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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Fubar SNAFU plain and medicated

AbraxasAbraxas Member
edited July 2012 in Types of Snuff
Dholakia White not doing it for you? Maybe a little too weak to satisfy your titanium lined nasal passages? Look no further. SNAFU comes in plain and medicated versions and I can't wait to read the reviews, basically to find out if anyone has managed to take more than a few atoms of it.

The medicated is sheer pain. No flavour as such just an agonising menthol experience, way, way beyond anything else on sale anywhere. The plain is similar but..plain. It made my head spin, the nicotine content is so high, and my head doesn't ever spin over nicotine, at least not since I was 12. From a technical point of view it's a very interesting snuff, in the sense of how the blender turned the dial up so high.

Some 'strong' snuffs get hyped up. This isn't.


  • ???? This got my attention! What could it be? Hmmm. A Stronger than D white snuff! From Dholakia, and a Fubar?

    Must try this, forget the menthol, Head spinning nic and hard to take. A ultra fine grind Rustica with high PH? Smelling salts added? Hmmm.
  • It sounds pretty incredible... I haven't had a nic-hit that good in a long time! Would you say it was a tolerable, pleasurable, or never-touch-it-again kind of pain? Is it comparable to the way Grunt grows on you?
  • To me it sounds like a niche snuff that will be just too much trouble to try to take all the time, but it may be of some use as a blender, although, after seeing what a weaponized snuff Dholakia is capable of making, it may be just too fine to be pleasant, even in a blend. Must try this one though, it has strong appeal from a collectors standpoint.
  • I seen this today too. I am placing an order for it probably tomorrow. Looking forward to trying it. If anything I'm sure it could be used for a good mixer to add a little or by the sounds of it a big bang to other snuffs. If nobody else has posted a review of it by the time I get it I will post something myself :-)
  • That's what I was thinking-- if anything, to use as a mix for the nicotine content. I'm gonna have to get some... Even if it's only useful as a trap for snuff thieves...
  • XanderXander Member
    edited July 2012 PM
    The Mr. Snuff advert quotes Snuffster "...certainly the most powerful snuff I have ever tried"

    But perhaps this is misleading...

    "No flavour as such just an agonising menthol experience" might be the more appropo quote. :))
  • Hype does sell. put a model in a swimsuit and my wallet is out. You had me at snuff.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • SlideSlide Member
    I'll buy the plain just to try it. I am slowly getting more accustomed to the Dholakia toast. I think those were pretty easy to take for Snuffster. I have to experience this....
  • What does SNAFU mean? I know what FUBAR is but not that.

  • Situation Normal- All F*#&$ Up
  • AbraxasAbraxas Member
    edited July 2012 PM
    The menthol is like nothing else I've come across. When I say it has no flavour, just an 'agonising menthol blast', that's just as accurately as I can describe it. This is such an off the scale product that it's hard to liken to anything else. Is it like FUBAR? - no, not even remotely, I don't actually think the FUBAR range is all that potent. If the two snuffs that are on sale now are the same formulation as the prototypes I was asked to give an opinion on a few months ago, then they are in a category of their own and even Dholakia white, manjul, kamal and those high-penetration snuffs come nowhere near.

    I think it's possible that a user who has really mastered the strongest snuffs and has a very good technique could learn to enjoy the plain, maybe. The menthol - I'm not so sure. When I took the first pinch of that, I was sitting at my dining room table with my notebook and my wife walked in to find me pounding the table and using expletives not fit to repeat on a gentleman's site (or said in front of your wife - she forgave me though).

    My take on these is that they would make useful, neutral blenders - like putting a dash of Polish spirit in a cocktail. There is actually a lot of scope for them used like that. If you like those candy snuffs but can't find any nicotine in them, then the plain would pep them up, if you have pined for a mentholated Royal George all your life - you have the right tool for the job. These snuffs are very much strength over flavour, but that does give a practical application because they could be added to other snuffs without much effect on the taste.

    @basement_shaman - of course, but suspend disbelief until you have tried them.


    (nb - the notes on the Mr Snuff site are taken from the actual ones I sent Dave after I tried them, they were not composed as a public review, although I have no problem them being used, just to emphasise they were not written for the purpose of hyping the products)
  • Thanks for the additional input. My concern is that grind allowing it to hit hard even though blended, super fine snuffs behave in strange ways when blended. The Mentholated snuff would be great for tweaking a non menthol snuff.
  • Table slappin menthol...I totally have to try this. It may destroy me, but I must experience the pinnacle of Menthol. I'll let my boss try it. He hurts himself on everything.
  • I am curious now...hopefully some 50g white will be back in stock soon at Mr.Snuff so I can get everything at once. My luck is White will come in stock and by then the Snafu will be sold out.

    If this snuff is as strong as the review suggests, I wonder if it is truly safe for the nasal passages.
  • bobbob Member
    @BigSnoot McSnuff. I'am sure it's totaly safe for the nasal passages. For two reasons. One because I don't see why that would make it worse, but more importantily because I don't take medical advice from Manny or Bernard they did poison a bishop or pope or something like that.
  • AbraxasAbraxas Member
    edited July 2012 PM
    @Whalen - the grind is quite fine but no more than many others - I don't remember it as being super fine. I'm going back a while now - and I didn't keep my samples because I had to mash the tins to get the snuff out (and they are not snuffs I would use personally, so I didn't decant and save) - but I think they would blend well. The menthol definitely because you could use very small amounts. I hope the tins have been changed, the ones I had were the size of a 25g J and H Wilson can, but very thin alloy and I had to cut my way in. The lids were jammed on so tight, even releasing the vacuum by puncturing the lid and getting my 20 year old son, who works out, to try and get the top off failed. On the other hand they would make perfect single use containers because there is not one molecule of air going to get in there, so have an airtight jar ready in case.

    The safety issue is a fair point, but we have no real frame of reference in terms of objective risk assessment - the work has never been done, so it would have to be a case of 'is this snuff safe for me?'. I can only use a small amount of menthol snuff before rebound congestion gets me, so for me the answer would be 'no' for the medicated one. I didn't find the nicotine in the plain snuff to be worryingly high - it gave me the same sensation I used to get with a good pull on a Marlboro Red first thing in the morning. For me to experience nicotine as an event, rather than a process of constant topping up is unusual - unique in a snuff - but I could have gotten used to it. Anyway, nicotine is good for you:)
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    edited August 2012 PM
    Seeing as how this is supposed to be a really strong snuff does SNAFU stand for Seriously Nauseous And Fucked Up?
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    I wish I could flag that post as "Awesome"
  • Well that helps clarify the situation. It no doubt will be the "go to" snuff for the thrill seekers. I do not count myself as one of them, since, while I like a good nic snuff, and have made several of my own, I maintain with snus, and my heart will not tolerate a nicotine rush lightly. I find the Dragon to be a satisfying snuff, and am intrigued by the effect the spicing has on mitigating the Rustica drip. I have found the drip to be the biggest impediment to developing any high nic snuff with a Rustica base.

    I have three large batches of snuff derived from whole leaf just aging in jars awaiting some sort of further alchemy, although I have no further plans for the Rustica. I have found the nicotine content of red burley tips to be more than sufficient for a good snuff.

    After three years of snuff, while still being a newbie, I seem to push all the other snuffs aside and reach for my original batch Grunt when I want satisfaction.

    But I do want to applaud the efforts of you, and others, to bring a higher nicotine snuff into being. It has its place.
  • While on this subject, I have to admit to being smitten with the sudden rush of the "jewel". That was a very pleasant snuff rush.
  • Well, this is just way too intriguing... I've already ordered a tin. Haha.
  • MouseMouse Member
    Well, this is just way too intriguing... I've already ordered a tin. Haha.
    Yeah, me too.

  • SnuffSnifferSnuffSniffer Member
    edited August 2012 PM
    I got my tin of F.U.B.A.R. Snafu Plain today, the tin is poorly designed with the coin groove too low to get any leverage, the required tools for opening the tin are pictured below ;-) , I would call this snuff a fairly fine grind with a medium low to low moisture content, it does have a good manure and fish scent too it, similar to a white but not quite as fine and dry, burns a bit kinda peppery and some eye watering, excellent flavor and moderately high nicotine level, Taxi Red has yet to be topped IMO but I guess that's like comparing apples & oranges.
  • Damn looks like I need to head to the hardware store before my order gets here hopefully monday
  • I'm glad it wasn't just me having a ridiculous time with that tin... And, unlike a Viking tin that opens pretty easily once you pop it, this tin needs a jackhammer every time you want to open it.
  • I just got both of these in the mail today and really had no problem opening either of them.
    Sam Gawith 25g tubs are harder to open for me.
    My initial opinions on these are pretty good.
    The menthol is quite tasty and a bit different from most, it is strong but not as strong as I was led to believe.
    Now the plain is quite the beast and much stronger than I thought was possible.
    The taste of the plain is good once I get past the squinting from my eyes watering.
    As others have said these two will be most effective when using as a mixer and that is probably where they will get most mileage.
    Real fun stuff.
  • It never seen to fail ,after I place an order something new arrives or some special deal.
    No matter both are on the list and I will review them.
    Although using this snuff may just ruin the enjoyment of simpler snuff.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I have been using Snafu Plain almost exclusively for over 6 months now, it's my goto and I am finding a major inconsistency issues with it, meaning every new tin I open has a completely different scent, the new tinned I popped today smells like a 6 photo snuff with the typical indian aspects to it, not bad but when it's supposed to be a plain snuff not good either.
  • LOL fubar in Hebrew means a real major screw up.
  • @SnuffSniffer I have never had any luck with consistency on Fubar or Qsnuff (both made by Dholakia for Mr. Snuff) and it doesn't make sense as to why. Dholakia, in my experience, has had a ver consistent product, but those two contract brands are just bizarre with how much they can vary. It's made me very disappointed so find a snuff I like, order massive quantities of it, then find out that I got a different batch so it smells different. It's taken them completely off my reorder list to be quite honest.

    Perhaps I'm just a whiner like that ;)
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