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Classic Tin-Same Great Taste

What is in your glass at present? favorite mixed drink, favorite brew?



  • Sounds good @Mr_O, too bad I already have a nice double shot of Balvenie Doublewood Scotch.... MMmmm
  • 151* and Custard Egg Nog. Sooo sinful as all that heavy can hide the booze so well.
  • I was wonderin' when we would get around to eggnog!
  • Rob Roy
  • Hobgoblin Dark Ale
  • Scapegoat Ale from Big Sky Brewing
  • Ballantine Scotch neat..... AHHHH
  • Tokaji Szamorodni dry from 1992. That's a white wine made of very late harvested grapes, right before the first frozen days. Very heavy body, complex aroma and high alcohol level compared to other wines. Similar to Tokaji Aszú - but it is different.
  • Cold Smoke Ale from Kettlehouse Brewing. A nut brown with a perfect balance!!!!!
  • Anything like a German Rauchbier?
  • Switching back and forth between black coffee to keep me awake, and lemon/ginger/honey tea for my cold.
  • Just good strong coffee.....
  • Once again, lemon/honey/ginger tea for the cold, but with the addition of peppermint and Irish whiskey.
  • I had the supreme honor of being able to taste some Remy Martin Louis XIII the other night when a friend most graciously bought me a half shot, for $75 dollars. It definitely has earned the title KING OF COGNAC!
  • Tonight I'm drinking an other famous Hungarian wine, this time a red one, named Egri Bikavér (Bull's Blood of Eger).
  • Switching back and forth between black coffee to keep me awake, and lemon/ginger/honey tea for my cold.
    You have my sympathies - I was doing exactly the same thing earlier this week. In addition to the lemon/ ginger/honey - which was great - I can recommend Toque Christmas Pudding - the clove in that had an instant effect on my nose and the cold cleared up in a couple of days.

  • Carrot & Apple Juice. Surprisingly good.
  • Iced coffee with vanilla syrup (sugar free.)
  • @chris Many thanks for the suggestion, but I'll have to stick with the Camphor & Clove. I would have to order the Christmas Pudding (which I'll probably do eventually) and by the time it gets here, I'll have already recovered. I am feeling better and have the night off. So some Borges Tawny Port is in the glass tonight.
  • Fresca straight out of the can
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Shahrzad cardomom flavored black tea. A great tea for the price, a half Lb for about $6 US.
  • Black coffee with a pinch of nutmeg
  • Dilmah Black Currant Ceylon tea with Toque Original in the nose.
  • Right now,
    Balvenie Doublewood Scotch....MMMMMMEEEELLLLOOOOOOWWWW goodness.
  • Black coffee with cardamom
  • Black coffee with cardamom
    I like to do that too!

  • Teacher's scotch. Probably the best of the cheap(ish) blended scotches, unless you can find White Horse in your area.
  • Ballantine Scotch.
  • Just regular black coffee for the work night.
  • Iced tea.

    Well... room temperature tea (finishing off what I had on my nightstand.)
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