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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Video: How Snuff is made (particularly Bernard but im sure others are similar)

john8363john8363 Member
edited August 2010 in General
So I found this video on youtube depicting how snuff is made. I searched the forum and couldn't ascertain whether or not it had been posted before so here goes:

I am particularly fascinated by the old machinery that they used, it seems as though all the gears and such are still made of wood.

PS: Video is in Deutsch so not everyone may be able to understand it, but a good watch nonetheless.

PSS: that is an ungodly amount of snuff at 0:36


  • ra.stanitra.stanit Member
    edited August 2010 PM
    hehehe that's what i call a healthy dose...LOL
    thanks for the link...
  • bobbob Member
    love this video been here before but happy to see it again.
  • Check out the Poschl one . It is like a hospitol compared to the Wilsons or Bernards
  • "it seems as though all the gears and such are still made of wood"....This is so they can do the same job as a fuse in an electrical circuit. If the strain becomes to much on the machine for any reason, then the wooden gearing will snap, saving the important parts of the machinery .Easily and fairly cheaply replaced as opposed to a new machine..(The old Dutch snuff windmills worked with the same idea).  
  • Even my wife just enjoyed this video. Thanks for sharing. Worth a bump too.
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