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Classic Tin-Same Great Taste

Radford Snuff

joejoe Member
edited October 2011 in General
Well I just wonder what peoples thoughts were on this one ?
Snuff reviews come up 0 in poschl but 2 in google ..

I brought 2 tins from a local shop today (OT I also learned interestingly that big tins of medicated no99 are no longer being made ?? )

Anyway back on topic I find this wonderfully made snuff very complex yes a menthol but very delicate with a vanilla tone and what taste like a winter spicy wine ?? It's med grind and has a nice nicotine hit but weather that's the menthol making you feel the hit more or actual nicotine content I'm not sure ...
Now I can actually see myself using this a lot dare I say it as maybe a all day snuff !

Anyone else have any thoughts

Also what does made under license by poschl actually mean ? Do poschl make it or not ??


  • I tried a tin. It wasn't bad, about on par with the other menthol bombs. For some reason this one irritated my nasal tissues after a while. Other than that, it wasn't bad. I liked the texture. Maybe if it were cut with some Poschl Mix it might be better for me. I'd recommend it for menthol fans who want to sample what's out there.
  • @joe Pöschl make it, but do not own it. Does that make sense? Radford is a small company that has no facillity for making its own snuff, so they contract out the production and distribution. They also own the defunct Robby's Top Mint which has entered conversation recently, as well as Radford Premium. All were made by Pöschl for them. Its an English based firm, even though Pöshl is German headquartered.

    This is not at all unusual though. Many small names contract out their recipes or create new snuffs entirely with the cooperation of their business partners. National boundaries oftem play very little significance in the dealings of the business world.
  • @xander Yes i see now and that makes sence I couldn't understand it before, yes you would have thought they would have gone a little closer to home lol ! Thanks agsin
  • I quite liked Radford snuff. Never tried the Premium, what's the difference?

  • It's nice snuff. I don't do menthol regularly though.
  • Hmmmm well after a day on this and one sleepless night due to congestion I'm going to say never again !! Shame as its nice snuff ... But never ever have I been so congested as what this made me feel ! I'm still feeling the after effects Today so have decided to stick with plain snuffs all day today ...
  • Some of us get that with any menthol. Lovely sense of being clear headed followed by gradual congestion. Pretty nasty at night.
  • I like the Radfords too, and it seems to keep well in the big twisty coin tin. It is indeed a flavour hard to describe, but I agree with the 'spicy' comment.

    As for the big tins of Medicated no99 not being made anymore, that's news to me! It would be a shame, I really like this one too. I use Medicated no99 more frequently than Radfords.
  • AlKindiSnuffAlKindiSnuff Member
    edited November 2020 PM
    Once I read somewhere either radford or radford premium or maybe both have sweet spicy notes coffee and liquor vibes? Is this true? Hope regular radford does as I ordered that one should have did the premium too just incase. Always thought they were the same one in tin and one offered in tap box wasn’t paying attention I guess... or atleast I think lol same? Or not? Guessing not now as I carefully & too late look at the writings. Premium and non premium oops if it’s that good or different I may need to just place a order for the premium and just go for it just hearing the description sounded nice. Figured I’d get the bigger tin
  • As far as know, there are just the two. The one in the large metal tin and the one in the 10g Blue plastic tap box, which was called “Radford Premium Mild” The larger tin is a strong menthol, the other is milder, more like the usual Poschls. I think the blue box is really nice. The other just is nothing unique, to me, but not bad.
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