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OT - what's in your stereo?

JinderJinder Member
edited April 2012 in The Pub (Off Topic)
I'm curious about the music taste of my fellow snuff enthusiasts, so...what's in your stereo?

I'm currently enjoying The Stone Roses' 'Second Coming' for the first time in many years. Some great blues/rock and huge grooves on this underrated record.


  • howdydavehowdydave Member
    edited October 2011 PM
    Right now I'm listening to:

    "Yours Truely, Johnny Dollar"

    Old Time Radio about: "the man with the action packed expense account, America's fabulous freelance insurance investigator -- Johnny Dollar."

    I listen to a LOT more OTR than music...
    When I do listen to music, I'm mostly a Doo-Woper!
    I also love barbershop harmony.

    Another favorite is acoustic blues -- I am especially fond of the female blues singers from between 1920 and 1940: Bessie Smith, Ida Cox, Alberta Hunter, Ida May Mack, Victoria Spivvy, Ethel Wathers, etc.

    I get just about all of my music (except female blues singers) online these days.
  • I listen very différents styles,often rock,many frenchs, but I'm a Pink Floyd fan.
    I think too to PJ Harvey,Nirvana,thérapy? or the same... ...Marilyn Manson,Sépultura...Good jazz equaly :)
  • As the moment, although I'm digging the silence, the box is loaded with Bach's Johannespassion by Bach Collegium Japan/Suzuki
  • Quid Pro Quo, the latest offering from Status Quo, my overall favourite band. Other than that I'm into prog (Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, Kansas etc) and pretty much any classic rock type stuff. Also classical eg Vaughan Williams and Jazz.
  • Free, Highway. Great band.
  • @Gandalf

    You like Sepultura. Do you like Gorod? A GREAT French band, technical death metal at it's best.
  • I am listening to Ryan Adams' new one Ashes and Fire. I am liking it on the first listen through.
  • @greencrow, RA is a huge talent. I've hung out with him a couple of times, and he's a lovely guy too. Very misunderstood as a person I think. The first time I met him we got riotously drunk, the second time was after he got clean and sober, so we drank mango juice from a veggie stall at the festival we were at. In between our two meetings, he'd bought both the albums I had out at the time, and told me the second time we met how much he'd enjoyed them.

    I was hugely touched that he'd remembered me at all, let alone bought my records, and he was extremely genuine and sincere. Of the 'celebs' I've met, Ryan is most definitely my favourite person.
  • Anything and everything pre-war american blues, country, ragtime or jazz. I will have to look into the artist mentioned above no doubt they are excelent, especially considering the group of gentlmen who are suggesting them. Jinder where could i find one of your albums ? Btw i have almost every Pink Floyd album great band.
  • I listen to everything -- rock, blues, jazz, folk, classical, you name it. Last album I bought was "Sigh No More," by Mumford & Sons, and I'm really enjoying it.

    My iPod is usually set to shuffle, and in the course of the day I'll hear everything from Gregorian chant to bebop to Serbian folk songs to Morrissey.
  • @Brownnosebeaver speaking of Pink Floyd, I'm currently listening to David Gilmour's 'On An Island', what a great record! I'm a huge Floyd fan too. You can find any of my albums on iTunes or Amazon, if you search for Jinder you'll turn them up (I'm not to be confused with Asa Jinder, the Swedish harpist or Little Jinder, the Scandinavian dance/dubstep artist by the way!). 'Nine Cents From Benelux' is probably the best starting point as it's a Best Of. I appreciate your interest, my music is low-key and nothing special, I mainly write for other artists now but I still do an album every couple of years.
  • Everything from Motorhead to Pantera to Sepultura to Bolt Thrower to Black Sabbath. I won't turn up my nose at some good classical either.
  • howdydavehowdydave Member
    edited October 2011 PM
    OTR - Candy Matson, YUkon 2-8209

    The private detective from San Francisco who wasn't a girl, she was all woman! This show first aired in 1949. Her sidekick, Rembrant Watson, was an artist who usually had a hangover.
  • Whole lot of Gomez on my mp3.
    Love "Bubble Gum Years" and "Tijuana Lady".
  • @Jinder. That's cool that you dig RA too. I met him in Nashville after he did a show, he put on a good show and was gracious as all get out after playing. Always good to talk to someone who likes americana, I don't meet many people who are into alt. country or americana or whatever the popular name is for it now. What name did you record under? JInder and the Jets maybe, grin?
  • @KebAMP -I don't know all the metal wave neither Gorod but if I hear them I would listen.
  • @greencrow yeah I'm into Americana (like you say, I wish they'd stop changing the damn name!) from all eras...huge fan of Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark, Emmylou, Gram Parsons, Hank Williams, Jimmie Rodgers, Chris Whitley, Cash, Lucinda Williams, Kristofferson, Carter Family, Wilco/Uncle Tupelo/Son Volt, Ryan and many more.

    My parents listened to a lot of country when I was growing up, so it's ingrained somehow. I like blues too, but not in the same way at all. I appreciate blues, whereas I really 'feel' old school and modern alternative country.

    Hehehe 'Jinder and The Jets' is better than any bandname I've come up with! I normally record under plain and simple ol' 'Jinder', but I fronted a band called The Mercurymen from '06-'09, we're long dead but thanks to some good luck we had a brief bout of success in the UK, some nice radio play and some great tours in nice venues. On my own my records normally fly under the radar a bit and I mainly play folk clubs and the occasional little arts centre, but it's good fun and keeps me busy :-)
  • Not listening to anything right now, but I mostly listen to metal like Whitechapel, The Black Dahlia Murder, The Faceless, Chelsea Grin. Im a metal head \m/
  • A nondescript Bagpipe CD.
  • The Cramps - Green Fuzz
  • @Gandalf
    I'm sure you'll love it! The co-main musical influence of Gorod is jazz. It shows very often in numbers of their songs.
  • Currently listening to 'A New Morning' by Suede. It may have been the album that annihilated the band's career and alienated 99% of their fans, but it's still got some moments of greatness on it. The 3CD reissue package is beautifully done, too.
  • @Jinder My tastes run with yours on most of what you listed. I just listened to your cover of Townes Van Zandt's If I needed you. Townes will break your heart won't he, man, the first time I heard Marie the world changed a bit.
  • howdydavehowdydave Member
    edited October 2011 PM
    Right now I'm listening to Ethel Waters sing some of the off color songs that she wrote and sang before she found God and went to work with the Billy Graham Crusade.

    e.g.; My Handy Man (1928)
  • meat puppets-i'm a mindless idiot.
  • howdydavehowdydave Member
    edited October 2011 PM
    OTR Dragnet (on the radio)

    (I'm a "cops & robbers" fan if you hadn't figured it out yet.)
  • Elton John - Captain Fantastic LP
  • @Jinder just been listening to some of your music. Love it man. I am a folky so it kind of right up my street.
  • I listen too: kate Bush,Lennon or psychédélic techno like Infected Mushroom.In fact I think I like the best for my delicate ear on every music style :)
  • @greencrow @jinder ... nice to see some fellow No Depression, Postcard lovin' folks on here ... saw many Tupelo/Son Volt and Wilco shows. Loved Ryan Adams' Whiskeytown, "Strangers Almanac" is a classic ... I suspect you both are Steve Earle fans ... maybe Richard Buckner as well? Most know Earle, Buckner is unique. I use to follow Blue Mountain, Scud Mountain Boys(Joe Pernice is a master craftman) and the Jayhawks around back in the 90's ... I really miss those intimate 50-100 seat bars ... I think the jayhawks are back together again, in their original Louris/Olson combo.
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