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Auto-Rolling Boxes

DogwallaDogwalla Member
edited October 2012 in Other Forms of Tobacco
So I've been looking at one of the auto-rolling boxes instad of the manual one that I currently have. Does anybody know the difference between the 'Wilsons Auto-Rolling Box Stamped' and the 'Auto-Rolling Box'?

Are they the same and the Wilsons stamp costs you $0.71 more?


  • from what I can tell yeah the stamp is 71 cents. Good call the auto roller is the second best rolling device. The best are a pair of practiced hands.
  • dollar bills work good too.
  • though I had the stamped type so I can vouche for the quality. The other one not sure about. So that might be worth the 71 cents.
  • @bob I currently use a dollar bill and my little rolling machine. I just want something I can take with me in case I fail to bring the right amount. It also looks handy to have tobacco/paper storage and the machine in the same place.

    I think i'll spend the 72 cents since it's at least a known-good product.

    Thanks for the feedback.
  • I used one for years, can't remember who made it. One tip--I found that if I started the paper in the machine before licking the gum it worked better, again, can't remember why. It's been years, well, decades actually.
  • I found it not so great for storing tobacco but good for storing papers. Then agian that's cause I would drop the tobacco on the ground and a paper isn't ruined so easily.
  • I always rolled by hand. It's your money spend it any way you like. They may be made at the same factory .
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I always found those rolling machines too technical and just used my hands but my mate in pub uses that Wilsons device and is quite happy with it, mostly because you can store all the smokers kit there.
  • Never used a dollar, kind of like licking subway railings and men's room surfaces to me. I just roll with bare hands- it's easy to learn, just start out with double-wide papers and one figures out how to perfect one's technique after a while. They also have those miniature sushi mat type deals as well, those would fit in a shirt pocket rolled up it appears. But the auto boxes are kinda cool. I'll be quiet now- follow your bliss :)
  • I have rolled 17 rollies for my wife every night for the last couple of years. You get very good at it. When i get a lick of speed on i roll 4 good ones a minute. All with filters of course. The tobac is Mcclleands X-mas cheer which is a lovely light VA but needs to be rubbed out first. No additives and much cheaper cause i buy it from the US. OK, bragging done :)
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