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Desert Island Brand

Koba22Koba22 Member
edited February 2011 in General
This might already be on the forum somewhere, but I couldn't find it brand specific.

If you had to chose a single brand/manufacturer of snuff to use, which would it be?

For me, probably Toque, I cannot keep Original out of my nose!


  • How about everyone bringing a different one to the island. Then we could all share and have it all.
  • I shall keep the community NetiPot in my shanty- hut.

    Anyone wishing for a rinse must trade 2 bumps of my choice to receive an official cleansing.
  • @bart, to be honest, I don't really think I'd want to share a netipot!

    Come on people, which brand would you have?
  • Samuel Gawith McCombie
  • That's a tough choice, WoS makes my favourite snuff (Camphor and Mild) but I wouldn't really like to live in a world without McChrystals O&G, Hedges, the three J&H Wilson snuffs and several of my favourite Toque snuffs.
  • Samuel Gawith if I had to choose a single manufacturer, J&H WIlson's SP No. 1 if I were limited to a single snuff.
  • It must be Monday. Nary a week goes by without a similar question.
  • SnuffHeadSnuffHead Member
    edited February 2011 PM
    So True.
  • here too. close enough!
  • Dholakia, i couldnt live without my white snuff
  • Sorry Wednesday the clock has struck 12.
  • My absolute favorite to die for snuff is the third one from the left on the middle shelf!
  • is the island made out of snuff?
  • the funny thing is...there's actually no such thing as a desert island! ;-)
  • The funny thing is, there are thousands of desert islands. Here is the first one that leapt to mind:
  • @bob if there was an island made of snuff I wouldn't be here in the UK!
  • I wouldn't mind being stuck on a dessert island.
  • Now that would be good....or a dessert and snuff island?
  • @Xander It was a joke...referring to the old debate that some uneducated people have that the word "desert" refers only vast strtches of hot, sandy land with no source of water of any kind. The truth of the matter is, the word actually means deserted, or virtually uninhabitable. I believe there's some sort of rule of thumb about average yearly rainfall, but i can't recall for sure. Hell, there's even frozen deserts. I was wondering if people would follow along or call BS! You didn't waste any time you wiley fox! ;-)
  • edited February 2011 PM
    My absolute favourite tobacco is Cotton Boll twist because:

    1) I can chew it
    2) I can smoke it
    3) I can make snuff out of it
    4) I can wipe my behind with it (on a deserted island toilet paper will be hard to find)
  • If i could take a bit of snus then my nasal snuff of choice would be a menthol by Poschl.
  • I suspect that everyones snuff hankies will eventually be converted to asswipe on this desert island
  • Couldn't be anything but The Old Rooster.
  • @n9ininchnails On an island full of snuffers snuff hankies would not be necessary, nobody would be judged for looking like they'd just gone face down in a tub of Kendal Brown and if you really needed to blow your nose you could just use your sleeve without fear of reprimand. That is the true meaning of paradise.
  • It would have to be WoS Best SP, thats all I use anyway a lot of the time.
  • Desert island snuff would be Samuel Gawith Irish D

    Guilty pleasure would be McChrystal's O&G
  • HuysmansHuysmans Member
    edited October 2020 PM
    If I am choosing a Desert Island Snuff then so far my choice would be Grand Cairo
  • Six Photos even though I'd be loath to miss out on schmalzlers and Irish High toast.
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