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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Medicated No99

MopeyMopey Member
edited December 2007 in General
Hello all,

Just wondered what any one else thought of J&H Wilsons Medicated No99? I got mine about a week ago and have been dipping into it every now and again, but as my stock of O&G is getting low im trying to spread my nose elsewhere for a while. Its a really soft snuff (texture wise), a nice light brown colour and seems more moist than O&G. Its strong menthol, and another flavour? I am not sure what it is, is it camphor can any one tell me? Its almost honey like! Anyway, its not bad, strong stuff but has a bit of a burn when you take a pinch.

Its not up there with O&G, for me at least, but its a nice change. Any one else like this one?


  • Hi Filek, yes it does have a kick! Do you know what the flavours of this snuff are? When you say strongest, do you refer to its nicotine content or its overall kick ass power!?
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  • That's one I've yet to try. Hedges L260 has a hell of a menthol kick too.
  • I would recommend giving it a try if you like menthol snuff. I have some Hedges on the way. In fact I have about 15 different snuffs ordered for me to indulge in over the Christmas period. I just hope they get here soon!
  • Hedges is good snuff if you like strong menthol, I'm just going to nip up to the newsagents and get some. I'm starting with a cold, so that'll soon sort me out.
  • The Medicated no99 is now one of my very favourite snuffs. Its not to strong once you get used to it and has a great flavour and a hell of a nicotine kick. Its in my circulation of top 4 snuffs at the moment, and the one I settle in to when I am having a drink.
  • anyone know where to get the medicated 99 in the u.s.
  • Not in the U.S. bob, you will have to order from the UK, hopefully the post I just made on online shops guide will make it easy for you to choose where to get it from.

    JH Wilson's - Medicated 99 is available from

    UK - Greens of Leeds - £3.00
    UK - McGahey the Tobacconist - £3.15 (per tin when bought in bulk)
    UK - My Smoking Shop - £1.05 (smaller tin)
  • TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
    edited January 2008 PM
    You can try the Sample Request Form on the Sharrow site. They have something close, SM Medicated.
  • I'm getting my samples!

    Dear Mr. Johnson,

    Many thanks for your interest in Sharrow snuff and our new website.

    Your sample will be sent out this week/early next week.

    Kind regards,

    Wilsons & Co. (Sharrow) Ltd.
  • I recently ordered a small tin of Medicated No. 99. It's now two days later and I'm wishing I got the large tin. It's a very strong menthol and I haven't decided if I like it or Hedges L260 better. As far as getting it in the US, I got mine from I was very surprised that it took only 5 days for my order to arrive.
  • I bought a BIG tin - 25g?- of No99 about 4 months ago and I still don't know whether I like it. Very strong menthol & something else kick in it. Don't know about the nicotine. I can easily live without this snuff.
  • I like the No.99. I have found that it is a bit sweeter and less sharp if you pinch it rather than off the back of the hand.
  • SlothSloth Member
    I bought the big tin of J+H Wilson's Medicated No99 today. Like the Radfords, it's a 'twisty coin' job - which basically means that even Dr. Who's sonic screwdriver would struggle to get the lid off! :-) But once eventually opened, this is fantastic stuff. (Such tins seem difficult at first, but then become easier after the initial frustration - still, I like to put some in another container for easier access).

    I'm very much a Menthol Man, so this is my kind of thing. On the one hand, it seems like a basic menthol, but there is also definitely something extra there, as suggested by the first post. (Which was made back in 2007 - sorry for resurrecting such an old thread!) I can imagine re-purchasing this fellow.
  • bobbob Member
    it's got some corriander in it I swear it's subtle but it's in there.
  • I have about six or seven unopened large tins(25g) i purchased from Nicotine Rush pre-pact, i really fell in love w/it.
    I think that was at the peak of my TAD days. These days i'am lucky to snuff once a day, the rolleys really got me this time.
  • I haven't had it for two years, but I recall it being amazing, and that was from a 8g dustbox; I would like to try the twisty-coin contents too someday.
  • @Sloth: you did a good job to bring this thread back to life. I am a big fan of menthol myself and use menthol snuffs everyday - but still, i never had the mentoined one. I will place a new order this night (i am drunk, it is easier to spend money of "pleasure" when you are drunk HEHE) and this time i will not forget it. XD
  • Medicated No99 was one of the first menthol snuffs I tried. It is a faovirte of mine also.
  • SlothSloth Member
    @Prismaster - Thanks, I thought it was best to bring an old thread back rather than start a new one. Glad to see a few new posts on this snuff! It's a relatively strong menthol, pleasant and refreshing and I've kept going back to it. Not sure about bob's corriander, but that could be a fair point. I seem to get a bit of lemon and lime from it.
  • I just did a new order with my favorite retailer here in Germany and this time RedBull is on the list :-) I am very curious how it turns out in the nose and to compare the actual strength with others.
  • SlothSloth Member
    @Prismaster - Red Bull is definitely really nice too. Not sure if you meant to post about it in the Medicated No99 thread or if it was due to the booze..!

    Been taking the Medicated No99 fairly frequently over the past few days, and this is truly good stuff. Hopefully it should keep well in the twisty-coin tin as presumably it's airtight.. just a bit of a bother to open.
  • Very good medicated snuff, I'd buy this regularly if on sale here. It is also very easy to use and friendly to nose like all JH Wilson snuffs.
  • I like the little tins they seem like a proper working man's snuff. The sort you think they would pick one up in the news agent on the way home after a hard day down the mine.
  • pgcdpgcd Member
    edited June 2011 PM
    I absolutely love Medicated 99 - first snuff of the day, every day. As for the "other" flavour, I'd say it's lavender; it definitely reminds me of Toque's Lavender, in the "whole plant effect" sense.
  • @theatroom Yep, JH Wilson's tins, small and large vacuum-sealed ones, are manly in old-fashioned way.
  • “I like the little tins they seem like a proper working man's snuff. The sort you think they would pick one up in the news agent on the way home after a hard day down the mine.”

    Miners would usually buy tins of snuff from the colliery canteen. Wholesale purchase by the National Coal Board accounted for a huge slice of the home market. Closure of coal mines in Britain saw a slump in snuff sales.

    Different mining areas favoured particular brands. Coal pits in Yorkshire sold a great deal of J&H Wilsons whereas the Midlands had a preference for Illingworth snuffs and Dr. Rumney in particular. JIP of Nuneaton was much favoured too. At the Birch Coppice mine it was found (by Sonia Roberts reporting for Tobacco in 1981) that an average of 792 tins were purchased from the canteen over an eight week period.
  • "On the one hand, it seems like a basic menthol, but there is also definitely something extra there, as suggested by the first post."

    According to the blue booklet Medicated No. 99 is flavoured with both menthol and eucalyptus.
  • @philips that's really interesting thank you.
  • I tried to like No99 for years but I just can't take it. O&G is the one for me.
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