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Classic Tin-Same Great Taste

De Kralingse Molens

snuffmillersnuffmiller Member
edited August 2010 in General
As Pieter Claassen already mentioned we have revived another historical snuff called "Musinotabak". According to the receiepe from 1830 this fermented Virginia tobacco is mixed with Cinnamon, Galgantroot, Angelicaroot, Orangepeels and Fernambukwood. Flavoured with Elderberry blossomwater.
Although Holland was second in the world championship football we still launch this snuff, also because we renewed the website
If you want to try this snuff mail your post address to us before august the 13th through the website.

Jaap Bes.


  • Thank you, Jaap!
  • Yes, thanks very much, Jaap.
  • I read up on some of the things that were unfamiliar to me:
    Galgant seems to be German for Galangal aka Blue Ginger.

    That's fantastic, as I've been hoping for a ginger scented snuff.

    Angelica root is used to flavor some gin and Chartreuse, and is used in Lapland as a medicinal herb. Varieties of the plant seem to be used by a plethora of native northern cultures for various reasons.

    This one should make ap happy: Fernambuk is German for Pernambuco, the Brazillian State, or more precisely the tree which is more commonly reffered to in English as Brazilwood

    I'm pretty sure I've smelled that before, it should be nice in a snuff.

    I'm really looking forward to this one.
  • Very interested as well in a ginger snuff. I am planing an order with De Kralingse Molens but want to know when the new snuff will be available as I might purchase one of each sort to try out. I must recognize I've never snuffed any kind of Molen's :O
  • Its available now.
  • Just placed an order by email, I hope this arrives quick !!
  • Just put in a request for a sample

    But please... please.... please..... don't let this one be as good as the others (Bon Bon, Macuba, Prins, Ao, or AP)!!!!

    I can't afford any more love at first sniff.
  • Snifs, I can assure you, if not better then at least the same. I polished a 10g tin in just more than 2 days, taking HUGE pinches everytime I opened the tin. Musinotabak and Bolongaro are my 2 favourite Jaap snuffs at present.
  • Very interesting. Thank you.
  • Thanks Jaap!
  • I cannot seem to access the site, can anyone provide the contact info?
  • Thank you very much Xander.
  • no problem
  • bobbob Member
    can't wait to try all of the De kralingse as all of their snuffs I've tried are top notch. If they had slightly more of a selection I'am sure they'd be in my top three instead of almost.
  • Thank you Jaap, received my sample in the mail about 10 mins ago.
  • Most supurb new DE Kralingse sample. Got today! Mmm good.
  • I received my sample today too, great stuff
    Thanks Jaap
  • I got my sample in last week and while it's very nice I do prefer the BonBon. It's kind of hard to go wrong with such an excellent tobacco base though.
  • XanderXander Member
    edited August 2010 PM
    Last week? WTF is mine? Why am I alwyays last (Hollandse Bolongaro excepted) to get the new Kralingse samples?
  • Got my sample of Musinotabak. Unlike any other snuff I have tried and that numbers several hundred. I can see this becoming a favorite. I will go through the sample today. Hope Dave gets it in soon. I want to support him because he moved to the UK and is trying to make sure the Yanks can get snuff.
  • I haven't received anything yet either. I wanted to order a bunch from them, and they haven't replied to my email. oh well.
  • @Xander, Haven't recieved anything either.
  • I made a request for a sample as well, although I don't expect to get anything...
  • If you sent a complete address, including country, Jaap will send you a sample.
  • What a surprise I got when I received my sample from Jaap. Very, very good snuff!

    I loved the post card that was included.

    Thank you Jaap!
  • Thank you, Jaap. I received my sample today. It is a very interesting snuff, indeed. I must snuff more than this one pinch that I have taken, in order to formulate an opinion. The fist impression went very well, though. I also like your included post card. I am hanging it up on my file cabinet.
  • Very nice but sticky needs to be rounded into full batch better. Mulled with fingers of free sample and will try Wed. with coffee time. Very nice in stock form aswell. A/P still is my fave. Times will change?
  • Words can not express how much I've enjoyed Musinotabak.

    It burns oh so good and the aroma is incredible! Nicotine is above average and goes great w/coffee. This inspires me to try other De Kralingse products. I been reading about the A/P and looking to order it, I can't find an online shop that carries it...
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