.
  • Yep.... Wintergreen is is!
  • kurtsnosekurtsnose Member
    edited September 2014 PM
    The taste and scent is Teaberry like Beamans Gum ! Clark's also made Teaberry gum ! Big in the 50s.
  • Every once in a while I'll run across Teaberry gum in dollar store or some out of way place and snatch it up! :-)
  • For fellow members that may have an interest in Checkerberry, I may have some news. 

    I recently wrote to Swisher International as I understand that Checkerberry was a Helme/RR Mills product. They responded that since my local grocer carries Swisher snuffs already, I need only have them order it for me. So, tomorrow, I am going to see the manager of the store and see if he or she can order it. If I can get them to order, I will offer to buy a case. If I can get a case, I will be happy to share with fellow snuff takers. 
  • @JosephJames you are a gentleman and a scholar !! =D>
  • PsickoPsicko Member
    edited November 2016 PM
    @JosephJames. Count me in for at least one tin. If I like it, I'd get another one.
  • Guys, i will do what I can. Maybe the fact that I have cleaned out their supply of Superior snuff will sway them to place the order ;)
  • They are probably more likely to order it for you, especially since you are willing to buy a case.
  • Just left the grocery store. Manager had me write down the snuff, my name and number. Hopefully he can get it. I bought $60 worth of railroad and navy while in there :)
  • Nice
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