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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

The Cheap B@$+@rd's Guide to Snuff Containment

Johnny_DingoJohnny_Dingo Member
edited October 2012 in Snuff Accessories
I needed something better than snuff tins. I don't lead a particularly active life. On the contrary, I'm rather sedentary. But for some reason, when I take a tin of snuff out on the town with me, it usually comes home looking like it had been run over by a car. Especially the Toque tins. This sucks, as when the tin gets beat up it warps, doesn't seal as well and may even come open in my pocket, dumping all the snuff all over the place and causing me to utter no small number of rabid obscenities. I lost a 10g tin of Toque Quit to this. I don't care if you grew up around a tribe of lumberjack gangsta-rap enthusiasts, your ears would have bled from the things I said that night. Al Swearingen would have cried in envy at the tapestry of cussing I wove.

So, I considered buying myself a nice snuff box with my next order. But i can never get the cabbage together to make a decent order and those boxes start around $20US. As the title of the thread indicates, I am a cheap b@$+@rd. And I don't need another damn thing in my pocket. Today, I found myself in a Michael's craft store looking for things to put snuff into. I came across this and I new I'd found something good.

Stainless Steel. Screw-top. And it has a belt clip.

Stylish as all hell, you don't have to tell me. And at a cost of less than $5US, you can't go wrong. I made a minor modification in that I removed the rubber liner from the lid. It smelled something horrible, so i took it out and replaced it by cutting a piece of the lid liner from a disused Toque tin to fit.


But that wasn't the only thing I've found to solve my snuff containment issues. Stay tuned for more snuff containment solutions for the cheap b@$+@rd.


  • Johnny_DingoJohnny_Dingo Member
    edited October 2012 PM
    Across the isle from the clip-on palette cups I found these:


    These 3/4 oz jars can fit a 10g tin of snuff perfectly. And the glass is nice and thick. I put my Toques in them. You can peel the labels off the the tins with a razor blade and a steady hand. I cut all that "tobacco is going to kill you" crap right off while I was was at it. I know I'm gonna die. I don't need a *&^%ing sign telling me so.


    The only real drawback to these is that you can't pinch out of them. Unless you have reeeeally tiny fingers. But that's why God gave us pipe tools.


    More snuff containment solutions for cheap b@$+@rds to come. And don't be afraid to post your own solutions so we can benefit from your awesome knowledge.
  • Johnny_DingoJohnny_Dingo Member
    edited October 2012 PM
    I acquired a number of samples from our own Snuff Sniffer as part of a trade. While looking for a suitable means of storing them, I came across these helpful little vials:


    You can get these at just about any local head-shop for a premium (as well as some knowing looks from the cashier)or you can buy them on bulk here for a much better price (and, buying online, the knowing looks are only implied):
    They are available in several convenient sizes and have a liner on the lid that will keep your snuff fresh. You can use them for samples or just to carry a small amount of snuff around for whatever reason.

    Now, you can't just walk around with a pocketful of small vials, rattling like a street-corner pharmacist, so you're gonna need a snazzy means of transport. Voila:


    I got this handy-dandy Pro-Tech shotgun ammo pouch online from USA Holster for about $13 shipped. You can probably get something similar for less at your local sporting goods store. This can go on your belt:


    The strap of your book bag or backpack:


    You can even fold the flap backwards and stick the velcro to make a nice tabletop/dashboard display:


    If you're feeling especially frisky (and you've got skinny forearms like yours truly) you can even mount it to your wrist like some kind of twisted superhero:


    Such are the results of a creative process enhanced by half a case of Yuengling.

    Be sure to tune in next time for more ingenious, albeit unnecessary, innovations on our next installment of The Cheap B@$+@rd's Guide to Snuff Containment.
  • @Johnny_Dingo You take "geek" to a whole other level. I love it man, very creative.
  • @johnny_dingo that is awesome on your arm lol I need one of those. I have a few of those vials too. Looks like your ready for some kind of snuff battle or snuff-off with someone
  • I am the snuff enthusiast that Gotham deserves.
  • TomStrasbourgTomStrasbourg Member
    edited October 2012 PM
    @Johnny_Dingo Thanks a ton. I've been looking for small containers for my snuff a long time and even in the UP we have a Michael's.
  • I just started snuffin but found that a empty, cleaned out, Anbesol ( tooth pain med ) bottle works great for snuffin off the back of your hand :)
  • Thanks for the entertainment this morning @Johnny_Dingo
  • Good work Johnny Dingo!
  • If you or someone you know buys the single shots at a liquor store, reuse the bottles. I cleaned em out and are about to reuse them myself. A little small at the top but im assuming they will keep better than the tins.
  • Greatest. Post. Ever!
    Especially the last shot (right down to the Spaten T-shirt)!
  • @Johnny_Dingo
    You got to love this guy!
  • Johnny_DingoJohnny_Dingo Member
    edited February 2013 PM
    Good evening and welcome to another episode of The Cheap B@$+@rd's Guide to Snuff Containment. I am your host, Johnny Dingo.

    Tonight's episode borders upon the absurd. When I go out to a party, I like to bring a wide variety of snuffs for my friends to try. It's funny to watch them stick things up their nose. It amused me when I was six years old, and it amuses me to this day. Also amusing is the varying reactions to snuff that I witness. Cringing, eye-watering, sneezing and cussing. These are a few of my favorite things.

    But how to transport a range of snuff to a gathering without it ending up looking like this at the end of the night:


    Well, I use this:


    This is a belt that is meant to hold shotgun shells. I got for $7 at the local sporting goods store. It can be worn around the waist, which looks shady as all hell if a cop pulls you over and sees you have a hidden belt full of strange powders with incriminating labels such as "White Elephant" and "Super Cheetak." In order to avoid this, I prefer to wear it across my chest, like friggin Chewbacca.


    Because the hell with it. Come and arrest me.


    This has been The Cheap B@$+@rd's Guide to Snuff Containment. Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow.

  • It's funny to watch them stick things up their nose.
    I'm not sure if you are made of pure awesome or not, but I don't feel so obsessive compulsive anymore.

    Thank you Sir?
  • Ay, Caramba ....

    (The image is copyrighted by Fritos, USA)
  • When the going get's weird... The weird turn pro!

    As always, a pleasure to hear from you!
  • @Johnny_Dingo Johnny Dingo is a man who uses his head. And his arm. And his belt. Are you sure you're not a superhero, Johnny Dingo?
  • Are you sure you're not a superhero, Johnny Dingo?
    I might be.
  • The original "Batman of Snuff" !!

  • Isn't snuff fun! :D

    Great thread.
  • Dig it 100% that bullet belt idea is awesome!
  • dig those fear and lothing aviators ! SatanDingo420
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Snuff utility belt... I love it!
  • Buy the shell belt (they come in all sizes from for rifle and shotgun shells. Buy the shells. Snort the gunpowder. You'll show up at work with a greyish complexion and a light sweat. They will send you home and you can have a free day to enjoy your snuffs.
    Seriously, a great thread and great ideas. Great creativity that I will gladly copy. If anybody can find the old metal 35mm film containers.....and a photographers bandolier ////////
  • Once upon a time I was very involved in shooting, I offer the following link as a likely snuff accessory. They should also have bandoliers. It is a great catalog. Many interesting things if you have the patience.
  • Pardon the multiple posts but thought I'd try to repay for all the great advice and info with another link
    there is a rifle bandolier shown. Calibers are bullet sizes. But be aware that most rifle cartridges are much wider below the shoulder. So a .308 is a .30 inch bullet (7.62 mm) but the base is, if memory serves, about .45 inches and they stretch.
  • I just picked this 1oz flask up at walmart. On another thread I mistakenly said it was $2, but when I bought this second one I found it was $4. Either way, it's a fine snuff bottle for so cheap. I hear that other states aren't as proud as Texas though, so I don't know if you would like your state emblazoned on yours as much as I do mine.
  • Johnny Dingo,
    I love you dude for your creativity, dedication and giving me the O.K. to indulge my own compulsions (tobacco only).
    Thanks for the photos. If you are in America do not wear a bandolier near a school of Nancy Pelosi will have you arrested.
    I used to live in America, now I live in New York State.

  • @Johnny_Dingo.... Thanks for letting us know about the small thick glass black cap containers at Michaels....( to impatient to wait for more deliveries from online scientific supply companies) those bottles especially did wonders for any Molens (Dekralingse) in those small clear tap boxes ( plus who can even get enough snuff out through those clear plastic man hole covers) ... Not only are you a cheap bastard..but you are a smart sick bastard...intelligence is your virtue..thanks.. Party On..cause it looks like your still FULL SPeeeeeD AHEAD
  • md363md363 Member
    I've found that contact lens cases, the kind with a L and R part that both screw shut work well, and at CVS I found a pill "vial" made of metal that screws shut as well and I imagine that would work also. Both the lens case and pill vial were at CVS pharmacy for around $6 each.
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