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OT: Wet Shaving

cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
edited May 2012 in The Pub (Off Topic)
Any fellow wet shavers here? What type of soap/brush/DE, SE or Straight do you use?


  • BartBart Member
    edited December 2010 PM
    I used to use a Wilkenson Sword double edge blade in my Dad's metal twist down shaver when I started out..that's what he said was best. He claimed you could sharpen one by lowering it into a glass cup and carefully running it around the inside on an angle.

    If I did shave now, I definitely would go with a straight razor, leather strop, and nice soap, etc. I just trim up a few times a year.
    What happened to the term 'little shaver'?
    Don't hear that much any more
  • I wet shave, but don't use anything too fancy. Got my Razor from Greens of Leeds ages ago, but it's not the best quality as there's spots of rust showing up, I use a Body Shop brush because they're cheap and synthetic, and I'm currently using some Wilkinson Sword soap; am planning on Buying an Edwin Jagger D/E with an imitation ivory handle and some Taylor's cream soon.
  • Don't mean to derail your thread, Stokes, but what would be a quality moustache wax?
  • XanderXander Member
    edited December 2010 PM
    I got this set some years ago as a gift:
    At the time it included a stand to hold the brush and an included safety razor. Now they don't sell the razors with the set. Thankfully its blades are compatible with one of the major brands.
    I've never tried a straight razor, except from a barber; and barbers who give shaves are rare.
    I have a fog-free mirror that mounts in the shower with suction cups. I shave in the shower.
    Of the 1903 consumable products, the only one I continually rebuy is the cream. I prefer a different aftershave.
  • clubman is the only wax I've found. If you can't get wax hair gel works I hear
  • when i had my stache i was using hndlebars mustache wax. It worked fine for me so i never had to go out and find another brand. Why fix something if it is not broken. I am pretty sure you can still buy it online just type hndlebar mustache wax into google.
  • I shave with a straight razor and use cheap soap like Williams or whatever I find about town. I like it, but considered using a safety razor instead.
  • I've been wet shaving for a couple of years now. I have several straights and a couple DEs. I usually use Proraso cream or Mama bears lime soap, a vulfix brush, and a Merkur HD or a Dovo "en vogue" straight with nice micarta scales (depending on whether or not I'm in a hurry). I usually use Feather blades in the double edge.
  • I've got a 1940s Gillette Tech Razor (my late grandfather's, in fact) with whatever cheapo DE blades I can find. Was using Williams mug soap, which is the only stuff I could find locally; recently found that Bath & Body Works sells C.O. Bigelow tube shaving cream (manufactured by Proraso) so I'm eager to try that. Recently picked up an antique straight razor, hollow-blade and appears to be a 6/8, but it'll have to be professionally rehoned and I'd rather wait until I've got a little more finesse with the DE before I move up...
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    @Bart: Clubman is the only one I have seen around, if you can't find it I will mail you some.

    I have been using a Schick Krona for some time. Recently just picked up a Bakelite 3pc and a Gillette. I have some Wilkinson's (now made by Energizer in Germany), very good blades. Before that all I could find was overpriced ASR's.

    I have some soaps and creams, but I do prefer Williams.
  • I made the switch last year; bought a Merkur HD safety razor along with a badger brush. Mostly been using proraso or uncle conk soap. Now I only use my old cartridge razors when I'm traveling or in a hurry.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator

    Have you checked out Badger and Blade?
  • I've got a Merkur as well. I did use a Mach 3 for years, but it used to irritate the hell out of my neck, so I switched to a single blade and the improvement is massive. It annoys me that they market these 4/5 blade cartridges as causing less irritation when the opposite is true for most people I've spoken to. I try to use a badger and soap if I have time, or if not just a can...doesn’t smell half so good though. The real joy of having a proper shave is taking the time to do a proper job with the proper equipment.
  • I was assured by a barber in Venice that the best shave (wet of course) is obtained by keeping the blade horizontal at all times and shaving in long straight lines of motion down the face and neck until only the upper lip is left. This is then finished off with smaller downward strokes. Never shave upwards.

    Most men change the angle of the blade or for the neck and chin shave upwards using repeated little strokes that irritate the skin. Venetian shaving is best. Always shave top-down; it is the cleanest, quickest method and there is never skin irritation like razor burn and certainly no cuts.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Yep, I do 3 top-down or north-south passes, washing and re-lathering between each.
  • edited December 2010 PM
    I also like "wet"shaving! I use a Philips wet&dry electric shaver with the Nivea shaving gel which it is filled with. Push a little button and it squirts the gel onto the blades.

    I must add that I only clean my neck (throat) once or twice a week as I sport an almost full beard.
  • What catagory would depilatory shaving fall..wet or dry?
    I've never tried it, but understand it to be a napalm -type slurry that is rubbed on the face and melts the hair away.
    Not as classic as a straight razor, by any means.
  • I use an old Gilette travel tech (I believe it is called that). If you haven't used "Feather" brand blades, give them a shot. They are the sharpest and longest lasting I have used.
    Proraso and a Vulfix brush get the job done.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator

    The "Magic" shave skips right over wet shaving and joins the ranks of multi blades and electrics in the "torture" section. From what I have heard, it is pretty painful stuff and causes ingrowns like nothing else.


    I have heard good things about feathers, but I have also heard that they are damn sharp! I like my Wilkinson's at the moment and I'm still exploring different blades, I am sure to pick up a pack or two of them soon.
  • I disagree about never reversing direction. You can run your fingers around on your stubble and quickly tell that your hair doesn't all grow in the same direction. Therefore, to get that baby-smooth skin, you have to attack the hairs from all angles. I generally do 1 or 2 downward passes, always using clean, long strokes. The last lather I reverse everything and go up the neck and sides. I never get irritation from this and I know from experimenting when I'm short on time that I stay stubble free for longer when I include the final reverse shave. I'm working on my winter beard right now though so I guess I'll bow out of this discussion.
  • Dang reverse- shaving- hippies!
    Gots no tolerance for them folk!
  • I've been interested in getting a straight razor for a while, but the cost of one is far too much for this broke college student. And I've not shave in almost two years, not even a trim, so it's a bit late to start now. Of course, I wish my beard grew in evenly. I've got somewhere around 4-5" of hair around my chin and a full mustache, but for some reason the sideburns just don't seem to grow at all.
  • Bearded for the last 20 years, shaving is just one hassle too much in the morning. I keep itto a neat goatee though usually. If anyone has ever privately thought this site is a wee bit eccentric have a look at all about
  • @shikitohno: You can try honey and chicken droppings. You put some honey on the outside and chicken droppings on the inside. The honey pulls form the outside and the chicken droppings pushes from the inside. I've never tried this myself but I was made to believe it works like a song (don't know the name of the song).
  • I've been using a cheap, store brand safety razor for a couple of years now mainly for cost reasons. I wasn't even aware there was an online safety razor community until I read this thread and did some Googling. I guess there is no end to the things people can be enthusiastic about :D
  • 'online safety razor community'. That must be one hell of a place to be. Mind you, its beaten into first place as the world's dullest club by the M25 group. The M25 is London's orbital road, a place of utter tedium and despair and there are people who spend their leisure time talking and, more mind boggling, driving round it. Better than going out and robbing people so God bless em for that, but still..............
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator

    Badger & Blade is a very vibrant forum, here are some stats:

    Members: 32,451
    Threads: 158,663
    Posts: 2,421,615
  • Clearly, who am I to argue? I have posted a seperate thread to explore these issues with the membership.
  • I used to have a straight razor but my hands were too shaky. I use my grandfather's beaver-fur brush and williams soap, but for a razor I use that 5-blade thing Gilette makes. They're expensive but last a really long time.
  • street carpstreet carp Member
    edited December 2010 PM
    @Snuffster: On closer inspection the B&B members behaviour seems to be very similar to our own. Many of them collect razors and I've come across several "hoarders" of razor blades who's collections seem to be worshipped with an awe and fervour that a snuffhouse noob might display in response to a photo of a substantial snuff collection.

    Far from being critical of them, I actually see them as our brothers and have become rather worried by the realisation that the male hunter-gatherer instinct has been whittled away and reduced to the hoarding of tobacco and shaving paraphernalia :P
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