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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

nose bleeds?

SupervapeSupervape Member
edited September 2012 in General
Does anyone else get them? I thought my left nostril was dripping snuff but nope it is bleeding it quit right quick but still just curious who else has had this happen.. loks like a only have the right nostril to try the 33 snuffs coming today :(


  • I have had the occasional nose bleed from snufff but not frequently. I am wondering if maybe the constant blowing could cause this or the inside of those nose could become inflamed and bleed some due to frequent snuff use. Mine did it very rarely when I would snuff a lot but now it doesnt happen anymore.
  • The dryer autumn air could possibly be a factor.
  • If you're trying out a whole bunch of your new snuffs in rapid succession, that can really dry you out. I frequently find that my nose acts up more whenever I get a new order in the mailbox. I'd be careful blowing or wiping your nose, try not to do it too often, and also make sure that you're sufficiently hydrated. Drinking water also helps me a lot when I get stopped up or am not smelling the snuffs as well as before.

    Hope it feels better soon!
  • Hey thanks everyone!
  • @Supervape I only had a nose bleed the very first time I used snuff. I also use a sterile saline solution and snort a little of that if I feel my nose is too dry. I use saline wound wash which comes in a pressurized can. I spray some on the back of my hand and sniff it up just like snuff. It also helps if you're trying to clear out the cobwebs.
  • @BigDaddySnuff I was just going to say the same thing. Saline nose spray is a life saver when my nose gets dry.
  • BigDaddySnuffBigDaddySnuff Member
    edited September 2012 PM
    @joesnuffer yeah works like a charm. This whole neti pot thing has me intrigued as well.
  • Well... neti pots made me cringe when I heard about a person that used regular tap water getting brain amoeba but as long as you use the saline stuff that comes with most neti pots I guess it couldn't hurt.
  • As long as you use the saline solution in distilled water, you should be totally fine. I think it was tap water that did that one guy in.
  • Saline spray helps me tremendously w/the dried out nose, early morning snuffing.
  • edited September 2012 PM
    @supervape You're highly allergic to snuff, pack it up right away and send it to my house.
    Seriously I hope it don't get infected.That would be brutal if your nose fell off.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Yeah what he said.
  • I've only had one slight nose bleed since my first snuffing. And I think it was only because I was blowing my nose too hard... Even if the nose bleeds were more regular, I gotta say the pros totally outweigh the cons.
  • I've had terrible nose-bleeds my whole life, especially around changes of season. I've had to be hospitalized a few times as a child when they wouldn't stop.

    When I started taking snuff they stopped. I haven't ever had a nose-bleed while I was using snuff.

    there have been a few times I've stopped snuffing for a while, when they started again, and when I return to snuff use they cease again.
  • @Asherael that's not a high blood pressure issue is it?
  • @joesnuffer No, I've always had low blood pressure, I think I just have a rubbish nose.
  • snuff should reduce bloody noses.
  • Good ideas here just one thing about neti pots.. do NOT share them with anyone, lol I know your probably thinking why in the hell would I? But there have been several cases of family members sharing them and coming down very ill or even dying from it so 1 neti-pot 1 user lol
  • MouseMouse Member
    edited September 2012 PM
    Not to be indelicate, but if you pick your nose do it with clean fingers. I once was working in the garden, didn't was my hands and ended up with lesions in both nostrils; garden soil is rich with staphylococci, and 'puter keyboards are notoriously germy.
  • @mouse - eek! good to know!
  • you're gonna turn us all into germaphobes
  • Might be how I got the staph... At least what happened seems like a bit of a rare, freak occurrence. (please tell me it was :) )
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