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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

How long have you been taking snuff?



  • I first tried snuff back in about 2005 and didn't like it much, tried again in 2007 or so and ended up joining Snuffhouse I think in 2008. I got really in to it, then took a break for a while, and have snuffed like a fiend since I gave up cigs last year.
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    28 years with a few breaks. Top Mill started it, purchased from a tobacconist in Birmingham. Good stuff.

  • Well, about 4 years I guess.
    2 years on regular basis, when I discovered brands outside of Poschl -easiest to get locally here in PL
  • I've known about snuff for a long time, probably from watching BBC and later reading about Native tribes using it.  Otherwise I had no formal exposure to it as it's a rare commodity here.  I just decided one day to look it up and order some.  That was 5 months ago
  • A little over a year.  I had tried plenty of other forms of tobacco and was curious so I bought some peach scotch over ebay since I cannot find it in a store near me.  Been hooked ever since. 
  • 2 years and a few months now. Still loving it. First quit cigs for 8 years with ecigs, then quit ecigs almost as soon as I found snuff.

    Snuff tobacco was always a curious thing. When I started buying Copenhagen for dip I looked up what "snuff" was. A dozen years ago I saw a selection of nasal snuff at a tobacco shop, but the guy convinced me not to buy it. He said it was very painful and very addictive and not to do it if I wasn't already hooked. Ha!

    I was in Tennessee with my wife & kids on vacation. I foind online a tobaccanist close by that said they do their own chew (a weakness of mine). The gentleman who owned the shop happened to have six or eight boxes of different Silver Dollars (Toque) tins on display. I asked which he recommended and I bought a tin of Silver Dollar Apricot. A few days later I probably joined this forum. Back from vacation I ended up calling several tens of stores looking to find any nasal snuff that wasn't Garrett. Finally I found a store 45 minutes away, which I cleared out of Toque USA & Silver Dollar over the 3 visits I made in the 5 weeks my first MrSnuff order took to arrive :D I proceeded to buy almost every snuff possible so I'll have a Big buffer to scarcity.
  • When I was 15 years old I started. THat has been 22 years now. But not all these long long years. There was an interuption form 2003 til 2006 and another from 2008 to 2010. But also in these times I used to take a pinch from time to time.

    Mostly Poschl and Bernard as they are widely availalbe here in Bavaria.

    Since 2014 I am more and more in the complex snuffs like SPs and Toasts.

    In 2016 I think it was when the TPD2 banned a lot of good stuff from the german maket. But there is still good old UK where we can order.

    My first I ever took was when I had a cold and my grandpa gave me a fat pinch of Gletscherprise to clear my nose. LOL! I almost hated and loved it at the same time.
  • It's been about 5 years for me now and making my own snuffs for 4 years.

    Wish I'd have started sooner!  :)

  • 12 years, helped me stop smoking cigs, then to dip, then went to ecigs, then to snus and back around to snuff again, with the odd pipe here and there.
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