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Making your own chew,

Has anybody made there own chew from pipe tobacco? I have herd if you boil some apple juice and add some molasses and salt it really does the trick, anybody tried this?


  • i sometimes dip my homemade snuff. i think some alkalizer (like baking soda) helps the nicotine get absorbed faster. id also like to know if anyone else makes their own dip/chew and how they do it;
  • Some folk here like to order whole leaf tobacco(currently tax exempt) and cut it themselves, sounds perfect for making chew. Maybe buy some molasses and some food flavorings, maybe some cheap rum, whiskey etc for flavoring and stuff. Cigar wrapper leaf is decent to chew. Someone here I'm sure could post the web addresses for the whole leaf merchants, but I think is the right name for one of them. Have fun!
  • are there any UK sites that sell leaf only? the shipping on that one would be nearly $60!!!!
  • yea is great service and awesome products and they are really nice people , if you write them they will help you out in every which way enjoy
  • I just prepare homemade Oriental sun cured loose-leaf chewing tobacco


    The tops, smallest leafs of Basma variety
    Rabenhorst Organic Apple Juice
    Vermont Maple Syrup
    Organic Molasse
    Himalayan salt

    I follow a recipe that found on web adding also maple syrup

    "Here are some that I came across from a poster on my old forum:

    For my favorite chew I use un-pasteurized Apple Cider, since that is easy to get to in Oblivion County. But I have found in my travels that lots of other fruits work well and can make your chew more interesting... Just cover the bottom of a large skillet with the juice and let her boil. Not too much!! When it boils down you should pour in some more and repeat until get a juice that is missing a lot of its water and is the essence of the fruit juice. When you get there you only need enough to cover the bottom with a skim of juice (not deep at all). Then add a couple of tablespoons of molasses. Homemade black strap molasses is the best. Get the best molasses anyway.

    Now stir this for a moment and kill the heat leaving the mixture really HOT! Start stirring in tobacco until the leaf is about the wetness you desire. I don't cook the stuff but it is important for the heat to thin the molasses and drive the juices into the leaf. I think it does a world of good to let the finished product set in the skillet for hours and evaporate some more. OH! I do throw a few shakes of salt and some of Pappy’s Elixir into the juice and molasses before I add the leaf."

    - Buford








    I will let the mix sit for 2 weeks and maybe more....
  • DutchDutch Member
    Looks great! Thanks for sharing that.
  • NikolaosNikolaos Member
    edited June 2014 PM
    @Dutch Thank you for the comment, i wish to taste also great...

    i will add punk ash to freebase it, it really worth the extra effort
  • @Nikolaos‌ Are you making Iq'mik? I chewed that stuff when I was briefly in Alaska. Kick ass Vitamin N delivery! I think they also called it bull something; not bullshit, but something like that.

    Way to go on the homemade chew.
  • NikolaosNikolaos Member
    edited June 2014 PM
    @chefdaniel exactly Iq'mik (Blackbull) the best of the best, really transform the chew to a megaton bomb

    Full respect to Iq'mik, love it !!!

    I Highly recommend Punk Ash to everyone who wants to increase the strength of the Chew/Dip
  • @Nikolaos

    Thanks for the link, I can't wait to try it. I just ordered an oz.
  • DutchDutch Member
    Thanks for the info on 'iq'mik' and punkash you guys ! Reall interesting-appriciate it !
  • NikolaosNikolaos Member
    edited June 2014 PM

    First time i have use one full tea spoon for 1,5oz half pouch, good burn!
    Now i have increase the dose to 3 full tablespoons for a 3oz full pouch, I believe that I'm ok in that level, start mix one tea spoon and increase if only you need more power, (iqmik transfer directly the nic to the brain so be carefully for overdose.. Freebase is not a joke and blackbull never forgive) first time use a small pinch of leafs to see how is gone, @perique Skeeter also can make a mix of punk ash with "black bits" of the punk charcoal.
    He say (Black bits is a little stronger I think, plus it is very cultural for the elders and old people, they think it has psychedelic properties? and such, I don't think so but they swear by it).

    I wait a sample of black bits i will review it shortly.....


    Let it 2-3 days to chill before use.
  • Speaking from experience Iq'mik, if used injudiciously, will have the room spinning, give you cold sweats, produce interesting visions and cause a Technicolor Yawn of amazing volume & velocity.

    I bought a little baggie of it near Denali National Park, it looked like very coarse Copenhagen, tasted like clay and smelled like a fireplace. I was on a hike that ended up with me curled up in the fetal position hoping a Kodiak Bear would come along quickly and have me as lovely afternoon snack. I filed the front sight off of my .44 Magnum so I wouldn't cut my lip when I stuck it in my mouth.
  • @chefdaniel WOW ...
  • @Nikolaos‌ Yes sir, that was some great chew :) I just took a huge, and I mean HUGE pinch, just like I always do with Cope. Big mistake. Once I got used to the amount of free nicotine I was fine. The flavor reminded me a little of a nice bowl of GH Dark Birdseye. I'm going to get some punk ash and give my homemade chew a boost.

    I use the local burley, because it's great tobacco and I can barter a nice amount of 'baccy with a little homemade hot sauce. I also get Green River Dark Fired direct from the farmers. They're an hour away and nice folks. The Tennessee is cured in hands and the Kentucky Dark Fired is the whole plant.

    I use frozen apple juice concentrate, molasses, kosher salt, Dutch black cocoa, washing soda and triple strength coffee. I use a sharp chef's knife to slice the leaves into 1/2" strips and cook it up all day over low heat, covered and stirred a few times. Lay it out on sheet pans for a few hours and into zip lock bags. Good chew, but some punk ash should put it over the top :)
  • @chefdaniel so you believe its better to cook it up all day over low heat??? i know that the point is leaf to absorb the "cocktail" and that needs heat, but in every recipe i have found they told to put out the fire once you have put inside the leafs and not to cook the material..

    so you recommend to cook it up all day over low heat?
  • @Nikolaos‌ it depends on your tobacco. Basma is small and delicate, burley is huge, thick and tough so it takes a lot longer to steep in the sauce. It also depends on the amount you're making; I usually cook up 20 lbs at a time so the initial volume is pretty big until it cooks down. I'd stay with your recipe for your tobacco-it sounds like a real tasty treat!
  • @chefdaniel i try to figure out how to blend it more smoky & gently spicy... white pepper maybe? Garden cress? Paprika?

    what you propose from easter herbs?
  • NikolaosNikolaos Member
    edited June 2014 PM
    It tastes very good, i can feel the sweet taste at least 15min, after i came up the basma balsam taste and the game start again, next time i want to add inside 2-3 pinches of Mastic (plant resin) & Myrrh and maybe 2 pinches Garden cress
  • The cress will give a nice peppery note to the chew, but I'd stay away from pepper and chilies-they might irritate your gums. The mastic and myrrh will give it an almost "Indian" incense character. Adding a little Metaxa would make a great sweet and spicy chew. For smoky you might want to find some fire cured or use good Cyprian Latakia in small amounts; careful, some Latakia is very "stemmy" and takes a while to soften up for chew.

    Here's an old redneck recipe for chew:

    ""This book said to cut hickory trees about 6 inch across . Said to cut these in blocks about 8 inches long . Drill a hole in the center thats 2 inch across . It said they made chewing / pipe tobacco in the summer and would cut the tree fresh while it was full of sap .

    I recon they took peaches and brown sugar and would pound this into a thick paste said just a little peach brandy was good too . Destem your leafs and get them loayered up good in this peach , brown sugar and brandy mixture and to poke them into this hole in the hickory log . Press it in good ( tamp it ) cut a plug and seal the end after each log is full .

    Then they built a good hot fire using dry wood . When they was a good bed of coals they would throw in the logs full of tobacco . These were burned untill the bark was burned off of the logs and removed . I recone they had a hole ready and burried the hot logs just as soon as you took them from the fire . Cover the logs with a layer of dirt and drag the hot ashes over the burried logs

    I recon this makes them stay warm for a couple days doing it that way . After they cool down slowly like this they dig them up and clean them off . Said you could leave them right there in the yard if you wanted but was best to stack the logs in the dry for aging/ drying . Said the sugar , peach and brandy would caramelize if done right

    I recon they would leave them in this log untill the log was dry . They also said the juices from the fresh cut tree would impart it's own flavor that was also sweet in the baccy Then split it open with an axe and it's ready . Said it would make an extreamly hard plug of tobacco that you could take your knife and cut off a chew . Or you could whittle off pieces to fill your pipe with.""

  • @Nikolaos‌ In my business the Herbs of Easter are rosemary, marjoram, parsley, chervil and rest harrow (wild licorice) and mint. All or some of them would be great in chew, but you might want to use ouzo for the licorice flavor, unless you happen to have rest harrow in your herb garden :)
  • @chefdaniel i like star anise(basic ingredient of ouzo) but only with fish, i think Metaxa is better, deep taste. the recipe you post is extraordinary and must create a very unique chew....
  • It is tasty chew, but I'm almost out. This years crop is in and getting off to a slow start. I should be seeing some trim by mid July and will let it sweat out until October, then hang it until early spring to make another batch. There's always snuff.

    I'm with you on the Metaxa. Anise can get old quickly.
  • lemanleman Member
    A long time ago I bought a few tobacco leaves, and turned it into chew.

    I chopped up the leaves into the size I wanted, stuck it on the stove with molasses, corn syrup, and some flavoring. I cooked it for an hour or so, and sealed it up to cure for a few years.

    It was the best chew I've ever had, it's just not for the impatient.
  • I have some local raw tobacco. I am interested in making some homemade chew. If I dont have a stove, can I toast it on a pan over a stove? I can get some molasses. What else can I (or need to) add? Any other procedural details? Thanks!
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