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Classic Tin-Same Great Taste

What is in your glass at present? favorite mixed drink, favorite brew?



  • I really dig a certain kind of scrumpy hard cider.
    I just had a nice jasmine tea ginger ale.
    Probably will drink my Straffe Hendrik (sp?)quadruple in a while.
  • Glacier Peak Wheatfish Whiskey neat.....
  • I'm a whiskey amateur, I'd be happy with Maker's Mark and 2 or 3 ice cubes. But I've had a bit of Glenfiddich(sp?), and some Dalmore. Suppose it may take a while to develop the palate...
  • @Mr-O like so many great things it does take time to really appreciate nuances. Just hang in there and try a variety of things. To me most of the cheaper things are really only good for mixing/diluting. but for the good stuff diluting is a waste, of $ and 'base goodness'.
  • Yeah, I should try more of them, at this point in time I seem to prefer ones that don't have a very "hot" taste. In my case in general I tend to mix most spirits other than ales, wines, Jagermeister, schnapps or flavored vodkas. I've never even bought myself a full sized bottle of whiskey, so my tasting tends to be when a pal opens one up. Maybe I should dive into it a bit more. Would you recommend one or two for something rather smooth but not too pricey?
  • Red Rose Black Tea -With a squeeze of lemon. I like to possess my own soul and don't invite spirits in to play havoc with my life.
    @Mr_O when I did consume, Crown Royal was my go to whiskey , smooth
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Fernet Branca at the moment
  • There's a dark rose tea that I picked up at my (nearly) local tea shop. It seems between a black and a puerrh in taste, nice.
    I consider myself lucky to be able to have just 1 to 3 drinks when I do, and not lose control or have any negative consequences really. It's not my favorite thing to do but it can be nice sometimes. It's funny because I'm not - by any means- the "poster child" for moderation in all things :)
  • Muskoka Harvest Ale. This one comes out every autumn here in Ontario, I'm not sure how widely it's distributed. It's a bit heavily hopped for my simple tastes but a nice treat.
  • a wine that the best thing I can say about it is that it works.
  • Rusty Nail
  • I've tried a few different Absinthes' and for me nothing beats Lucid
  • Right now a fresh made Tom and Jerry with spiced rum and fresh grated nutmeg, with a snoot full of Toque Toffee..... Nice combo.
  • Irish whiskey, neat
  • Bombay Safire, tonic and lemon
  • Sheridan KO whiskey neat.... Neat is the ONLY way to go with most anything. Why dilute a good thing?
  • Metaxa neat
  • Dark Horse Crooked Tree IPA -nice...
  • Lindeman's Frambois Lambic..... Very sweet but oh so tasty!!!
  • Cockburn's Fine Ruby Port
  • Lindeman's Frambois Lambic..... Very sweet but oh so tasty!!!
    The Lambics are a style I haven't(as I recall) had yet. Do they tend to have the wild yeast flavor? Thought I'd heard a thing or two about them a while ago.
  • Good strong dark roast black coffee freshly ground paired with a snoot of SG Black Coffe snuff. AWESOME!
  • Espresso and Andechs Spezial
  • French Pressed freshly ground 8:00 Original. Not bad for the price.
  • Ginger, honey and lemon with hot water to fight off cold symptoms. Also - since it has a high clove content - Toque Christmas Pudding in my nose - it really does seem to help.
  • Juniper Organic Gin and Tonic, mixed dirty with Lemon and lime juice, Macallans Single Malt (Oak Cask) and the Best Beer in the world ever Hobson's Best and Second best Beer Hobson's Twisted Spire.( I am not budging!) :))
  • Iced coffee with some Hazelnut syrup (sugar free.)
  • Is Hobson's British? I'm not familiar...
  • Fresh lemonade.... What can I say, sort of like 'comfort food'.
  • During this season, what about a spiced lemonade?
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