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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Toque snuff in tubes?

chrischris Member
edited September 2012 in General
I was in a tobacconist in London recently and noticed a small box containing Toque snuff - no chance of missing the distinctive yellow labels - but the snuff was in small tubes. A bit like very small F&T tins but with the yellow wrapper and a brown plastic lid. Unfortunately I was in a hell of a rush so did not have time to ask the staff about them.

Is this the way that Toque snuff was originally packaged? If so how long ago was that and would the snuff in those containers still be okay? I ask as I will be in the vicinity of that tobacconist during the week and they looked like a very convenient way to carry some snuff. But I presume that Toque stopped using them for a reason and if the reason was that the snuff went off then there is no point in me picking any up.

Any advice / comments would be welcomed.


  • I have no experience with toque in a tube, But I had used ancient snuff ,some was well perserved others dry as dust without scent.
    That is a gamble if anything I would get them for the historical value of the tin itself and not the tobacco inside.
    If you want Toque order it fresh from the Toque web site they have all the new scents from small tins to economy saving bags also have deals like buy 6 for the price of 5 /25 grams and 10 for 9 samples also deals on bullets
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • yeah that is how toque used to come.
  • Chris,
    When you are next in tell the owner we will happily replace any old for new. All they need to do is let us know. It doesn't reflect well on us if someone is selling old stock. Is the shop anywhere near the Bank of England. If so I have been trying to replace that stock for a while. They had a couple of guys who liked our old style bullets and they were buying lots, then they suddenly stopped. There are other places in London that carry fresh stock and the Smoking Jacket in Earls Court carrys our full range.
  • @Roderick The shop is indeed near the Bank of England - I am impressed that you know them when you are at the other end of the country. I will pass your message on to them the next time I am in there - probably in the next few days.

    Info as to where else in central London I can pick up Toque would be welcome. I don't often get near to Earls Court but am frequently in the City and West End. I've got a couple of tins of Toque - SP Extra and Whisky & Honey - that are great although I'm not sure how fresh they were when I got them and some Berwick Brown on the way. Next time I want to stock up I will order direct from you but being able to pick up some single sample tins in London would be great.
  • We are going to the UK trade show next weekend and I will push Toque to most of the traditional Tobacconists. The funny thing is we have more suport abroad than we do in the UK but, this is going to change. I'll find out all the London shops and let you know. Another funny thing is there are more Head shops and Night-clubs in London stocking Toque than Tobacconists.
  • As far as I know none of the traditional London tobacconists stock Toque. That includes Davidoff, JJ Fox and Turmeaus. It is good that you are getting great support abroad but a bit pathetic of the traditional tobacconists that they don't stock a good British brand.

    Funny that you mention the Head shops. When I was trying to find somewhere to get some snuff I discovered a local Head shop and also that it stocked some of the Toque range. So that was my intro to Toque.

    Good luck at the trade show.
  • Glad you found some even if it did come from a head shop. Got to work on Davidoff, after all the head office in Switzerland is our distributor.
  • I'm glad I found them as well. The SP Extra was great from the very first sniff. The Whisky & Honey I wasn't sure about the aroma / flavour and left it for a few weeks. Since then it has being growing on me a lot. Looking forward to trying the Berwick Brown.
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