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Using Snuff Nowadays

GrimGrim Member
edited September 2012 in Snufftaking
You know, I hate to admit, I find myself sometimes worried what others think.

Now I could write a whole page on this but ill save the forum my boring story and just say that the other day I said screw it.

I find that I would try and remove myself from company to use snuff. I would disappear, snuff, and then wait for the run, blow, and return to civilization.

Now, I find it makes for an interesting conversation piece.

There are still times where I can not use, like at work, and I feel like an addict (shows garbage pail next to computer table full of brown stained kleenex, lol) but I am enjoying this so much.

Now when I use I make sure I am in proper company, friends or certain family, and just enjoy like its something everyone does.

When someone does object, or say, "Thats gross!" Or, "Is that drugs?" I simply explain, then listen to see if it is a negative response, which I promply debate accordingly, or if it is an intrigued response, I go on just enough to explain the history, briefly, and then continue with my day.

Just wonder how everyone else handles their snuff usage in public, like at a bar or other gathering, and the responses you have gotten.


  • thorgrimnrthorgrimnr Member
    edited September 2012 PM
    @Grim I used to worry what others would think too, but if you don't make it an issue usually others don't either. Sometimes I will introduce snuff to people who I am around frequently so they have all their questions answered up front and I can get on with it. I am sometimes teased but you just roll with it. Make them envy your snuff :)
  • @Grim The first few days I started using snuff I had the same concerns as you but as time wore on I really haven't thought about it. In certain places I do use some discretion because it's hard for me to snuff quietly and my usage is sometimes accompanied by a few snorts and an audible "ahhhhhh yeah".

    I think it draws less attention than you would think. I had to remind myself that not everyone has their eyes on me at all times, I'm just not that important. I use snuff at work, in the grocery store, in front of family and friends. If I'm questioned I just tell the inquisitor what it is and that it's a new way to quit smoking. Most times the subject is dropped and if the conversation is continued it generally leads to me sharing a pinch with a stranger.

    I learned eventually to not blow my nose which saves a lot of hassle. In order to do this you will want to stay away from snuffs that cause you to drip like toasts, menthols, or whatever gets your waters flowing. Save those snuffs for home use. If you're worried about attracting attention try a bullet. I am one of those who loves bullets especially out in the world because it is so quick and easy, I don't have to worry about dirty hands or wind, and they are stealthy.

    I guess I could say it really doesn't matter what people think but that isn't practical or realistic for everyone. As your technique gets better you will be able to drop a pinch before anyone can blink an eye so it won't be an issue. Just remember taking a pinch in mixed company is far less offensive than lighting up a smoke or letting loose a smelly fart.
  • I recently had some one ask me if my bullet was a crack pipe... I just said "yeah, it is..." and they walked away.
  • @Scurvy I like your style. LMAO!!
  • I used to worry in the begining just because it was so awkward and messy when I first started. But I stopped worrying when I could take a pinch calmly, quickly, and with no mess.
  • I love the shock and awe when I break out the snuff box and do a big pinch. Some say noway, that can be legal. some ask, does it get you high? and the all familiar your nose will rot off from using snuff. That is gross you need your head examined.

    But I never worried what others think about anything and especially me! It is none of my business. I conform to my own making not what society finds normal. I am more of a Grizzly Adams then a Marilyn Manson .
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I'm always interested to see how my friends respond when they first see me snuff- it's a rather good way of determining who knows me well... those who really do aren't surprised in the slightest to learn that I do something as 'odd' as snuff. Those who only know me as a very good acquaintance could not be more shocked.

    In public, I find that if I nonchalantly steal a pinch, no one really thinks anything of it. Compared to other things, like using an e cigarette indoors, it isn't terribly conspicuous.
  • I dont snuff in front of people at work, I just find that tacky, like the guy who eats a snack in front of you at work, otherwise its not really an issue. At the bar we sing a song before we take a sniff and i always offer to those around me, many times it gets me a free drink or two, especially with the smokers who are probably sick of other people bumming smokes from them.
  • I had an acquaintance thru pool league see me snuff and asked if I would step outside and have a cigarette with him. I quit smoking but we never talked before so I was interested it what he had to say. Once we got outside he began to ask me if I would share my cocaine with him because he was out and was going to get more but his Guy wasn't returning his phone call. He told me he would throw me some $ the next week during league. I couldn't help but chuckle and told him what he seen me doing was tobacco snuff. The look on his face was priceless when he realized all the things he just said and he just turned around and went back inside.
  • Usually people ask what it is but the other day I took a pinch of dragun out of my snuffbox and the guy sitting next to me in class asked me if it was a snuffbox. I was impressed that he knew what I was doing. People ask if it gives you a buzz when they know what it is too. I tell em it is tobacco so it does unless you build a tolerance for it.
  • the more casual you snuff the less shady it looks. Running to the bathroom or hiding makes it look shady. If nervous over snuff to random people even if they don't take it they'll at least know what it is.
  • I went to my local Oktoberfest last weekend, and brought with me my favorite Bernard snuff bottle and beer stein. While waiting in like for sausages, I very openly poured a big pile of schmlazler on my hand a dove in. I deliberately avoided making eye contact to see if anyone approved or disapproved. No comments though.
    Later when we settled down to eat, I kept my bottle next to my beer and it raised a few questions, so I got a couple of people. One even tried it.
    Then awhile later, a younger fellow comes up and says "Dude, is that your snuff? That's awesome! I haven't seen one since my grandfather in Germany died." I insisted he have some, and he seemed to enjoy it. He asked what kind it was too, but I'm not sure he understood with all the loud oom-pah music and ruckus going on. Fun time though.
  • I wonder whether this is an age thing; when I was younger I was very wary because at the end of the day you don't want people to think you are some kind of oddball, now I'm 48 I don't give a damn. The funny thing is that no one seems to care and I have give n pinches of snuff to dozens of interested folks. Makes me realise no-one was ever watching or caring. I don't know if there is just some residual memory of snuff amongst the Brits. I notice a lot of US members mention the thing about it being mistaken for drugs, that's something I've never encountered and most of my friends are cops.
  • It might partly be a drug thing, but I think there is something more to it. Even after explaining what snuff is and how good it is, I usually get looks like "you're a friggin' weirdo..." I've only had two people take pinches from me, both close friends. Everyone else, even if they smoke and chew, didn't think twice about refusing.
  • It seems that no one seems to notice, but I live in San Francisco.
  • joesnufferjoesnuffer Member
    edited September 2012 PM
    Snuff has paid for itself in my book. I take a snuffbox with me to the bar, people inevitably inquire, I let them try it and tell them a little history about snuff and how it helped me quit smoking and BOOM! I don't have to buy beer for the rest of the night.

    If I want to be an ass I'll hand them the tap box of D.White and watch them tear up when they snort it instead of sniffing it. ;)
  • I think what Abraxas says about 'residual memory', or is it race memory, of snuff among the British. (Remember they still have a snuffbox in the Houses of Parliament and until relatively recently, an entire shop devoted to snuff in central London). I think more people in the UK than one thinks do vaguely know what it is. I've only just started using snuff again recently, and I live abroad so can't comment, but 15 years or so ago in England when I used to take snuff I was surprised how often people would ask for a pinch. I remember even a clergyman I met socially taking some with gusto. I think it can be taken discretely anyway without arousing too much comment, although if it becomes sufficiently popular no doubt some junk science study will be concocted to prove that minute particles of snuff can float out of your nose into someone else's and kill them...
  • @AustinAllegro - Those who engage in the act of Eskimo kissing (rubbing noses) are at an extremely high risk for second hand insufflation, you know... ;)
  • The more you use snuff in public the more people who have seen it and the more likeily they are to know what it is. What I'am saying is it is your duty to snuffdom to snuff openily and proudily. It's your duty to humanity to spread the good news that there is finaly a very good reason to have a nose.
  • Had a first kiss with a woman Ive just started going out with, she told a mutual friend that I smelled like Vic's vapor rub but in a good way. My breath smelled of beer but my nose was minty clean!
  • Had a first kiss with a woman Ive just started going out with, she told a mutual friend that I smelled like Vic's vapor rub but in a good way. My breath smelled of beer but my nose was minty clean!
    Yeah my girlfriend has on many occasions asked me what snuff I had been useing because she likes the way I smell. Only snuff that has not worked that way for her is one six photo snuff that hours after useing it will smell like patchuli (a.k.a. the how did this become a popular perfume scent?)

  • XanderXander Member
    edited October 2012 PM
    @bob as usual you are making too much sense. But yes, in public lately I snuff openly to show what we are about. I don't make eye contact with anyone, but I still try to see if they notice. I bet most don't though. I'm old enough and proud enough not to care what anyone thinks of me (they should be more worried about what I think of them) so that's no issue. Still, very few inquiries to what I am doing, I could count them on one thumb.
  • @Xander you're right few people notice. Which is a good lesson for everyone, no one's even paying that much attention to you.
  • SupervapeSupervape Member
    edited October 2012 PM
    my brother says " no one does that and you do it everywhere what are you going to do when someone calls the police" and I sai " well let them call the police there Nancy-Boy and I will tell them it is tobacco and they will send me on my way" he is a sergent in the Marines and I like to tell him he forgot to bring his knee pads and call him a nancy-boy not because he is in the Marines but because of his ignorance.. best thing was me trying to tell them it is not all the dangerous and all that and he grabs the Dragun bottle and reads the warning sticker.. typical ignorance of not realizing that maybe that warning is required by government in which he works for LMFAO

    and no one ever says or looks at me weird even with my APV (e-cig) most people do not even notice or say anything , some may take a double take but that is rare ,,,weird. an old boss used to tell me vapor and smoke = same thing.. douche
  • Cros and Bob, my wife has also remarked that since I've started taking snuff there's 'a really nice smell of something in the room'. I think most people find the smell of snuff pleasant actually. In the same way that many people like the smell of pipe tobacco. It helps that I'm clumsy and tend to spill the snuff all over the place, giving a kind of 'shake and vac' effect to the carpet...
  • I don´t hide my snuffing nor expose it..I just do what I want..
  • To add another thought---

    I've got this buddy whom I've previously given a pinch of snuff and at that time gave him a little lecture about various types and flavors and methods of taking etc...

    The other night, I was packing a bowl in my pipe to step outside for a break. This same guy starts to ask me about pipe smoking and how it compared (or rather, doesn't compare) to smoking cigarettes. I explained to him that there were many different types of tobacco and that it would really depend on his personal taste. He then asked me if I "use any kind of tobacco that isn't complicated?" :-O

    This got me wondering if people just generally see cigarettes as being the simple standard and all other forms of tobacco are just a waste of time or too complicated to even consider?
  • Scurvy, I've long decided that most cigarette smokers aren't really interested in tobacco, just cigarettes and nicotine. Most UK smokers would consider anything other than a machine made mass market brand cigarette (or perhaps a rollie if you're poor or in prison) to be weird or affected. Witness how many smokers rolled over and accepted the smoking ban, because they thought it would help them give up! They're not in it for the enjoyment of tobacco, any more than an alcoholic is in it for the enjoyment of fine wines...
  • This got me wondering if people just generally see cigarettes as being the simple standard and all other forms of tobacco are just a waste of time or too complicated to even consider?
    That was my problem when I was on cigs. I started my smoking "career" with reasonably decent cigars but they just took too long to smoke so I went backwards onto cigs. The stupid thing was that having started with cigars I didn't inhale cigs - it was just the quick nicotine fix. When I first started on them there were real tobacco cigs from companies such as F&T, Sobaranie, Sullivan Powells, etc and they all tasted decent and different.

    But they all disappeared and I ended up smoking cigs that were theoretically decent such as Dunhill and Rothmans International but actually all tasted rubbish. Through a combination of that and a severe does of flu I managed to get off cigs years ago before the ban in the UK.

    Since then it has been cigars, then pipes and now a return to snuff. I am hoping that between the pipes and the snuff I will eventually drop the cigars with the exception of the occasional social smoke. The range of aromas and flavours in pipe tobaccos and snuff makes me realise what a fool I was to spend years smoking cigs after all the decent brands disappeared.

  • @Supervape was a Navy Corpsman for 7 years, many of them with Marines, never once did I ever get the notion that any of them gave a damn about safety, times must have changed!
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