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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Mr. Snuff is by far the leader in Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction ..

I just wanted to write about a mishap that had happened with my debit card issuer and Mr. Snuff's awesome customer service response received from Andrea and David.

I had placed an order which I had canceled due to me not thinking I would be able to get snuff in Michigan (wrong was I lol) and after waiting a couple weeks I had confirmed with Andrea that it had indeed been refunded. I proceeded to make a call to my CC issuer and asked them what there delay was in the refund and if they could push the pending through. They told me there was not a refund made and to ask Mr. Snuff about it, in which I replied that they had given me prior proof two weeks before that they had indeed refunded me. And that it was now on there part to finish the refund. They told me that it could take up to 30 days to receive the refund. I said OK and went about my day. Within 3 days I had received my second order (first was canceled) and within a day I received it they had put a "charge back" for the second order, which was not even talked about. So they did a charge-back for the wrong order and one I had never asked for in the first place! Andrea wrote me and politely asked about the issue in which I was dumbfounded had even happened.. We had came to the conclusion that the operator on the other end had initiated a charge back without me even asking for one! (note to self not to call for a simple inquiry without making sure they do not issue any sort of charge-back on my behalf unknowingly)

I am great full for Andrea and David's patience and quick replies I received.. They were very understanding and gave me a week or so to get right with them. I have never had such professional customer service in all my years doing my own business online and through ordering off of the Internet, hell I may not ever had customer service that great even with face-to-face transactions!

I fully recommend for not only the best selection of snuff products world-wide but comfort and assurance that if for some reason an issue goes wrong, that it will be rectified with the most world class service one could ever dream of receiving. Not only did they take care of me for this issue but on my 3rd order the Postal Service had damaged the box and there was a gash in one side of the box and a few missing items. I had wrote and told them of the issue and made it clear that I was just letting them know about it as feedback to let them know for future packing etc. I promptly got a reply from Andrea that the missing items were in the mail to me and I received them in 5 days. Mind you that I am in Lansing,Michigan and 5 days from Ireland is fantastic.

I wanted to write this as I am still blown back and surprised at the treatment I received from Mr. Snuffs staff and rest assured they are my #1 online retailer, especially when it comes to snuff regardless of where my shipment is posted from or however long the wait may be. As using them I can feel completely worry free that my money and my order is treated with care and I am more than just a customer but I feel a friend of both Andrea and David. I feel the response to the issues that arose were taken care of in the highest of regards. Because of this I am forever a loyal customer of Mr. Snuff and I highly recommend that everyone use them for all things snuff. Also know that your in wonderful hands and that your hard earned money is really going to someone who deserves it!

Once again thank you so very much Mr. Snuff, Andrea and David. As always it has been more than a pleasure dealing with you two!

Alexander "Supervape" J.


  • Having only started snuffing again quite recently I have only put in one order with Mr.Snuff but the service was great and they dealt with my stupid questions with great patience.

    If I want to get a load of Toque then I will probably order that direct from Toque but when I next want a mixture of snuffs I will definitely be going back to Mr.Snuff.
  • I've gotten excellent customer service from Andrea as well. I'm only weeks into my journey of snuffdom and I've placed maybe 5-6 orders already and any questions I've had were replied to within the hour.

    Thanks a ton to Mr.Snuff for being so good at what they do.
  • This is certainly true, I have had issues and Andrea has helped to fix everything
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