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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

McChrystal's O&G

jazzi_mikejazzi_mike Member
edited January 2011 in General
So I tried menthol snuff and it just made me sneezy and congested. I've read some reviews that say O&G is not like that. I've also read things like, 'I don't use menthol, but I still have a spot in my collection for O&G.' I recently ordered McChrystal's clove and S'nuff and I loveeee clove. I'm wondering if I should take another chance on menthol, in the form of O&G. Is there more flavor in it than just menthol? What do you think?


  • O&G rules. Buy it immediately and enjoy.
  • I like O&G, but to be honest I don't find it to be any different from many of the other menthol's I have tried. I think you should try all the snuff you can, sometimes a snuff you do not like at first becomes one of your favorites later.
  • It is a strong menthol, but there are some other flavors behind it.
  • I think Og is a matter of suggestion. Very little to do with the actual scent. Then again who knows.
  • @Mark W I wouldnt call it strong myself.
  • I think the menthol is pretty strong. May just be me.
  • It's not hedges strong but its definitly there around the same strength as say toque menthol but quite the different flavour. I would atleast try it as I can't put it down (it is in my nose right now), but then again I tend to enjoy the menthols. This is my first tin (a large mcc tin) and its over half gone in 3 days, which is quite a bit for me.
  • street carpstreet carp Member
    edited January 2011 PM
    I think O&G's charm comes predominantly from the combination of the grind and balance of flavours. It's light and fluffy and not overpowering in any way, a true all day snuff.
  • I have some O&G myself, I like it so much that I will be ordering a large tin as soon as I can :-P . Highly recommend the O&G. It reminds me of Vics VapoRub, or Halls... It's like Halls for the nose!
  • Having heard nothing but good about McChrystal's bulk I think I'll be ordering 200g of O&G this week.
  • O&G is rather warm for a menthol.
  • @ Spam it is cheaper to order 12 XL tins of O&G than 200g off the website. You can buy the tins at

  • Ah right. How many grams is 12 XL, around 300?
  • khalidkhalid Member
    edited January 2011 PM
    12Xl is 252 g. 21g in each and from my smoking shop that will be £34.99 excluding shipping. 200g direct from McC is £28.50 including shipping. I would go for the bulk, personally.
  • Thanks everyone. I'm gonna take the plunge. I loved the grind and fluffiness of McChrystal's snuff and if I'm ever going to like menthol, O&G might be the one. Thanks everyone.
  • O&G is definitely worth buying in bulk. I shall be doing so at the end of this month.
  • I tried some of this today for the first time. I enjoyed it very much and im not really a fan of menthols. It was from a tin that is for "public" use at my tobaconnist. (cigar bar). Possibly the constant opening closing dulled that menthol whack i usually get.
  • I use menthol as a kind of seasoning; a dash of menthol in a snuffbox full of plain SP is very nice and I don't get any congestion or problems, just like taking regular snuff; apart from that Im a snot monster in 10 seconds with un-diluted menthol.
  • Thats a good idee snuffster. Im going to have to do that for my snuffbox tomorrow.
  • O&G in my nose right now and I'm loving every minute of it
  • I actually jone's for it after the first small tin. All new snuffers should be warned about buying to small a first time order of O&G!
  • I took the plunge! I ordered a large tin of McChrystal's O&G. I also inquired about the snuff that's flavored with hops. Ian is sending me a sample. I'm pretty excited. Their prices are a little overboard, but their snuff is ground with a little bit of heaven and I can't get enough.
  • I tried a tom buck and o&g mix, and it was darn good. Thanks for the tip @snuffster !
  • Glad you liked it!
  • Oooh, I might have to try this...
  • Just add a very small amount, maybe around 1 in 10 parts. This works well with any strongly flavoured snuff to a plain one, another variant I like is Royal George with a plain snuff, just adds a nice background flavour.
  • 1 part o&g to 10 parts tom buck? Sorry I'm confused now. Or did you mean 1 to 10 parts for adding menthol crystals?
  • looks like he's talking about 1 part O&G to 10 parts Buck there Moose
  • Yep, 1 part menthol snuff in 10 parts SP, I was just trying to put a figure on it, in practice I just add a couple of big pinches to a snuff box.
  • I'm a big fan of the O&G. I've had it put away for awhile and I've been hitting up the Wilson's Super Menthol...I guess that makes the O&G seem less menthol-y when I go back to it. I'm a menthol fan either way, but O&G is my go-to guy.
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