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Classic Tin-Same Great Taste

What is in your glass at present? favorite mixed drink, favorite brew?



  • Fresh raspberry lemonade with a snoot of McChrystals Mild Lemon. Nice!
  • FaustFaust Member
    edited December 2012 PM
    Earl Grey tea, and shortly I'll take a sniff of Toque SP Extra for a bergamot overload. :D
  • Ballantine scotch neat
  • Brewed some Guayusa tea with some dried stevia leaves, and added some lemon verbena leaves for some flavor, as guayusa is rather bland on its own. Its good and I'll probably continue it this way until the guayusa is gone. I tried it as an alternative to yerba mate but I'll probably stick with yerba after the guayusa is gone. I sometimes brew the yerba with peppermint leaves and stevia leaves.
  • About to brew some lemon balm and pineapple mint with some lemon thyme and a pinch of cardomom. I like the stevia too, grew one plant and ended up with two jars full of the leaf, worth the effort...
  • Twining's Earl Grey w/ some added lavender blossoms
  • Hazed and Infused by local brewers Boulder Beer
  • Irish Breakfast tea
  • Yorkshire Tea.
  • PG Tips
  • Twining's Prince of Whales Loose
  • Just plain old black coffee tonight
  • Rum & Coke. a simple pleasure
  • Nice cold screwdriver
  • A bomber(1 pint 6oz) of Sprecher Black IPA. Not bad if you like the darker flavors.
  • Out at friends place: Avery Reverend Quadrupel, Imperial Jack imperial IPA, Old Stock special edition barley wine, Leffe blonde, a pals homemade red wine all shared among a few folks and me. Livin' high on the hog tonight!
  • @mr_O I'm amazed you could type after that. Some serious heavyweights in that lineup...
  • Chickory coffee with a little molasses
  • Twining's Irish Breakfast Loose
  • A nice fresh mug of 'Evening in Missoula' tea. Good Stuff!!
  • A liter of Wegmans brand Iced tea before bed, to counter act tonights eggnog fest
  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    edited December 2012 PM
    xander- i can't take all the credit, the bottles were shared among 5 or 6 people. Still 'nuff for an alch-ey buzz though. It was a long Saturday night gathering. That Old Stock barley wine is really good I must say, it's a special edition sold to benefit Japan, worth the $9-11....
  • Gin and Tonic with Hendricks Gin, Q-Tonic Tonic water and a slice of lime. not sure if anything can beat it!
  • Just a little toot of eggnog. After all it is the season!
  • Surly Abrasive. If you have a chance to try this, I consider it an absolute must! Maybe they still don't sell outside of MN, I'm not sure. But it just may be the best double IPA I've ever had.
  • Twining's Irish Breakfast Loose
  • Warm mulled cider
  • Corazon Rum... neat.... very pleasant with Honest Scotch!!
  • Black coffee for the work night
  • Nuff said
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