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Thai herbal snuff

zonesixzonesix Member
edited August 2011 in General
Just got a package in the mail from Mr Snuff, and one of the items I ordered was the Thai herbal. Looks just like tobacco snuff, fairly light in color, pretty moist. I have been enjoying it on and off today, and the thought occurred to me to see if anyone I know speaks Thai and could translate the label. As it turns out, I do know someone who knows someone who does, and there's a translation on the way. By just seeing the front of the label she said it's "like aspirin". Huh..
Herbal headache cure perhaps? That would be handy as I get horrible headaches. Anyway, this stuff has got quite the burn at first, and aside from the lack of tobacco scent, is pretty similar to a lot of fruity snuffs, albeit a distinctly unique flavor. I'll update with the translation when I have it.


  • Hmm. As it turns out, there IS tobacco in this. I just shoveled another pile into my nose and thought, hey, there has got to be some tobacco in this. If any of you have ever smelled blue note pipe tobacco, well that is what I was smelling. So I did a little digging and found this:
    Seems as if there are a lot of ingredients to "pass the wind"
  • From the page, it looks like there are 6 different products, tobacco, camphor, angelica, 2 types of lovage, and red lime.

    It looks like the marketing is as home remedies. Camphor (essential oil), angelica (root) and lovage (root and leaf) are all fairly common in modern herbalism. Only one I've never heard of is red lime.

    Cool to see this! I'm not sure what "pass the wind" means other than the obvious :-).
  • Weird. I always look at it, but I never bought it because I couldn't find out anything about it. Then the review on Mr. Snuff made it sound like it was tobacco-free.
  • That is awesome. I bought some out of curiosity, and sorta liked its boozy/fruity qualities. Its a pleasant surprise that it has tobacco in it, though. Thanks for the link @zonesix.
  • No prob. I noticed it is not listed under the tobacco-free section, so that lends a bit of credence. After using it all day today, there is absolutely 0 chance this does not have tobacco in it. My friend tells me the label indicates it helps with headaches, sinus congestion (this stuff definitely clears me out. The more I shove in my nose the better I breathe) asthma and nasal polyps.
  • I can speak Thai but reading it is a different thing altogether. I tried getting this cheaply, i.e getting my parents to get this for me as they still live over there, but as they have problems buying me tobacco products I'll just have to get it myself. I'm glad you like it though :)
  • Hey, 10 years later here and I'm looking for a translation and found this post. Did you ever get a translation? Still have it? Post more if you're still active here.
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