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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

What snuff did you buy in your local store?

pfaber11pfaber11 Member
edited August 2010 in General
For me it was 112.5 grams of wilsons sp100 12.5 grams of wilsons sm and a small tin of top mill. They do stock a few others as well and will order what you like although you have to buy quite a lot.


  • Our local guys only stock McC O&G, Taxi, Ntsu, Wilson's Top Mill Menthol etc., all of them roughneck stuff except for the O&G.
  • Most shops here have nothing. One within walking distance has W.E. Garrett and Navy Sweet. One a little farther away has Tops Sweet, Carhart's Choice, and Honey Bee. As I'm not keen on the sweet scotches, that gives me little choice.
    I can get about a dozen others, all scotches, if I go across town. Again its mostly sweets. Three Thistle Strong and Square Scotch are the only ones of those I'd get again. They have Superior, but only in large tubs.

    I've heard an "upscale" tobacconist has a few Pöschls, but I'm not interested in them. Its ones I've tried already and am not impressed with.

    I understand I have it better than most people in the US, which is a sorry state of affairs. I can get no English snuff at all, locally.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    None, but I am still hunting the local Indian grocerys for snuff.
  • A pocket tin of W.E. Garrett sweet. Not much available locally.
  • It's such a shame that more stores dont stock snuff. I'm sure that if more news agents stocked snuff they would sell it. In my town we have one shop a small tobacconists that has a small selection of snuff. If that goes i'm doomed. Surly places that sell tobacco could manage to stock a few variaties of snuff.
  • One store in my area has a few Scotches left. I bought at least one of all he had. Two shops carry a few Poschl, but that's it. If I visit my Mom down south the selection of Scotches improves a bit. I found one shop that used to carry a few Wilsons, but they stopped due to lack of sales.
  • It's been a while, but locally I have bought Bruton, Honest, WE Garret(regular and sweet), Red Seal, and Carhart's Choice, these are at the local Kroger grocery. At a cigar shop, I have bought Ozona Spearmint, Packards Club, Gletcher Prise, and at an Indian grocery I got Madras, SS Rose, Himalaya, and IPCO(if that counts).
  • In brick and mortar stores I have acquired:

    RR Mills plain
    Navy Sweet
    Sweet as a Peach
    Tube Rose
    Gawaith Apricot
    WOS Menthol Plus
    WOS SP2
    Some floral one, name escapes me.

    and while traveling to Wilmington NC:

    Ozana President

  • Just Scotches here.

    Square, RR Mills Sweet, Navy Sweet, Society and Tube Rose.
  • only two so far ozona president and poschl silverstone orange+ too bad they stopped making the last one i quite liked it ...
  • I can get O&G, Hedges Sp100, Top Mill and Medicated No.99 in a shop about 1 mile from me.

  • Only six: Gletscher Prise, Poschls MIX, Ozona Spearmint, Ozona Cherry, Ozona Raspberry and Gawith Apricot. Luckily i can get them from any tobacco and alcohol shop. Only tobacco shops are very rare thing here.
  • We can get a good range of WoS and GH snuffs in a shop about 1/2 mile from here. A little further away can be found J&H Wilson's snuffs in the small blue tins. I guess we're lucky.
  • My local tobacconist carries many snuffs. I have purchase McChrystals and some Fribourg Treyer from there.
  • oh i forgot to mention Samuel Gawith Apricot which is anything but apricot to my nose but it kinda grew on me lately...
    @ bipolarbear1968 how did you liked the Society Scotch ? i was thinking to get some with my next order...
  • @ra- I thought the Society was pretty good. It doesn't have any of the smokiness that other scotches have. The only aroma I can describe of this is honey/brownsugar, but it's more complex than that.

    Cstokes turned me on to it, and glad he did.
  • Great another Scotch on the "to order list" that I haven't found locally yet.

  • edited August 2010 PM
    What is strange is the fact that NON of my local tobacconists carry nasal snuff. I can only find these at the local Food Lion (lol)
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator

    I found the large thrift cans of Society in Wilmington, at a Lowe's food on College Rd, right across from UNCW.
  • I've only been able to find McChrystal's SP and Menthol locally, and I consider myself lucky to have found any snuff locally let alone McChrystals and in X-Large tins at that.
  • It seems that some of you guys have quite a good selection, i was thinking about my tobacconist and i think they stock about 7. Not much when you consider what's out there. Wouldn't it be nice if every town had a snuff bar where one could go and sample some snuff with a cup of coffee and then buy a few tins to take home.
  • @cstokes, really, thanks for the tip, next time I am down there, that store will be a mission.

  • I have Society at the food lion in W.VA for $11.36 for the large can. Honey Bee is $12.87, Maryland is higher due to taxes. They have all kinds on small cans, superior, navy, society, peach.
  • I've been wanting to ask this even since I got my can of Starr--has anyone ever seen it for sale in a local store, and if so where? For some reason (maybe the graphics), it seems the most archaic of the American snuffs. Starr packs a great nicotine punch, but it's so plain (almost flavourless) that I wonder if maybe its more of its users use it nasally as opposed to dipping it.

    Lorillard looks pretty archaic too, but the Lorillard company used to be very big so it probably isn't AS obscure.
  • I can't seem to find the Starr locally.
  • XanderXander Member
    edited August 2010 PM
    @ Mike B.: That's Starr's updated look. I have an unopenend vintage 1948 tin in my little collection. I'll try to get a pic up in the next few days. Its actually "R. Starr & Co." on the old tin, but the name is not as prominent as "Scotch Snuff 1st Quality." It was owned by Helme even that far back. I have a feeing this is a very old brand.
    Sadly, this is one of the handful of scotches I'd like to be permanent members of my collection, but the only one that can't be found locally. Maybe I can talk a shop into stocking it if they already carry some Helme/Swisher snuffs.

    I don't think they mean Ringo and those other dudes.
  • I used to be able to get the non-schmalzler Pöschls, but I think that store is puling them once they run out. Aside from that, all I can get is Madras No 1. This is a three hour trip to make though. I usually just say screw it and order online.
  • I have never found Starr, or W.E. Garrett. Tons of Tube Rose.
  • I have never seen nasal snuff at any of the stores or tobacco shops here in Canada, either in the small towns near me, or in the big cities (I have looked in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Montreal). I haven't been to every shop of course, but I have visited big tobacconists, and none had nasal snuff.

    I believe that when I was a child (think early 70's) in Edmonton, the local drugstore sold nasal snuff. It was likely to appease the many German immigrants living in my area (my parents were also German immigrants). In talking to my father, a significant number of German tradesmen back then used snuff, in addition to smoking a pipe. The people working at the German consulate in Edmonton at the time DEFINITELY used nasal snuff - my father reminded me that I actually saw the Consulate General taking snuff and asking him about it (when I was like 5 or something).

    That was a long time ago.

    So - nothing local. No online shops in Canada that I can find who sell snuff. I think shipping tobacco from province to province has been illegal in Canada for several years (like the provision in the new PACT thing in the US) so that really cuts down on online tobacconists.

    Regards, Geraldo
  • JuxtaposerJuxtaposer Member
    edited August 2010 PM
    Just a few Poschls but that era is over.
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