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Sir Walter Scott back in stock tax question

Uncle_SquintyUncle_Squinty Member
edited September 2012 in Other Forms of Tobacco
I just placed my first order with and am heading toward my first try at Swedish snus.

I am confused about one thing. Northerner's customer service people don't seem to understand my question. My total order came to $97.38. This included $27.11 in tax. What tax? I live in Minnesota, so there wouldn't be any State sales taxes. I don't know if a U.S. Federal excise tax has to be paid, or if this "tax" is actually an import duty, or what. Can anyone give me a definitive answer?

BTW, can anyone comment on the difference, experience-wise between the "white portions" and regular portion snus?



  • Likely either Federal or State tobacco tax. Looks like Minn. other tobacco products tax stands at 70%. probably that is 70% of wholesale cost.
    White portions snus is just a bit drier than regular portions. They take a little longer for drip and full flavor to develop. Although often teh complaint is heard that the flavor is still more muted, I find that true at first, but after they get going the flavors are pretty close.
  • I think Northerner pays the state taxes as part of their operation is US based.
  • @Uncle_Squinty Wait till you try to figure out black portions...darker than originals yet as dry as "white" portions. FWIW I like the whites better as I can keep them in longer before they get too drippy. Lös is the best, though!
  • In 1988, members of the Dalarnas Spelmansforbund and the Gothenberg Symphony performed at a concert festival where I was the audio production director. Several of the musicians were using snus, which I had not even heard of at the time, although my grandma had always refered to American dip as "snus." The guys tried to share some of this rare treat with the dumb-ass American...loose snus, but I forget the brand. Within seconds it was roaming all over my mouth. When I tried to corral the los into a cohesive wad under my upper lip, it continued its migration throughout my mouth. Soon, I was drooling brown chunks and turning a bit green, not from the nicotine but from I suppose, embarrassment.

    The Swedes were highly amused. Don't think I'll ever try anything that isn't in a teabag. LOL
  • I don't use whites anymore; I find them more irritating to the gums. The regular ones seem less burny. Also I don't mind when they get drippy, that's when I seem to get most of the flavor.
    Los is fun, but it has to be prepared correctly - before insertion. If done right, it should be cohesive and stay put, not roam.

    Yes, Northerner pays your State's tax. They have a per-state scale on their site. Some states are very high and some are very low, and at least one (PA) has none. They implemented this after PACT to remain legally compliant.
  • Sorry to necromance, but... Did Florida just raise tobacco tax? Last time I ordered, there was no tobacco tax ad-on to the price. There was now, but it was hidden til checkout. I am very disppointed.
  • PA does have no tax on smokeless. For two reasons. Reason one it's safer. Reason two which is the bigger reason we grow tobacco in Amish country, tobacco that ends up as loose leaf chew. One interesting fact is the State Cancer registrar website has a section for each county showing the number of incidences of cancer by site (body part) and the most rural counties where people chew instead of smoking have way lower numbers for tobacco related cancers. Like way lower. Even the dreaded oral malignancies.
  • Have you ordered from Northerner lately with no added tax? I emailed them & hope to get a reply.
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