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Potpourri No. 2 (new "historical" snuff powder)

snuffmillersnuffmiller Member
edited June 2011 in General
After the release of our last tobacco based Gingerbread snuff "de Kralingse Snuif en Specerijen Compagnie" release another tobacco free snuff powder. This Potpourri No. 2 is composed of 6 different flowers, 4 different herbs and 5 different spices. As extra flavours neroli and essential oils of majoram, bergamot, lavender are added. The recipe originates from Germany around the second half of the 19th century.

Jaap Bes.


  • SpamSpam Member
    I really like your Potpourri snuff, so this should be pretty interesting! Thanks for all your hard work Jaap.
  • Congratulations on another revival!

    Was it (originally) a medicinal snuff or something for pleasure? Any other history surrounding the recipe?
  • @puffpuff: Yes it was originally a medical snuff. In German it was called "Buntes Nießpulver" designed to induce sneezing which was a way to clear the head and get rid of "zinkings" and bad fluids. In my experience however you have snort firmly to induce that sneezing.

    Jaap Bes.
  • Loved the No.1 and looking forward to check this out.
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