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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

FUBAR Grunt changed?

SupervapeSupervape Member
edited October 2012 in Types of Snuff
I ask this because I just got a 25g and a 10g container of the Grunt... The 25g container says "extra strong" and the 10g container says "Strong Plain".. now I know that that is just the label but the snuff inside is completely different .. the bigger one smells like Shot of Rum and the smaller one smells like spent coffe grounds and the grind is slightly different.. anyone else notice this?


  • I have a 10 gram one and it is sweet to me almost rum like but I haven't had the shot of rum yet so I can't compare it to that. I didn't get coffee tho.
  • Shot of Rum is sensational, imo. The Fubars are a class act and about the best contract brand on the market for me. I never got the thing about them being strong though, Grunt seems like any other mid range snuff to me. I use it as a blender with things like Navy Sweet, not too keen on the flavour on it's own. The first generation a few years back had a marked coconut taste - an implied taste through the interaction of some of the ingredients - and that was the best version; that flavour has now gone, so there must have been a change in the formulation.
  • I think we are best to address Dholakia on this one now that we have the export manager on the forum.

    @Manit_Joshi any ideas about this and is there any way we can get back the the original formulation?
  • This confuses me I have a new tin and I can't tell the diffrence. Then again I could catch the coconut scent in the orginal batch but it always seemed more ghost like then truely present to me. My guess is that the expectation of coconut killed it. Sometimes expecting something makes it show up and less likeily but equaly real makes it go away. It reminds me of cooking with coconut oil instead of butter or olive oil. If you don't tell me it is cooked like that I notice the flavor and scent for some reason if I know you cooked it with the oil the taste doesn't live up to my memeory and the taste seems faint or non exsistent. Then again the coconut scent in the snuff reminds me of coconut oil specficially. I've wondered for a while if grunt uses that oil? Since it never smelled of coconut to me but of coconut oil. It is a greasy snuff take a pinch rub it in your fingers and see how the oils smell.
  • No, it was there distinctly. It's something I've come across before; you either taste it or don't, like those eye charts with hidden numbers, some people just never see them. I found it unusual but got to like it. My second purchase was years after the first and it is different - I don't take it neat anymore; it's good but only as a home blender, IMHO.
  • like those eye charts with hidden numbers, some people just never see them.
    Yeah. We call those people color-blind. The numbers are hidden in plain sight to normal people.

  • They both let you see into an inter-dimensional doorway.

    If you look at both at the same time you implode.
  • I gotcha about it changing over the years but my 25g container is about 4 months old and the 10g is about 1 week old the 10g smells like putred (sp?) spent coffee grounds and the 25g smells great like the Dholakia base tobacco .. not complaining just confused
  • I don't take it neat anymore; it's good but only as a home blender, IMHO.
    @abraxas what does take it neat mean? sorry for my ignorance lol

  • Neat = Straight. Unadulterated, not mixed.
  • I have written extensively about Grunt, and the batch variations. There was the one original wonderful batch, then three other strange batches called Grunt. I only love the original batch, although the last batch is close, other two batches were cocoa and cigar dominate.
  • I tried the first batch and the 500g jar I have now was bought a few months ago. Certainly two different snuffs. Dholakia are an established, respected firm - I don't see them just getting it wrong; maybe availability of the original crop or a particular ingredient is the reason, who knows - they won't be broadcasting it. The snuff I have is a good solid mixer but on it's own it just doesn't taste right somehow - but, mixed with a sweet scotch it is very nice.
  • Thatexplains it thanks @Abraxas.. Wanted to speak to you about something if you don't mind pm me
  • Never tried the original, but the 10g I received in my last order reminds me of dried shiitake mushrooms and I love it.
  • I was too late to the game to try the first batch of Grunt but what I do have is a great all day snuff.
    The grind and moisture content are perfect for excessive use and the nic is most certainly there.
    I can see why some would not care for it taste wise but think it is a great tasting plain type snuff.
    As said before it is also an excellent mixer.
  • Haven't tried the original batch either but the 25g I have is a good wake-up snuff. It was not one that I took to immediately and although it is musty I wouldn't call it spent coffee grounds. I've mixed it with a lot of things and can't think of one that I didn't like with a little tweaking of the proportions.
  • cigargodcigargod Member
    edited October 2012 PM
    I cant see spent coffee grounds with this one, I can for viking brown though.
  • I haven't tried the old FUBAR Grunt but have just ordered my second batch of 2013 and hope that they don't change the mix one bit. This is the only plain tobacco snuff that tastes just like UK tobacco. Every other plain I've tried has unwanted scents. Don't put any coconut in Grunt please! This is my cake and all other snuffs the icing. Terrific.
  • DICEDICE Member
    edited February 2013 PM
    The 50g tub my buddy just got from Mr Snuff last week has an overwhelming smell of stale cigarette ash tray. It is a very strong smell and it sticks with you. It is very different than the last 25g tin we had. The smell is so strong that even taking other snuffs doesn't cover it up. I just took FUBAR Grunt and then took 3 boxcars of Dholakia Aniseed Menthol and I still smell old stale ashtray.
  • I don't care for GRUNT but I never got stale ashtray from it.
  • @DICE I love the stale ashtray smell. I always compare it to dog ends that have been sitting in an ashtray. It's late at night and you raid the ashtray and relight the longest stub. Smells just like that. As an ex-smoker it's fantastic.
  • I agree with DICE, the ashtray smell is very noticeable. It didn't stay with me too long, but nothing did. I'll put the GRUNT aside for a while and maybe come back to it later for another try.
  • The incarnations I purchased developed as they aged. I decanted them into mason jars and amber bottles.

    Peter I'll try to drop you some in the mail Monday so you can compare.
  • DICEDICE Member
    edited March 2013 PM
    @eeldergill I think the overwhelming ashtray smell caught me off guard because the previous tin of Grunt had a totally different smell. The previous Grunt that I had was one of my favorites, the new Grunt has moved to the bottom.
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