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Miners gave snuff to Mules

TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
edited December 2007 in Snuff House Library
Interesting article about a gold mine that is not to far from me. The article talks about how they gave snuff tobacco to the mules. This description is right above the mule picture and also the paragraph to the right of the mule. I knew they fed mules leaf chewing tobacco for stomach worm & other parasites but didn't know about snuff! I was just reading the article about the gold mine because gold mining is my thing & the information on the mule was just an added bonus.

Snuff for Mules


  • Interesting article, and what a beautiful quartz house.
    There's 22 miles of hiking trails that surround the 784 acres that the State of California now owns. The state of California paid over $1 million for the mine in 1975.

    They don't, however, have the rights to anything below ground, namely the Empire Mine.
    Who has the rights to below ground? Would it it be considered defacing a state park to go spelunking in the mine, since they have no rights to anything below ground?
  • Funny how many animals instinctively like tobacco. Tame deer are notorious nicotine fiends. Remember a tame whitetail fawn that belonged to a cousin of mine that would eat cigarette butts and ashes right out of an ashtray and dearly loved chewing tobacco.
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  • Here's a few pics of my 2005 Yamaha V-Star 1100 Custom. I have added a few mods to it. I have an awesome idea for a custom paint job, but I'm afraid to share the idea.
  • And here's a few more pics...
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  • Actually, it's just a custom speedo-dial that I found on ebay. It was a major pain in the @$$ installing it myself, but well worth the time and effort. The light kit was purchased at an IMS show from Third Day Bike Werks for about $130. I also installed those myself and plan to add more to the back later. The fairing was purchased from Rifle USA ( and has the "Edge Glow" feature. That set me back about $240 with shipping. I wish I had some good night photos of it to share. It looks great in the dark! I also removed the stupid little chrome-plated-plastic V-Star emblems off both sides of the tank to give it a little bit of a raw look. But, you can only see it in the photo with me on the bike. The other photos were taken earlier. I still have a long way to go before this bike is exactly the way I want it. But, I'm in no hurry.
  • TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
    edited December 2007 PM
    Yaznaki, All the mineral rights are owned by the Empire Mine. Therefore if you were to be caught underground, you would be charged with 'claim jumping' A big offense in CA. Along with I'm sure a host of other charges the hungry D.A's could muster up! And I know that the entrance is fenced off. Now depending on if the state or the mine put the fence up and whose lock it was you could be charged in that alone of defacing/damaging state property with criminal trespass. Because there are so many mines across this area that are still holding a lot of value, they have to protect these with heavy laws. Now there are literally hundreds upon hundreds of old abandoned mines you can go in at your own risk across this area. BLM holds a lot of land around here which is good because that makes it open to the public for whatever. Hunting, shooting, mining & you could even live on it. And if you live there for a set number of years and can prove that no one else has used the land, you can buy it for pennies on the dollar. But you also have to prove that you have done improvements on the land. Now I have been in a lot of mines around here. And if you own a metal detector you can sometimes do pretty well finding gold in the walls or on the rocks and dirt piles on the mine floor. Also can find it in the tailing piles. There are a lot of areas in the Sacramento valley where you find old bucket line dredge tailings. These can be real good. On these bucket dredges they used a 1/2" screen to classify material. So any gold larger than a 1/2" would have just been carried off with all the other rock and dumped in the tailings.

    All being said, you don't want to break ANY mining law in CA. You'll end up in the pokey singing Johnny Cash songs!
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  • Ouch, I wasn't thinking about 'claim jumping' lol I wasn't sure if Empire Mine still owned it or what. According to that article, it should be worth re-opening soon if your predictions about the value of gold prove accurate, and the value holds.

    I know here where I'm at the "Adverse possession" or squatters rights laws require living there for 10 years, and paying taxes.
  • Yes, there are a lot of mines at the point of reopening. A lot shut down during WW2 and never reopened. But now with gold going up there is talk spreading.
  • Mo, here is my bike! What do you think? ;~)... I did the painting myself. That is one of my professions. I went to WYO Tech for the Collision Repair & Refinishing along with a Custom Paint class. Its a Cadillac pearl white with Toyota flame red. WHen I first got out of school, I was painting everything I could find & I thought my ATC was a good candidate!

    And yes, Hwy 49 is a beautiful hwy to make a bike run on. There are a lot of runs during the summer months. Especially around August. THere is a big car show in Reno called Hot August Nights as well as a bike show in Reno called Street Vibrations. We get a lot of bikers around those times. The hwy 49 run will take you through Yosemite valley, up through old mining towns & through the heart of California Wine country, Up into the sierra's with beautiful mountain lakes and tremendous views. It is one of the most popular runs in CA.

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  • I grew up on the 3-wheelers. When my dad still lived in CA we used to spend every holiday out at the sand dunes. Glamis & Dumont. Boy it was a blast out there. He also had a dune buggy & that was a lot of fun. They are fairly safe as long as you don't get stupid on them. Once you are used to them you know what you can or can't do. Now I just use it to putt around the back roads & cruise around on the ranch. Well its not really putting, this thing gets up and goes. 350, 6 speed. This was Honda's race model.
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  • Nice. It almost has a Honda Shadow look to it. Mainly with the fenders.
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  • Old thread, I know..but my GOATs love snuff! My nanny(mama) goat, Esmerelda, loves a big fat pinch of SG Black Rappee, as well as Viking Brown. When she's in the mood, she likes Toque Pomegranate and WoS Ice Liquorice.
  • About animals and tobacco, some15 years ago I was riding a horse named Orbit (named after chewing gums) and he was great tobacco lover. he was capable to steal box of cigarettes from my jacketpocket. After him I was riding a mare named Lucy (Belgian Coldblood Mare) and she have weak spot for coffee (so called turkish which is ground coffee splashed with hot water), because hers former owner taught her for it. Jack
  • It seems that "Snuff for Mules" is a broken link
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