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  • bob- yeah, I like that kind of stuff to play in bursts...sometimes to kill time or de-stress... I'm probably due to get at a new RPG- got some Final Fantasy's I haven't played yet, but not sure if I'm ready to dive into the time commitment...
  • Hey Mr bob, do you have a technique/strategy for Lumines? Such as just deleting everything as soon and quickly as possible, keeping the play field rather empty- or, like me, setting up and knocking down big combos? Just curious.....
  • Mount & Blade again for me.

  • depends on the level. Since some levels you just want to clear it out since the deleting line moves really fast so building combos isn't as easy. My main strategy is to work left to right and fill in as much as I can while following the line. There is more to it but it is hard to explain before coffee finished.
  • Torchlight 2
  • bob- I gotcha, depends somewhat for me too. But I usually build up the connections unless it gets really near full. Anyhoo, I've got to check the local Gamestop for Lumines 2, and gotta look for the Diablo's and the Dragon Ages- crossing fingers for a good deal or two...
  • @Walrus1985 Glorious game.
    I'm hooked on dota 2 right now.
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Clear Sky , great atmosphere and history.
  • Lost odessy (or however it is spelled)I wish they had more decent jrpgs on xbox. A lot of the ones they have frankily are tedious repatiions of everything expected with powers that would be awesome if the enemies were not doing their best job to turn the game into toddler fighter. Or to put it another way sure I can summon a meteor storm or I could casualy slap this goofs around. Though lost odessy is not bad.
  • Still Diablo 3 (has been since may). I finally got the pieces so I can open Whimsyshire, the evil unicorn/teddy bear level.
  • @Dogwalla Good luck getting the inferno plans for the staff of herding! I've been working on trying to get to act 4 inferno for months now... now that patch 1.0.5 is out the elites are bugged again.
  • DogwallaDogwalla Member
    edited October 2012 PM
    @joesnuffer I have bad news for you. The plans for nightmare - inferno are sold by a vendor now. Just go to the appropriate difficulty, set it on the very last quest (the one to kill diablo), and the vendor in the keep (the guy right next to the healer) sells them.

    The 1.0.5 patch came out yesterday and it doubles the drop rate of set and legendary items. You know...the ones we farmed for dozens of hours to get the pieces we needed to build it in the first place. My buddy got all of the pieces in 4 hours last night. It took me 30+ hours to get everything.

    The barbarian nerf was uncalled for, but the rest of the patch is pretty awesome.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    I mostly play roms these days. I also play my SNES every once and again.
  • I think SNES is the funest system around, I've spent more hours playing SNES than all other systems combined.
  • I don't know why but I can play FILLER for hours. Give it a try:
  • @Dogwalla Oh jesus... a vendor?!

    So you haven't run into any bugged elites that can spam arcane? Lucky bastard!
  • edited October 2012 PM
    The last game I played was MW3, which just pissed me off too much so I put it down, then I went back and started yet another game of Fallout 3, which is probably my favorite game ever.

    I played Dead Island too but didn't finish, almost but I got sidetracked and haven't gone back to it. Awesome game though.

    Next on the list is Borderlands 2. Never even played the first, but heard it was great and I've heard this one is as well.
  • the first borderlands was pretty decent. O.k. it was lots of fun but kind of hollow in certain ways.
  • @TopographicTales I was never a fan of the MW games, when it comes to COD if it ain't got zombies I ain't playing it.
  • Yeah, I like playing multiplayer, I get so competitive and addicted. But I'm more of an RPG guy really.
  • 3_D3_D Member
    Starcraft 2 on the PC I like strategy now as apposed to shooters because I have time to grab a pinch now and then
  • Luigi's Mansion on 3DS and ZombiU on my WiiU
  • Dishonored and occasionally Hitman - useless at both. Stealth does not appear to be my strong suit :(|)
  • bobbob Member
    I need to play Dishonored. I love when I know before hand I'll play a game at least twice. Once as stealth through and once as a fucking total psychopath. Yeah stealth gaming used to not be my strong suit but as I get more patient it becomes more so. Though I think it's harder to create a good stealth game. For one thing it's not always easy to know why one time something worked and it didn't the other. Definatily less clear then I messed up cause I got stabbed too many times :).
  • How is dishonored? I heard good and bad but it does seem like something I have to play.
  • Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup

    Incredible free roguelike game. The dungeons are randomly generated every time, there are hundreds of possible race/class/religion combos that all play very differently. It's extremely difficult though, the furthest I got was to dungeon level 15 or 16 and I usually die way before then. Some people win virtually every time though, it just demands a high level of skill.
  • bobbob Member
    How is dishonored? I heard good and bad but it does seem like something I have to play.
    What I've heard is that if you liked the orginal Deus Ex you'll love it. That it's a imprefect game that has an atmosphere that is one of a kind and a play style that is refreshing even though not entireily orginal. Sure the stealth is wonky and the like but..... Or in other words definatily play it, might not be as awesome as you hope but still worth the time and money. Then again I could be off since I've not played it yet.

  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    Stone Soup on PC? Or which system?

    Just put $15 on my App Store account, used up most of it. The games there are not all gems, but one can find some good stuff for the money- quite a bit more RPG'S than one may expect. I can't spend $60 every month for new PS3 games as it is...
  • It's available for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • @bob thanks. Looks like I'm going to have to find a redbox and rent it. When fallout 3 came out I heard a couple bad reviews but I went out and bought it. Turned out to be one of my all time favorites. Sounds like this one might be similar. I'm sure I will like it.
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