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What side projects are you working on?



  • I maintain blog about history of the city I live in. And I'm gonna make a birdhouse in my allotment garden. And a wooden snuffbox. And I'm about writing a novel, but I have not enough free time.

    Not so ambitious projects as yours but I enjoy them.
  • Moving into a different apartment.
  • bambam Member
    Busy building a pony shelter out of old pheasent pens for my girlfriend who runs a pony rescue centre will post some pics when its finished if it looks good that is!!
  • Doing some late tree pruning.over shadowing my garden. need more sunlight
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I'll be inheriting a knitting loom in the near future, who needs a magic flying carpet?, genie lamp not included. While the wood working is at a pause due to desert heat and my intolerance for the heat, the apparel side will be up and running again, with a new loom, quality and volume of product shall see improvements. Hoping to open vendor site, before the holidays. *-:)
  • Writing a short story.
  • I M xperimenting grinding pipe tobacco into snuff.....very good results....... Dunhill 965 & Pirate Kake & Turkish Izmir all winners with a little spicing added to some........
  • Motorcycle tins just got back from paint, got some odds and ends parts to source then it is time to get the hog back on the road.

  • I've still got an apartment full of BOXES from when I moved.
  • XanderXander Member
    edited July 2013 PM
    studying to get my lapsed merchant marine license back :-<
  • edited October 2013 PM
    Now the leaves are falling, got the chain saw out to do some long neglected tree limb trimming. I love cutting but picking up all the pieces and stacking into some organized pile is the back breaking part. With all the city slicker moving to the sticks giant burn piles are a thing of the past.But I still can burn, one day I may have to rent a chipper for all my cuttings.

    Also making a batch of Jalapeno Jelly,From the last harvest of the season.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Cleaning and re-lubricating the fine mechanics of my old rangefinder cameras. This is my old russian-made FED-2, manufactured in 1959 - still in daily use with black-and-white films:

  • We are currently working (wife and I) on illustrations and text for a small children's magazine in Nigeria (and England) and very well pleased with the pay and the work itself. We are also working on the book for all of you of course (great!!!) and 3 large stained glass windows for our own home--- one of L'empereur of course (very large 4ft x 6ft), the REAL General Desaix his own self (not me, the REAL one, ha), and of classic Millwall players (Harry, Harry, break us a leg!) -- wanted to do up our own home because we've done so many pieces for others' homes and neglected our own :)
  • Nothing much fun here, got a few consulting gigs lined up for next week's vacation. A laptop cleanup/reload, a new Windows 7 machine with transfer of data from an old XP machine and an XP to Win 7 migration. The rest of vacation will likely be spent snow blowing, drinking, smoking and snuffing. If I get really motivated, I might work on refurbing some of my pipes.
    Hand-crafted pens and other
  • Finishing my homemade Home Depot inspired Electric Ukulele.
  • Dealing with the aftermath of frozen pipes.... Keeping out of mischief!
  • my sympathy, @stogie; been there and found out I could never be a plumber, something always went wrong and I didn't have replacement parts or I was digging my way through the mud in a crawlspace.
  • Aaahhh plumbing...such wonderful fun.Every time I have ever tried fixing even the seemingly easiest of plumbing issues it has ended in catastrophe. I always wind up breaking more than was broken in the first place and get myself in a pickle where I wind up having to call in a professional anyways.
  • Writing and drawing an illustrated novel. I suppose that's more of a main job now >_>
  • Thanks for your condolences @Mouse. Wound up only having to replace the faucet and sprayed in kitchen, drain in bath and hot water feed from hot water tank. Kind of weird though that it affected the hot water feed line.... HMMMM). Then replaced shower head, installed hollow wall anchors in a few spots and hung a couple wall hooks for robes and such. Now trying to keep up with 4 year old grandson who came to stay for the week. Best be looking for s good snuff to up my energy level.......
  • Hot water feeds always freeze first. I think it has something to do with the amount of dissolved gasses they contain. Anyone know? Sounds like you had a good day's work there, @stogie.
  • Thanks for the insight @Mouse. You learn new things every day. Me, I learned it is a very good thing to keep the heat to a good level when the weather man says it will be -30 degrees or so.... Oh well, live and learn....
  • kidnapperkidnapper Member
    edited February 2014 PM
    Been working on my GIMP skills, mostly wallpapers, here's one for example, I'll also take requests to help me practice if anyone's interested..
    Edit: Trying to get the image to work.. I'll just leave a link..
  • Learning the ukulele. Fun just strumming and trying to get the fingering right (there's a joke in there somewhere).

    Also, finishing up the restoration of a Victrola VV-IX (I collect old phonographs. And typewriters.)
  • On (unpaid) vacation this week, still have some consulting gigs left to finish up, a client moving from an old Dell XP machine to a new Win 7 machine (not bad) and another client wanting to do an in-place upgrade from XP to 7 (more of a PITA). Did a spyware/virus cleanup and have a laptop repair yet to do (at least got the data off the HD, viability of laptop is still in question). Also setting up a Lenovo tower for dual displays.

    For fun, I have some pipes I should work on--mostly stem rehabilitation.

    I always have big plans for vacation, but somehow the time just evaporates (pipes, snuff and whiskey don't help).
    Hand-crafted pens and other
  • Estate sale find. Was a tan wood 90s style silverware box. Gutted , painted, and relined upholstery, now an exceptional snuff box. In my opinion.
  • Had silver knobs and blue faded linen inside with pale red silverware holders.
  • Other than being a good husband and father I am working on a photo montage of my travels that I would like to one day roll into a guide book of sorts. Most days I can catch a good photo or two and every few weeks I pen a few passages- but this is a side/second seat project as I find most of my days quite buys.

  • To any beekeepers out there - I would be keen to hear how your colonies faired over this winter. I live in Luxembourg and spring is already on the way so I am giving candy to get 'em through. One or two weak hives but just gotta wait and see now.......always a worrying time.
  • Initial phases of serious cleanup after a difficult winter. Spent way too much time inside and now perhaps have way too ambitious plans for summer gardening....
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