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What side projects are you working on?



  • @AustinAllegro putting in new floor pans and crossbars, the shell itself is still in really good shape
  • I'm writing a book and it's bloody hard work.
  • Well I got to fix up my volkswagen jetta, i'm ordering parts and having a gear head buddy come over and help me fix everything up. I am also just abot fed up with all the different bosses I have, for fencing, carpentry, ect. I work for scraps while getting treated like a mutt. At the end of the day there are guys with 15+ years of expierence so they dont want to spend money on a laborer, no matter how hard I bust my ass, and believe me I bust my ass, I am very passionate about my pride in working hard. I havn't worked in a while because my car is busted, and that just about made me decide its time to go to college, so now I got a big side project ahead of me, putting in as many applications to colleges as possible before the holidays. I am definantly fit for college, I got college credits while in public high school for enrolling in advanced classes, but at the same time I love the pride I get from busting my ass being a fencer or a carpenter, I get so strong and solid, my hands all calloused, and at the end of the day I can look around and see the results of all the hard work I put in, I ride home in my 5 speed jetta and blast Oi! music with a whole lot of Dragun up my nose. Ahh sorry for going off on a tangent, the point is I am gonna go to college and getting accepted visiting colleges to find out where I want to go is gonna be a project for me :) Oh I also have a cabinet I got at good will, its a small one with 3 shelves that I want to sand down and repaint or polyurethane, thats gonna be fun :)
  • @Vito445 go to school and be the boss. Best of luck
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Well got the footer dug, forms are up and mixed concrete by hand.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • @Vito445 go to school and be the boss. Best of luck
    Agreed. Take that work ethic to you classes and you will do well.

  • I'm mixing a recording of a band I made about three weeks ago. It only needs some final mastering and will be shipped off to the press. We still make vinyl in Detroit.

    About to store the '65 190-Dc Benz. It needs some little things: clutch pedal adjustment, fuel injectors rebuilt, tank fuel filter replaced. It will live in the garage this winter, safe away from the salt.
  • processing black walnuts, dehulling, washing and now curing in the oven for a couple of days, heated by the pilot light. They're labor-intensive to shell (you need a vise to crack them open) but the intense flavor is well worth it.
  • Brewing a bath or nut brown ale, creating a 12 x 38 inch stained glass panel, painting the outside of my house and replacing outside locks, canning the tomatoes and reading some good books.
  • I'am working on a horror short story. It's a little creepy, you guys might wonder about me if I finish it and let you read it. :)
  • We often wonder about you @bob ;-)

  • that's cause I'am probably the stupidest genius you'll ever meet.
  • Damn right.
  • @bob I hope you will let us read it. I enjoy a good horror story.
  • @chris now I have to.
  • @chris same here. I think bob could come up with a damn good story, and I mean that sincerely, no sarcasm or irony involved.

  • did you read the one I shared on here a little bit ago?
  • did you read the one I shared on here a little bit ago?
    Where was that?

  • @bob, I'd like to read it too. I'm working on a survival novel currently. Writing is hard!
  • @bob no but I'd like to. What thread is it on?

  • There it is. It a slightily strange story more extestential horror then anything else.
  • Another side project done. Pressure treated framming and sheathing.except for side wall, ship lap rough cut fir. window covered with hardware cloth and closed for storm protection. new red roof.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Your new snuff warehouse?
  • @miamimark not big enough. It's a chicken coupe. Raccoon and fox proof. even the sparrows can't get in to eat the feed.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I'm not as busy as most of you- but there are a few things. Catching up on some reading, working on the creative process and must get at some creative projects: drawing, jewelry making, sculpting, maybe getting back into some pipe-carving and wood carving. Also to work on some essential oil blending- both to wear and to scent snuff. Some of these things require getting more supplies and ingredients, and to take some more silversmithing classes (maybe I could make some boxes eventually, but that must take some advanced skills)....
  • @Mr.O do you have the tools for working with silver? Just wondering how advanced you are in that skill. I am happy to share what I know if you get stuck on a project, been making jewelry for a few decades.... Technically goldsmith=jewelry, either gold or silver, silversmith=vessels, cutlery, etc. Somewhat different skill set and tools.
  • Thank's for asking! So far just a few of the basics as far as tools. My work so far has been limited to making wax models(is there a better term?) for casting and some whaddaya callit "cold fabricating"? Like a bracelet, a pendant type deal, an earring and just some experimenting with other stuff. I have an interest in quite a few precious and semi-precious stones, which I've used in a thing or two, I especially like the Tiger's Eye's, Opals, Chrysoberyl Cat's Eyes, and various cold colored stones. I've got to get back on the horse, and any advice would be appreciated!
  • I don't do any casting so you're on your own there :-) Basically, the sky's the limit but each tool you acquire expands the horizon greatly. Initially I would suggest an air/acetylene torch (safer and hotter than propane), soldering block, a soldering pick. These few items open up the vast area of fabricating--you'll be able to bezel set cabochon stones for one thing, join wire to sheet, fabricate boxes, etc. Buy the best quality tools you can afford, a $30 pair of needle-nose pliers is worth infinitely more than a $4 pair in terms of precision and frustration reduction. You'll find a need for other pliers quickly. A 3" vise with leather glued to the jaws is handy, parallel smooth jaw pliers, a pair of bench shears, a polishing booth or at least a flex-shaft or Dremel which will also allow precision grinding and drilling. $5 or $6 hundred dollars I'd guess will have you equipped to do most basic work. I mix Borax from the supermarket with water for flux, and make my own firestain preventive spray. Swimming pool ph down is a good pickle for soldered work. Tim McCreight's jewelry making book is almost a must for basic technique and ideas. Finding and befriending a pipe-smoking goldsmith in your area would be a terrific asset.... Oh, and a polished steel bench block, 4x6" and a polished faced hammer or two...the list keeps expanding, lol. PM me with questions so we don't bore everyone :-)
  • Thank's much Mouse! I'll PM ya soonly!
  • A few days ago I finally finished the compost bin I've been putting off. I'm not good at building things, like basement shaman's awesome projects, so this is something of a significant accomplishment for me.
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