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Hedges vs O&G CAGE MATCH!

snuffnpuffsnuffnpuff Member
edited March 2011 in General
I love mentholated snuffs (newbie) and am about to make my first bulk order of "one of the two mentholated big daddies". Which one of the two is better and why? Let the competition begin!!

Queu the Rocky "Eye of the Tiger" music....

Round One Begins *ding ding*


  • I think that if you are looking for a straight up menthol blast/medicated snuff then Hedges would suffice, but if you want some flavor with your menthol then O&G is probably the better choice. If you want to use as a mixer, then perhaps Hedges would be better because it wont add much flavor to a mix, only strong menthol. Personally I'd go with O&G but honestly I'm not a huge menthol fan. I use it more as a medicine and a mixer.
  • O&G would be your best bet.
  • i dont think you can get hedges in bulk
    only buy 12 25 gram tins
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    I'm a Hedges guy. It is incredibly moreish after the first pinch.
  • O&G, if only because you can get a 200g tub of it. It's good from a tin, but it's heaven from a tub.
    Fluffy, rich and cool like a splash of water in the face.
    How do people wake up without this stuff?

    Hedges isn't bad. Don't get me wrong. But I think of it more as snuff to use when I need to reduce inflammation in my nose -- like a medicine with benefits. :)
  • I've never had Hedges but I do love O&G. WOS SM 500 is also great.
  • snuffnpuffsnuffnpuff Member
    edited March 2011 PM
    Good God! At my current rate of snuffing 200g tub would last the equivalent of my grandchildrens life-times! LOL

    Thanks for the suggestions. I am looking for the "best" mentholated snuff - yes I know, try them both decide for yourselves, but I want to throw a vine out there and see what the snuffhouse recommends. So far looks like O&G is winning the battle with more positive votes than Hedges. Anyone else got some punches they would like to throw for these two Mentholated Monsters of Snuff?
  • Its comparing apples to oranges really. Hedges is a strong menthol (a pain inducing monster really), O&G is a moderate menthol though exceedingly popular. Pretty much all of McChrystal's other menthol snuffs are more mentholated than O&G (Jip!, Sturco, English Menthol, Highland Ice). They all have unique flavors though. All of the WoS SM series also have more menthol than O&G.
    So the question, "which is better?" is entirely subjective. If the question is "which has the most menthol?" then the answer is Hedges without a doubt.
  • @Xander
    Good points. If you have tried both which do you like better and why? To clarify I'm not really looking for the MOST menthol but the BEST OVERALL and why.
  • XanderXander Member
    edited March 2011 PM
    I'm not in love with either. Hedges has way too much menthol to be pleasant, and snuff should be something that is pleasant. O&G is overpriced and overrated. Its ok, but not a favorite.
    There. You have my opinion.

    Edit to add: Best traditional English medicated types overall for me is McC Highland Ice, GH CM, and McC Jip, and maybe WoS SM 500. They've all got more menthol than O&G, but they have a lot more fullness to them, and don't hurt my brain as much as Hedges.
  • Interesting... never heard of the other menthols. Just thought these two were the best from what I've heard. Like I said I'm a very very new snuffer so not familiar with many brands yet. Thanks for your opinions. I'll keep those others on a short list to try later.
  • Add Poschls President to your short list. Its an excellent menthol that I find similar to O&G with perhaps a bit more flavor and being a Poschl its easier to snuff in large quantities. Plus it mixes nicely. i've been snuffing a lot of "white president" (courtesy of n9inchnails mixing suggestion) which is about 75% dholakia white and 25% poschl president, its good stuff!
  • @snuffnpuff there are A LOT of mentholated snuffs out there, take a good look around and keep in mind that the world of snuff isnt that small after all
  • Okay okay.. back on topic.. which of these supposed best ones is indeed the best overall and why?
  • again, you cannot setup the "best" imho. it depends on personal taste, that is all. you have to try diffrent ones to explore the difference and to see what you like and (unfortunatly) what you dont like. on the sideline, you say yourself that you are new to snuff, in this situation, i would refrain from buying bulk at this moment. there is so much to sample out there, why limit yourself and even more in the beginning of your quest for "the best snuff of all". 2 cents again. ;-)
  • hedges is for the men, o&g for the wimps.
  • bobbob Member
    every menthol snuff is so noticably diffrent then the next. Often in ways that while blatant up your nose, are not always easy to convey with words. Some are grassier some sweeter and sappyier. point being buy some figure it out. Not saying that to be a dick just saying it because it's the only way you'll get what you want. Unless of course you're taking a poll more then asking for advice.
  • @bob
    saying things like "not saying that to be a dick.." and "not to be rude..." and "don't mean to offend..." are inconsequential because 99.9% of the time... you are. Please don't comment just to flex your pixelated snuff filled muscles and try to give a constructive and productive response. I guarantee if I have this question there are at least 10 others out there that do as well. Help make an inviting and welcoming experience for new snuffers (such as myself) not a confrontational and alienating one.
  • @snuffnpuff: Bob is trying to help you, and is actually being nice. Read his response again. He's also right. No one knows what snuff you will like but you. Opinions vary widely on "what snuff is best". The only way to find out what you like is to try them. Just about every snuff available has been reviewed at least once at You may want to narrow your choices for your next order by reading a few reviews first. You will also find most snuffs get both good and bad reviews.
  • I agree with jbruckus Poschls President is a must
  • I haven't had hedges yet but enjoy o&g every now and again. Best comparison I can make for o&g is vicks vap o rub. Very similar
  • Just to flex my pixelated snuff filled muscles and try to give a constructive and productive response, bob is spot on my friend. Relax, It is hard sometimes for some of the more "seasoned" snuffers here to show the proper amount of deference to the "neophyte" questions that we endure as we watch the somewhat painful journey from excited "newbie" to experienced snuffer. You embark upon a path of mystery and enlightenment, sometimes the stumbles in the dark are shared failings that must be endured together.

    I have been here a little more than a year and have asked some painful questions in retrospect. And my journey has shown that some of the snuffs I like are shared favorites, and that no one has the same tastes as I do. Try a snuff, compare your impressions to those of others ( read all the reviews you can find), and then you will gradually find reviews that match your own results. Then pay attention to what those people like, and think, then build a library of snuff. There is no such thing as the best SP, menthol, Scotch, ect. There is only your top Five. Ermtony's top five, Zanders top five.

    Every snuff will have a different effect on each and every one of us, it is so subjective, that is why we are here, to share, advocate, and yes disagree! But we all agree that there should be absolutely no biting allowed!!!! And for the record, I have both of the snuffs you inquire about, and I cannot sniff either one due to a complete inability to tolerate menthol. This took months to figure out. I have a bulk tub of O&G, one of my stumbles on my path. Peace, and good luck.

  • Hedges is a very strong !MENTHOL!, whilst o&g is nowhere near as strong and has other things in there. I personally do not enjoy o&g as I get the smell of burnt insulation from it, but others may love it.
  • 0&G=meh
    Hedges=Clears the nose in the morning.
    Wouldn't use either all day, but I use Hedges nearly everyday.
    Like others have said, Hedges is useful when used sparingly as a medicine.
    As for an all day medicated, GH CM is my all-time-favorite.
  • bobbob Member
    maybe it would have been clearer to say not a bad question but it isn't one that I feel I can honestly answer beyond saying try out a few and you'll certainly find something you don't want to live with out. I'am sure you'll see what I mean after trying a few more of these snuffs.
  • O&G is a gentle, forgiving snuff with nice tobacco undertones plus some menthol as well. Hedges is a tin filled with menthol.
  • BartBart Member
    Bob and I have actually been involved in a sanctioned "Cage Match" and I can assure you, he is an upright fellow. Sometimes with this damn computer, it is hard to hear the context in which something is said.
    Sadly, sometimes people are misunderstood. Give the benifit of the doubt.
    I have never had trouble with ANYONE on here besides Bob and Whistler. ( Ironically, I beat them both in a tag-team, no holds-barred match. I was the one in the Lucha Libre mask, so you know.)
  • Lucha Libre!, my favorite was El Asso Wipo (Mad TV skit)! Personally, I do not mess with bob, he has a weird aloof disassociated vibe about him.
  • Bart is speaking some great words right there. Smart fellow you are
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