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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Snuff Timeline

cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
edited July 2011 in Snuff House Library
Courtesy of Alex:

1492: Christopher Columbus travels to America
1497: First report of tobacco and use of Snuff by Taino-Indians on Haiti by Monk Romano Pane (follower of Christopher Columbus)
1548: Luis de Goes brings tobacco to Portugal, a relative of his, Damiano de Goes shows them to a French Doctor called Jean Nicot [not clear who really brought tobacco to Europe at first, see 1558]
1558: Doctor Francisco Hernandez brings tobacco to Europe [not clear who really brought tobacco to Europe at first, see 1548]
1561: Doctor Jean Nicot sends tobacco leafs to the French Queen Catherine de' Medici
1561: Catherine de' Medici grinds tobacco leafs and snuffs it, first production and use of Snuff in Europe
1620: Europe's first Snuff factory established in Sevilla, Spain [date unclear]
1642: Bull against use of Snuff in churches by Pope Urban III, lasted until 1724
1650: before 1650 Snuff is only used in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland and Russia
1655: Snuff mentioned in France
1675: Snuff comes to Germany (probably with the huguenots)
1675: Monopoly on all tobacco and Snuff given to an Italian called Bignami by Bavarian elector
1690: Bull against use of Snuff in St. Peter's Basilica
1702: Englishmen capture two Spanish ships with Snuff on board, begin of rise of Snuff in England
1707: Unification of England and Scotland pushes Snuff in Europe, as Glasgow becomes main trans-shipment centre for American tobacco in Europe
1720: Fribourg & Treyer Snuff shop in London is established by Fribourg (Swiss) and Treyer (German) [date unclear]
1733: First German Snuff Factory, Gebrüder Bernard, established in Offenbach on the Main
1741: Frederick II bans import of Snuffboxes to foster domestic production
1774: German Snuff factory Lotzbeck established in Lahr
1828: Alkaloid in tobacco is discovered by chemists Reimann and Posselt, who name it Nicotin after Jean Nicot
1902: Today's largest German Snuff factory, Pöschl, established in Landshut
2004: De Kralingse Foundation established in the Netherlands, grinding Snuff on original Snuff mills
2007: Toque Tobacco is founded in Berwick-upon-Tweed, now (2011) producing upwards of 30 flavors.


  • 1927 SIX PHOTO snuff is launched in undivided Punjab India
  • deserves credit with Date created online!
  • SnuffHouse forum celebrate 10 yrs this November 2016. It had a few web addresses and has collected a world of knowledge. 
    People come and people go, the ones that stay make my day. <:-P 
    Let's keep the party going for a few more decades .
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • 1792- Sam Gawith opened up. I've always wondered which company Sam Gawith got the machines from.
    1826- from what I remember reading this was the year Gawith and Hoggarth set up shop. Now I can't seem to find a set date for it. Many different dates are listed online at various sites.
  • Wow, I'd always assumed Toque had been around for decades due to there refined scents and incredible range. In 9 years of operation it is incredible that they are able to make such a large array of quintessential snuff products which I know and love today.
    @basement_sharman even in the 10 years Snuffhouse has been around it never ceases to surprise me how much information this site contains on snuff. A google search pops up nothing (if youre lucky a site or two, most of the time its a Snuffhouse site anyway) although on the other hand a Snuffhouse search on the same topic brings up countless pages loaded with information. This is really like the one stop snuff stop for anything snuff related.
    It would be great if we could do something for the 10th anniversary, that's a pretty big milestone, its 2 years younger than google!
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