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What side projects are you working on?



  • that's my plan for the day, too, (to the extent my sore back allows); my lawn looks more like a brush heap with all the branches that came down in the winter storms.
  • outlawmobileoutlawmobile Member
    edited March 2014 PM
    Ah yes spring cleanup... just in the house taking a quick break from that myself. We had a very tough winter here in Pennsylvania. Going to take quite a while to get things in tip top shape. I have several other projects coming up with some of the off road vehicles. The worst of which is a total tear down and rebuild on the yz 400. My kid had a little mishap and dumped it...In water of all places. It has not been able to start since. Pretty sure it stalled and took in a nice big gulp of water through the exhaust.

  • Currently taking apart the front wheel of my Felt Z95 road bike to see what's making it constantly rattle.

    Confused doesn't quite describe it...
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